Creator: Various
Dates: 1849-1910
Quantity: 2.0 linear feet (4 document boxes)

Accession #: 1210, 1234, 1860, 1980, 2072, 2375, 1994.43,542

Donated by: 1210 Gift of Mrs. Harriet Fears Knowles, Aug. 25, 1947

1211 Gift of Mrs. James Pringle, Aug. 18, 1947

1234 Gift of Miss Fanny McGee, Nov. 29, 1947

1860 Gift of Mrs. Oliver J. Lane (Mary Steele), Aug. 19, 1965

1980 Gift of Miss Susan Story Wonson, June 26, 1969

2041 Gift of Mrs. Alan Hill, Jr., Nov. 17, 1971

2072 Gift of Mrs. Alice (Reed) Brown, Mar. 1973

2375 Gift of Miss Dorothy Buhler, Sept. 27, 1983

1994.43 Gift of Irving Goodman, July 8, 1994

Identification: A01 ; Archive Collection #01
Citation: [Document Title]. The Valentine Cards Collection, [Box #, Folder #, Item #], Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Gloucester, MA.
Copyright: Requests for permission to publish material from this collection should be addressed to the Librarian/Archivist.
Language: English
Finding Aid: Marie Crocetti, 1994, for Ellen Nelson, achivist. Reprocessed by Judy Bannon and Stephanie Buck, 2016.


This is a collection of various greeting cards, including valentines, Christmas, birthday and other occasions. There are 67 names associated with the collection. Of these several have been identified. The five Wonsons were cousins. Siblings, Charles H. (born 1875), Edith A. (born 1878) and Florence (born 1880) were the children of Anna E. (Tarr) and Charles H. Wonson, a Gloucester fish merchant. Dorothy Wonson (born 1897) was the oldest daughter of Katherine (Davis) and George H. Wonson, a Boston based civil engineer and contractor. Addison Wonson (born 1859) was one of the five children of Susan E. (Story) and Augustus H. Wonson, a paint manufacturer in the Tarr & Wonson Cooper Paint Co. Lucy B. Davis (born 1836) was the only daughter of Lucy K. (Brown) the first wife of William Fuller Davis, a Gloucester merchant and sail-maker. Mr. Davis married twice more and had another daughter about eighteen years later named Catalina. The sisters were close despite their age difference, never married, and became benefactors of the CAM. Hilda Hanson (born 1896) and her mother Louisa C. Hanson both received cards. Father and husband was Peter H. Hanson a Danish immigrant and Gloucester fisherman. Abbie Bray (born 1887) was the only child of Eliza A. (Doyle) and George H. Bray, a Gloucester blacksmith. Calvin Trask (born Joseph C. c.1823) was the only child of Hannah (Dodge) and Joseph Trask, trader. Calvin was a hostler and stage coach driver who evaded the senders of the valentines and did not marry until he was forty-three. Harriet Elizabeth Bray (born 1825), daughter of Elizabeth (Elwell) and Simon T. Bray, wheelwright, died from consumption at the age of twenty-eight. Willie Webster Ballard (born 1867) was the youngest son of Caroline L. (Brooks) and Arta Ballard, “huler,” of Lynn, MA. Hattie M. Fears (born 1856) was the oldest daughter of Harriet (Raymond) and Robert A. Fears, Gloucester sail-maker. Mr. Fears was also the first elected mayor of the City of Gloucester after its incorporation in 1873, winning over Addison Gilbert, a local philanthropist, by a vote of 1096 to 698. Gertie Sayward (born Emma Gertrude in 1866) and her sister Mabel Sayward (born 1869) were the daughters of Emma (Prime) and George Sayward, a Gloucester fish merchant employed in later life by the City of Gloucester as the Temperance Missionary. Howard Elwell (born 1860) was the youngest of the nine children of Sarah (Parsons) and Samuel Elwell, master mariner. Alice Friend (born 1879) was the oldest child of Helen M. (Upham) and Elbridge G. Friend, Gloucester Dry Goods dealer. Beulah Baldwin Bailey (born 1896) was the oldest child of Susie S. (Wonson) and Addison W. Bailey, a sailmaker. Amelia Raphael Bennett (born 1895) was the eighth of the nine children of Nova Scotian immigrants Adeline (Comeau) and Jeremiah Bennett, a carpenter. Amelia died in 1908 at the age of thirteen from appendicitis. Ethel H. Bradley (botn 1880) was the only child of Martha A. (Smith) and E. Archer, a clerk. The Babson siblings Hannah (born 1834), Edward (born 1839) and Isabella (born 1848) were the children of Amanda (Stanwood) and merchant mariner Capt. Edward Babson.


