Creator: Barbara Elleman
Dates: 1927-2009 (bulk 1998-2008)
Quantity:  1 linear foot (1 bankers’ box)
Acquisition: Accession #: 2009.47; Donated by Barbara Elleman, 2009.
Identification: A98; Archive Collection #98
Citation:  [Document Title]. Virginia Lee Burton: A Life in Art Research Material, Barbara Elleman Collection, [Box #, Folder #, Item #], Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Gloucester, MA.
Copyright: Requests for permission to publish material from this collection should be addressed to the Librarian/Archivist.
Language:  English

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From Simon & Schuster Author Page: “Before being named Distinguished Scholar of Children’s Literature at Marquette University, Barbara Elleman served as editor of the children’s section of Booklist magazine and then as editor-in-chief of Book Links, both published by the American Library Association. Prior to that, she worked as a school library media specialist and as a public librarian. She has been a judge for the American Book Awards among others and served on the 2000 Caldecott committee and twice on the Children’s Literature Legacy Award committee (2003 and 2009). In 1999, Putnam published her first book, Tomie dePaola: His Art and His Stories. Following that, she coauthored (with Russell Freedman) Holiday House: The First Sixty-Five Years (2000), and Virginia Lee Burton: A Life in Art (Houghton, 2002). In relocating to Massachusetts, Barbara donated her thousand-plus, often-signed picture book collection to The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, where her substantial reference collection about children’s literature resides in the Barbara Elleman Research Library, referred to as the BERL.”


The Virginia Lee Burton: A Life in Art Research Material, Barbara Elleman Collection was gifted to the Cape Ann Museum by Elleman in October 2009 upon the completion of her exhibit at The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, Massachusetts. The exhibit, Those Telling Lines: The Art of Virginia Lee Burton, ran from March 24 through June 21, 2009.

Much of the material in the collection was originally compiled by Elleman during her research for her 2002 publication, Virginia Lee Burton: A Life in Art. The collections consist of proof copies of the publication, edited manuscripts, research files, magazines, catalogs, and photographs.


File 1: Copy of A Life in Art in Japanese



A. Better Than Beauty the Life and Work of Jeanne d’Orge, Jane Wilgress

B. An Eames Primes, Eames Demetrios


Folder 2

File 2: Miscellaneous Photos

A. 19 Photos from Barbra Elleman-Photos from Jennifer Studio- Byere the Sale

B. 48 Photos

C. 49 Photos of Exhibit at Haggerty Museum Marquette University 2002

D. 58 Photos Mike Mulligan Day Photos + Visit to Mike & Aris Demetrios homes


Folder 3

File 3: Mike Mulligan and Mary Anne and Some Others, sketches, original illustrations from her books & hand blocked textiles by Virginia Lee Burton


Folder 4

File 4: Book Catalogs

A. Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, Fall 2002 Pg 2 & 3

B. Bulletin, Society of Children’s Book Writes & Illustrators’, Sept- Oct 2002 Pg 5

C. Booklist, December 1, 2002, Pg 695

D. Preview of the Fall Regional Fairs, Publishers Weekly, August 19, 2002, Pg 32

E. Martha’s KidLit Newsletter for Children’s Book Collectors, July-August 2002 Pg 4


Folder 5

File 5: Book Catalogs & Reviews

A. School Library Journal, August 2002 Pg 48

B. Books Links, August-September 2002 Pg 25

C. Preview Massachusetts, March 2009 Pg 18

D. An American Original, Vogue, May 2008 Pg 156


1 Folder 6

File 6: A Life in Art - Houghton Mifflin

Three Copies of Celebrate the life of Caldecott Medalist Virginia Lee Burton


Folder 7

File 7: Five Photos of Statue by George Demetrios


Folder 8

File 8: Notebook, research

A. Notebook Full Manuscript: 5 Copies A Life in Art, Virginia Lee Burton, Original version No File Note from Kim to Barbara