This collection of cards dating from 1849 to 1910 was given the title ‘Valentine Cards’ but includes cards for other occasions, most notably Christmas and Birthday cards, and one or more miscellaneous cards such as bookmarks, place cards, an advertising card and several empty envelopes. It also contained a Junior Commencement in 1849, a wedding invitation in 1884, a dance card, and school grade cards, which have all been removed.

Many of the cards were donated during a period at the CAM when formal acquisition numbers were not always assigned. Tracing the unnumbered acquisitions is difficult, if not impossible. This made it necessary to organize the collection “artificially” i.e. in an arrangement other than that by which the collections were received. All identifiable accessions are listed with the container list. The name Hilda Hanson appears in a large number of valentines but the actual donor is unknown.

The valentines, which constitute the largest part of the collection, are divided into three subseries: mid 19th to early 20th century, late 19th to early 20th century, and early 20th century.

The collection ranges from very elaborate – a celluloid and fabric card, cards with silk fringes, box cards and cut paper foldout cards – to the very simple handmade card. Any outstanding features are noted in the container list. The cards are identified by either a word or phrase from the front of the card, e.g. Purity; or by the title of the first line of the verse from inside the card.

Family members and classmates gave most of the cards to the children of middle-class families in Gloucester; others are obscure. For instance, neither of Willie Webster Ballard’s parents were from Gloucester, nor did they apparently ever live in Gloucester.

There are two appendices: I A list of valentine manufacturers; II A list of names of recipients, where a full name was given.


Series I Valentine Cards

A. Mid 19th to early 20th century

B. Late 19th to early 20th century

C. Early 20th century 

Series II Birthday Cards 

Series III Other occasion cards 

Series IV Misc. – Recitations, place cards, bookmarks, invitations


Box 1

Series I A. Mid 19th to early 20th century

FF 1 (13): All good boys love their sisters

i. My wish for thee

ii. Fates decree

iii. Beauty – Gerty

iv. Valentines

v. A little K.A.O. girl (A#1211)

vi. Painted flowers

vii. Elephant card

viii. Forget me not

ix. Forget me not

x. To one I admire

xi. Loves’ offering from Papa

xii. Sincerity

FF 2 (14): My heart is thine

i. Love and thee (Maddocks folder)

ii. Bird of Paradise, To one I love (from Mabel Sayward)

iii. My heart is yours, embossed envelope (Peggy Straightness)

iv. Sub rosa

v. In they calm unclouded heart

vi. Sincerely yours

vii. Fair fortunes wish

viii. Green background, cut-out (Alice Friend)

ix. To one I love

x. Look at my beloved

xi. I am thine love, oh be thou mine

xii. To my love

xiii. Loves confession

FF 3 (12): Sent by Everert Stacy when ober? was a little girl (Alice Friend)

i. Truth ii. Come, love, to me

iii. Fair one

iv. Constant and true, 1898

v. Truly thine

vi. Purity

vii. To my valentine, silk fringe

viii. Embossed blank card

ix. Flowers will fade and loose their fragrance

x. With ever faithful love, 1890

xi. Believe me true (stand-up)