Folder 9

File 9: Aristides Demetrios

A. Aristides Demetrios Sculpture

B. Aristides Demetrios: States of Being


Folder 10

File 10: Horn Books, January-February 1949


Folder 11

File 11: Book Catalogs

A. The Company of Books Ninth Issue Pg. 8-9

B. The Common Reader Catalog No. 232 Pg. 8


Folder 12

File 12: Research Material

A. Virginia Lee Burton (1909-1968)

B. Letter to Michael Demetrios from Morton Schindel on Pictures of time at Folly Cove Dec 1, 1975

C. Sculptor Lover of Life by Virginia Bohlin Sept. 10, 1963

D. Why I Still Treasure “The Little House” by Anne Tyler. New York Times Book Review, Nov 9, 1986

E. Virginia Lee Burton 1909-1968 by Karen Hoyle

F. American Writers for Children, 1900-1960 by John Cech Dictionary of Literary Biography Vol. 22

G. The Storytellers: Virginia Lee Burton, Hardie Gramatky, H.A. Rey, Don Freeman, Bill Peet 1978

H. Virginia Lee Burton, 1942 Caldecott Winner by Grace A Hogarth June 15, 1943

I. The Horn Book - Virginia Lee Burton’s Dynamic Sense of Design by Lee Kingman October 1970

J. Virginia Lee Burton’s Dynamic Sense of Design by Lee Kingman

K. Symphony in Comics by Virginia Lee Burton July 1941

L. Virginia Lee Burton

M. A Book Production Story by Jean Poindexter Colby March 1948

N. The Little House-Caldecott Medal Books: 1938-1957, Horn Book Magazine

O. Illustrators of Children’s Books 1967-1966 Joanna Foster Biographies Burton, Virginia Lee

P. Elementary English, Virginia Lee Burton April 1967

Q. Biographical Paper by Grace Allen Hogarth Virginia Lee Burton, Creative Artist 1943

R. Their Theme Is Cape Ann by Betty Smith, The Cape Anne Country Man 1958

S. Ways of the Illustrator: Visual Communication in Children’s Literature by Joseph H. Schwarcz 1982

T. The Picture Book Comes of Age: Looking at Childrenhood Through the Art of Illustration by Joseph and Chava Schwarcz 1991

U. A Critical History of Children’s Literature: A Survey of Children’s Book in Wnglish, Prepared in Four Parts Under the Editorship of Cornelia Meigs by Cornelia Meigs Anne Thaxter Eatin Elizabeth Nesbitt Ruth Hill Viguers 1969

V. Houghton Mifflin Company Sent Catalog Pages from Kathleen Rourke to Barbra Elleman

W. Belinda & the Singing Clock, Ethel Calvert Phillips, Note and Pages

X. Bing! Bang! Crash! Slam! It’s Mike Mulligan and Mary Anne! Why Children’s Books? The Horn Book Vol 9, No 1

Y. Her Life’s Like an Open Book! By Marie Hardiman

Z. Books and Two Small Boys by L. Fleix Ranlett the Horn Book Nov 1945

AA. Fortunate Accident the Little House- Burton, 1942

BB. Art and Design in Children’s Picture Books by Lyn Ellen Lacy 1986

CC. Writer, designer, illustrator Virginia Lee Burton focus of Cape Ann Historical Association exhibit by Elisabeth Clark Dec 26, 1991

DD.A Lesson in Opportunity by Roger W. Babson October 9, 1945

EE. Goodbye, Mike Mulligan: A children’s book reminds us of the inevitability of change by Robert J. Samuelson Newsweek Dec 19, 1994

FF. The Mike Mulligan Moment: Computers may be dumb, but they’re not too dumb to take your job by Robert Wright Time, May 26, 1997

GG.Books That Last by Norine Odland Nov/Dec 1987

HH.Get ‘Em While They’re Young by Charles Clark Vol. 64 p 162-163

II. Laughing All the Way to Burbank by Jay Leno Readers Digest Nov 1998, Pg 32

JJ. To Folly Cove Designers Gloucester Daily Times July 31, 1964

KK. Email Barbara Elleman the Christian Science Monitor 03/5/02

LL. The Little House National Observer March 13, 1967

MM. NY Times Book Review by Anne F. Eaton Dec 6, 1942

NN.The Folly Cove World of Jinnee and George Demetrios by Mary Maletskos Cape Anne Historical Association Vol Six No. 3 July-Sept 1986