FF 4 (5): Like a well-arranged bouquet, with envelope (A#1860)

i. I wish altho twere wishing bliss

ii. Peacock card, with envelope (gift of Mrs. Frank Shute)

iii. A tribute to Love (Was prop. Of Miss Lucy B. Davis now of C.A.S.L. & H. Assoc.)

iv. Fold-out windmill valentine

FF 5 (3): With fondest love (shadow box. Miss Florence Snelling)

i. Shadow box

ii. Shadow box

FF 6 (5): May sweeter joys still sweeter seem (A#1994.43.3a)

i. Fold out valentine (A#1994.43.3b)

ii. To one I love – forget me not (A#1994.43.3c)

iii. My thoughts (Debra Dade) (A#1994.43.3d)

iv. My offering (A#1994.43.3e)


Series I B. Late 19th to early 20th century

FF 7 (16): I have hope

i. Take all the sweetness

ii. My heart and hand I offer fair

iii. This little tribute which I send

iv. Purity

v. Love

vi. Ever faithful

vii. When time who steals our years away

viii. Coquette

ix. A heart as soft

x. Speak, speak, love, I implore the (Maddocks folder)

xi. This little tribute which I send

xii. My blessing

xiii. Oh! Will you love me (Florence from Guess)

xiv. Thy lips are more than cherries (Master Charlie Barnard)

xv. Unchangeable (A.M.B.)

FF 8 (12): Girls should be modest

i. A packet of valentine cards

ii. Trust to me

iii. Purity

iv. Believe I love (Maddocks folder)

v. I know my wishes are many

vi. The pretty trifles which to thee I send

vii. Truly thine

viii. Say will you be my valentine

ix. To my darling

x. Let zealots talk of joys above

xi. I wish that I were a voiceless sigh (1892)


Box 2

Series I B. Late 19th – early 20th century

FF 1 (6): To greet my love (1906 from Dorothy Wonson)

i. Bound

ii. Cut-out valentine (Trask, Davis, Maddocks folder)

iii. Your voice is music

iv. I love you

v. Valentine greeting (pop-up)

FF 2 (2): Shadow box valentine (empty)

i. Valentine box belonging to Hattie M. Fears, c.1870 (A# 1210)


Series I C. Early 20th century

FF 3 (28): Loves message (Hilda from Nettie)

i. To my little sweetheart (Hilda from Fanny Stockbridge)

ii. With best wishes

iii. Embossed envelope

iv. To my valentine (damaged)

v. Forget me not (2)

vi. I think of thee (Hilda from Gladys)

vii. Me thine adore (1908) (Hilda from Nellie Ambhardt/Aurkhardt)

viii. My valentine think of me (Hilda from Fanny)

ix. To my little sweetheart (1906) (Hilda from Junior)

x. From one who loves you dearly (Hilda from Beulah Bailey)

xi. Valentine card with lilacs (Edward from Mrs. Dann)

xii. Forget me not

xiii. With love’s greetings

xiv. Happy days to my valentine (Hilda from Lewis Thompson)

xv. With fondest love

xvi. To my beloved one

xvii. May love your pathway lighten (1910) (Mrs. Hanson from Wilhelmina Pepper)

xviii. May happy days be ever thine (1910) (Hilda from Wilhelmina Pepper)

xix. I’m your valentine (from Hilda)

xx. The star of love is smiling fair (Hilda Hansen)

xxi. I’m your valentine (for Hilda)

xxii. To my valentine (Hilda from Mary Foley)

xxiii. Affections greetings (Hilda from Lucy)

xxiv. With kindest regards

xxv. To my hearts elect (Hilda from Edward)

xxvi. Greetings (Hilda from Nellie P.)

FF 4 (21): To my sweetheart (stand-up card)

i. To my valentine (1910)

ii. To one I love (Hilda from Gertie)

iii. With love (Miss Coffin from Hilda)

iv. A valentine I send (1907) (Hilda from Beulah Bailey)

v. To my little sweetheart (1908) (Hilda from Esther P.)

vi. With love

vii. My heart is thine (Hilda from Ruth Wright)

viii. Stand-up card (horseshoe)

ix. Every joy that heart can hold (1905)

x. From one who loves you dearly (1907) (Hilda from Nellie Parson)

xi. An old, old story of love (booklet from Charlotte)

xii. Love’s offering for you (Hilda from Ralph)

xiii. Joys spring for you all days and hours (Hilda from Charlotte)

xiv. With love sweet valentine (Hilda from Isabelle)

xv. Cupid’s message

xvi. From a faithful friend with love sincere (1907) (from Cecelia Comeau)

xvii. The knight of the orchid (stand-up card) (Hilda from mother)

xviii. But once a year (Hilda from Evelyn S.)

xix. With cupid’s snare (Hilda from Jennie W.)

xx. Offerings of love (from Raymond)

FF 5 (14): With true affection

i. A token of love (stand-up card) (from Raymond Trefry)

ii. Truly thine (Hilda from Doris L.)

iii. My sweetheart (Hilda from Caroline Comeau)

iv. Thoughts of love (Hilda from Amelia Bennett)

v. With fondest love (Hilda from Susan Usier)

vi. My best love (Hilda from ?)

vii. Offering of love (Hilda from Ruley)

viii. With best wishes (stand-up card, 1907) from Raymond)

ix. From me to you in greeting (Hilda from Isabelle)

x. A token of love (Hilda from Norman Eniregtah)

xi. With my love (1908) (Hilda from Cordelia)

xii. With loving greetings (stand-up card, 1910) from Raymond Trefry)

xiii. Love’s keepsake (from Raymond)

FF 6 (19): Valentine greetings (stand-up card)

i. Heart felt wishes (Hilda from Shirley)

ii. Wishes sincere (Hilda from Mary S. Tarr)

iii. All flowers love sunshine (1910) (Hilda from Wilhelmina Pepper)

iv. Cupid’s message (Hilda from Wilhelmina Pepper)

v. Loving greetings (stand-up card) (Hilda from Mildred)

vi. Loving greetings (stand-up card) (Hilda from Thomas)

vii. From a faithful friend with love sincere (Esther Parker)

viii. To my sweetheart (Hilda from Evelyn Foster)

ix. May happiness be thine

x. From one who loves you dearly (Hilda from Evelyn Foster)

xi. A greeting from St. Valentine (Hilda from Carrie

xii. Love’s throne (1908)

xiii. Hidden charms (Hilda from Dot)

xiv. A love pledge

xv. Valentine greeting (stand-up card, Germany)

xvi. From one who loves you dearly

xvii. From a faithful friend with love sincere (Dorothy McIntire)

xviii. If all I wish for thee might be thine (Edward Hanson from Hilda)


Box 3

Series I A. Mid 19th – early 20th century

FF 1 (22): Yours for ever (1892)

i. Love and peace

ii. May you live happy

iii. Gifts of love are doubly dear

iv. Thy smiles by pure affection wrought

v. One treasure

vi. The fruit we gather

vii. Eyes like the brooding dove (2)

viii. Accept a hearty wish

ix. Forget tis sure the sternest word (William Ballard)

x. With love and good wishes

xi. Have pity on me

xii. Remember me

xiii. Almighty pain to love it is (Lane folder)

xiv. Love’s offering (1890)

xv. For one I love sincerely (1890)

xvi. From a faithful friend (1890)

xvii. Yours ever a token of love (1890)

xviii. The words

xix. Love’s favors

xx. From thee my heart

xxi. Embossed envelope

FF 2 (19): All happiness to you

i. Cheer up

ii. Forget me not

iii. Your true love

iv. With my best love

v. Love unconquerable

vi. Accept love

vii. Care

viii. Affections offering (Charlie)

ix. I love the dearly

x. Forever yours (Maddocks)