OO.Virginia Lee Burton Death Announcement Oct 15, 1968

PP. “…Children’s books” Gloucester (Mass.) Daily Times, July 22, 1966

QQ.Design For Youth: Story of Rockport Women Who Hibernate in Summer and Who Are Active in the Winter by June McConnell the Boston Herald March 24, 1943

RR. The Child’s First Books: A Critical Study of Pictures and Texts by Donnarae MacCan & Olga Richard 1973

SS. Newbury and Caldecott Awards: A Bibliography of First Editions by Irvin Kerlan

TT. How Children Respond to Art by Perry Nodelman SLJ School Library Journal Dec 1984

UU.Maybelle the Cable Car by Virginia Lee Burton New Books of Merit Fall 1996

VV. Children’s Literature from A to Z: a guide for parents and teachers by Jon C. Stott

WW. Fairy Tales and After: From Snow White to E.B. White by Roger Sale

XX. Books From Children


Folder 13

File 13: Thoughts on Burton by Aino Clark

A. Note to Harold from Aino Clark Jan 29, 1989

B. 12 Pages on Virginia Lee Burton


Folder 14

File 14: Corrections to A Life in Art manuscript

A. Houghton Mifflin To Barbara Elleman from Kim and List of Peoples names

B. Research Notes

C. Chapter Notes Additions

D. Bound Gallery Proofs

E. Burton Art Layout

F. Insertions

G. Permission Questions

H. Captions

I. Answers back to you Email Kim and Barbara

J. Replies to Revision Requests

K. More Queries Email Kim and Barbara

L. Update Email Kim and Barbara

M. Proof Sheets Email Kim and Barbara

N. Message from copy editor Email Kim and Barbara

O. Comments Email Kim and Barbara

P. Itinerary Email Kim and Barbara

Q. Copyedited ms. Email Kim and Barbara

R. Flap Copy Kim and Barbara

S. Last Paragraph and Bio Email Kim and Barbara

T. Conduct Preview Barbara Elleman from Houghton Mifflin

U. Emails Anita Silvey Ellen Barbara

V. Anita Silvey to Leave Houghton Mifflin Company


Folder 15

File 15: Cherry Foundation papers

A. Jane Wilgress and Barbara Elleman Letters May 9, 2003

B. Letters Barbara Elleman from Cherry Foundation

C. Email Barbara Elleman from Robert Campbell Carpenter Hall


Folder 16

File 16: Dick Berkenbush

A. Drawing By VLB of Berkenbush

B. Letter To Barbara Elleman from Dick Berkenbush

C. Email From Dick Berkenbush from Barbara Elleman Mike Mulligan

D. Mike Mulligan’s Fate Two Copies

E. Mike Mulligan and Mary Anne by Adelaide Janes

F. Letter to Dick Berkenbush from Barbara Elleman


Folder 17

File 17: Emails and Letters, Houghton Mifflin

A. Classic Stories by Virginia Lee Burton Postcard

B. Letter Houghton Mifflin to Barbara Elleman from Andrea Pinkney

C. Letter to Andrea from Barbara Aug 25, 2003

D. Email From Elleman to Pinkney-Burtons Book

E. Email From Kim Keller to Barbara Elleman-New Email Address

F. Email From Barbara Elleman to Andrea Pinkney-Greetings

G. Email From Eden Edwards from Barbara Elleman- Japanese Rights

H. Letter From Masae Miyagi from Barbara Elleman

I. Letter From Barbara Elleman to Masae Miyagi

J. Letter From Barbara Elleman to Masae Miyagi

K. Envelope From Barbara Elleman to Masae Miyagi

L. Letter From Masae Miyagi to Barbara Elleman

M. Letter From Barbara Elleman to Masae Miyagi

N. Letter From Masae Miyagi to Barbara Elleman

O. Letter From Stephanie McLaughlin Houghton Mifflin to Writers, Editors, and Producers

P. Letter From Stephanie McLaughlin Houghton Mifflin to Writers, Editors, and Producers

Q. Barbara Elleman Tour Cities and Dates and Pictures


Folder 18

File 18: Burton family letters, notes, emails

A. Email From IMAGINEL To Barbara Elleman- Book Option

B. Email From Hannah Rodgers to Barbara Elleman- Questions

C. Email From Eames Demetrios to Barbara Elleman- Hello

D. Wine Label Windsor Vinyards Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel 1996

E. Holiday Card From Mike and Eleanor Demetrios to Barbara Elleman

F. Email From Eleanor Demetrios to Elleman- Life in Art

G. Email From Lisa Demetrios to Barbara Elleman- Mistaken Address

H. Email From Barbara Elleman to Llisa Demetrios- Virginia Lee Burton

I. Email From Llisa Demetrios to Barbara Elleman- Virginia Lee Burton

J. Email From Barbara Elleman to Llisa Demetrios- Virginia Lee Burton

K. Email From Llisa Demetrios to Barbara Elleman- Virginia Lee Burton

L. Holiday Card From Mike and Eleanor Demetrios

M. Email From Mike Demetrios to Barbara Elleman- Folly Cove

N. Email From Llisa Demetrios to Barbara Elleman- Virginia Lee Burton

O. Letter From Lee to Barbara Elleman

P. Letter From Lee to Barbara Elleman

Q. Letter From Barbara Elleman To

R. Letter From Barbara Elleman to Lee

S. Letter From Lee to Barbara Elleman

T. Barbara Elleman Notes

U. Letter From Lee to Barbara Elleman

V. Letter From Lee to Barbara Elleman

W. Letter From Barbara Elleman to Lee

X. White Pages and Letter from Barbara Elleman to Mrs. John Lentz 


Folder 19

File 19: Research materials #2

A. Photocopies of Images at Cape Anne Museum

B. News article Picture Book Prize Winner Maintains Delightful Home by Etthel M. Eaton Christian Science Monitor Jan 25, 1944

C. Emails From Leigh Corra and Barbara Elleman- Book About Virginia Lee Burton

D. Self-Expression Virginia Burton, 1927

E. Two Block Prints of Kids Climbing Trees F

. Bing! Bang! Crash! Slam! Its Mike Mulligan and Mary Anne! By Amy L. Cole Why Children’s Books? The Horn Book Vol 9 No. 1

G. Virginia Lee Burton Trip to Japan by Momoko Ishii the Horn Book Magazine

H. Letter From James Mustich to Barbara Elleman

I. Letter From Barbara Elleman to Director of California College of Arts and Crafts

J. Emails From Cindy Cardozo to Barbara Elleman

K. Emails From Rita Smith from Barbara Elleman

L. News Articles and Emails from Gail Goss and Barbara Elleman

M. Letter From Barbara Elleman to Mary Cossgrave

N. Emails From Barbara Elleman to Guin

O. All-Time Bestselling Children’s Books by Diane Roback and Jason Britton Publishers Weekly Dec. 17, 2001

P. Roadtrip America, The Age of Shovelry

Q. Five in a Row the FIAR Archives Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel by Virginia Lee Burton

R. Henry Taylor Parker 1867-1934

S. Notes Barbara Bader

T. Thoughts on Design from Jamie de Paola

U. Newbury Cadott Awards

V. The Literature of Comics by Calvin Reid Publishers Weekly Oct. 16, 2000

W. Letter From Mary E. Bogan Emporia State University to Barbara Elleman

X. Licensed Products Mike Mulligan

Y. Letter From Barbara Elleman to A.O. Scott

Z. Letter From Kathleen Bonner to Peggy Hogan the Carl Cherry Foundation

AA.Letter From Peter McGregor to Virginia Lee Burton

BB. Letter From Berthat Mahony Miller to Virginia Lee Burton the Horn Book Inc.


Folder 20

File 20: Post-publication reviews, letters, notes

A. Letter From Melissa Gruntkosky to Barbara Elleman Houghton Mifflin Company

B. Envelope From LK Natti To Barbara Elleman “Made in Folly Cove” Program/Notes

C. Haggerty Museum of Art Virginia Lee Burton Schedule

D. Letter From Cane Karp to Barbara Elleman

E. Letter From Anne Malcolmson von Storch to Barbara Elleman

F. Article Cape Ann Symphony Orchestra presents Mike Mulligan

G. Advertisement for Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel Musical

H. Email From Carol Stachewicz to Lillian Nolan- Children’s Literature Conference

I. Mark Your Calendar

J. Golden Oldies by Elizabeth Ward

K. Virginia Lee Burton, The Book, Conference, Exhibition

L. Letter From Lee to Barbara Elleman

M. Booklinks Advertisement Virginia Lee Burton A Life in Art

N. Virginia Lee Burton A life in Arts

O. Email From Aris Demetrios from Barbara Elleman

P. Hero’s in Fact and Fiction

Q. Letter From Elizabeth Moody to Barbara Elleman

R. Beyond Mike Mulligan Publishers Weekly Oct. 14, 2002

S. Letter From Karen Nelson Hoyle, Curator at the University of Minnesota to Barbara Elleman

T. Letter From Tom Barron to Barbara Elleman

U. Burton’s Illustration comings to Haggerty

V. News Article Burton’s Work Hasent Lost Its Charm by Sharon Miller Cindrich Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

W. News Article Burton’s Work Hasent Lost Its Charm by Sharon Miller Cindrich Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

X. Booklist Mark Your Calendar by Stephanie Zvirin

Y. Marquette Tribune Cherished illustrator celebrated at Haggerty

Z. Spotlight Shines in Children’s Books Author Haggerty News

AA.Email From Ginny Moor Kruse to Barbara Elleman

BB. Letter From Byron Family to Barbara Elleman

CC. Two Mike Mulligan Postcard

DD.Two News Articles Gloucester Celebrates Writers Boston Sun and Steamer Saved by Greg Cook Daily News and How We Learned to Love Steam Shovels by Kandis Sarnowski Gloucester Daily Times

EE. Gloucester Lyceum and Sawyer Free Library and Folly Cove Heritage Association present: Virginia Lee Burton A Life in Art Three Copies

FF. Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel based on the book by Virginia Lee Burton

GG. News Advertisement Mike Mulligan and His Shovel Musical

HH.Lifeline Theatre Barbara + Don Signed Program for Mike + Aris

II. Advertisement Mike Mulligan Musical

JJ. Of Interest to Adults Riverbank Review Virginia Lee Burton A Life in Art KK. Ruminator Review

LL. Islander to Give Presentation on Famed Children’s Book Author by Rick Catlin

MM. Coming in April

NN. Island Branch Library Barbara Elleman

OO. Kerlan Collection Children’s Literature Research Collections

PP. Featured Authors Virginia Lee Burton Life Story, Mike Mulligan, Song of Robin Hood, The Little House

QQ. Nonfiction Girls will be Girls by JoAnn Deak New Titles Pioneer Press

RR. Article Lasting Legacy by Bart Ripp SoundLife the News Tribune

SS. Letter From Andrea Grimes to Barbara Elleman San Francisco Public Library

TT. Email From Sandy Austin Stein to Barbara Elleman- I enjoyed your book “A life in Art”

UU. Article Mike Muligan captures the joy of childhood by Nancy Maes Tempo Jan 27, 1998

VV. Familyfare by Nancy Maes Chicago Tribune Jan 16, 1998

WW. Play Doesn’t Run Out of Steam by Kid Zone Chicago Sun Times Jan 23, 1998

XX. Lifeline charms in update of Mike Mulligan’s’ Classic Take Sara Burrows Lerner NewsStar

YY. To See or Not to See Chicago Sun- Times May 22, 1998

ZZ. "Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel" Chicago Reader July 24, 1998

AAA. Mike Mulligan Musical Advertisement

BBB. Five Articles

CCC. Letter From Stephen & Bonnie Simon to Barbara Elleman


Folder 21

File 21: Reproductions of sketches, notes for Caldecott speech, letters

A. Photocopies of VLB Notebooks

B. Letter From Rex Stout to Virginia Lee Burton the Authors Guild of the Authors League of America, Inc.

C. Letter From Austin Olney to Virginia Lee Burton Houghton Mifflin Company

D. Photocopy of VLB Notebook

E. Photocopy of VLB Sketchbook

DDD. Photocopy of Expert of VLB on Illustrators


Folder 22

File 22: Folly Cove designers, Houghton Mifflin letters, Rules and Regulations

A. Photocopy of VLB Notes

B. Photocopy Letter from Virginia Lee Burton to Paul

C. Photocopy Letter from Paul Brookes to Virginia Lee Burton

D. Things which should be in By-Laws

E. Two Illustrations of Folly Cove Designers

F. Photocopy Letter from Virginia Lee Burton to Paul

G. Blue Packet Folly Cove Designers