xi. Around thy path may fairest flowers

xii. Friendship love and truth

xiii. My hope (Maddocks folder)

xiv. Love

xv. A few short words – the old, old tale (1900) (J.W.W. from B. Cantwell)

xvi. To a child my little friend

xvii. Embossed pop-up card

xviii. Forget me not

FF 3 (9): Embossed gold gilt card (Lucy B. Davis)

i. Embossed card with gold gilt envelope (Lucy B. Davis)

ii. Loving thoughts

iii. A message for you with embossed envelope (Lucy B. Davis)

iv. Embossed and printed card (Lucy B. Davis)

v. Thou reignest in this bosom

vi. Green envelope (Helen Bray)

vii. Machine stenciled blue envelope with gold gilt

viii. Embossed envelope addressed to Bray (1851) (Harriet)

FF 4 (24): Thou art the star that guides me

i. When prudence and love in the heart are contending (Maddocks folder)

ii. My heart with love is beating

iii. Long may you live

iv. Love’s dream

v. Truth in absence, silk fringe

vi. Oh, sweetheart listen, listen well, unto the wild bird’s song

vii. My wish (to Florence from Oliver)

viii. Absent but dear

ix. True Love

x. Tho’ far away from thee I roam

xi. Happy faces, lend such graces

xii. Embossed envelope (newspaper cutting of a poem ‘Why do I Love Her?”) (Hannah S. Babson)

xiii. May all the joys that this earth can afford (Mary L. Shaw)

xiv. Can you guess who sends you this

xv. United forever

xvi. Souvenir of friendship

xvii. My wish for thee (Wonson)

xviii. Kind and true with embossed envelope (Miss Mannie Davis)

xix. Envelope (estate of Miss E. Gertrude Sayward)

xx. Valentines (Alice Friend)

xxi. Embossed envelope (A# 1234)

xxii. Gold gilt envelope (Miss Hannah Babson)

xxiii. Embossed envelope

FF 5 (4): Since time and space declare I may not meet you

i. Love’s offering

ii. All that my best and wildest dream in fancy’s hour

iii. Satin and tasseled stand-up card

FF 6 (24): Embossed and painted card, Where Love and Faith

i. Embossed and painted card

ii. Embossed and painted card (1850) (from Lillian McAllister)

iii. When thou receiv’st this valentine, heart shape (1892)

iv. Love the only wish of mine, heart shape (1892)

v. Loves greeting

vi. May you prosper

vii. I cannot wish more blest to be

viii. Painted and handwritten letter

ix. Music, painted and handwritten

x. Friendship, like an evergreen, pen and ink

xi. Blue and gold envelope (Miss Harriet Bray)

xii. Embossed envelope (Mr. Calvin Trask)

xiii. Machine stenciled envelope (Miss Eliza Davis)

xiv. Silver embossed envelope (Calvin Trask)

xv. Blue and gold envelope (Hannah Babson)

xvi. Embossed envelope (Miss Isabel Babson)

xvii. Embossed envelope (Miss Gertie Sayward)

xviii. Envelope (Miss Harriet E. Bray)

xix. Blue envelope (Miss Harriet E. Bray)

xx. Embossed envelope (Miss Florence B. Wonson)

xxi. Embossed envelope (Edward Babson )

xxii. Embossed envelope (Miss Edith Wonson)

xxiii. I’m pleased to get a valentine, handwritten poem

FF 7 (16): (A# 1980) Sincere love (Addison Wonson)

i. Fond remembrance, embossed envelope (1888) (Miss Edith A. Wonson)

ii. Thine eyes are bright as peacocks plumes

iii. Time will unite us

iv. Yours for ever (Wonson, 1892)

v. Confiding love, embossed envelope (1852) (Isabella to her Papa)

vi. To my friend

vii. Affections offering (Wonson)

viii. Sincerely yours (Wonson)

ix. My thoughts (Wonson)

x. Embossed envelope (Miss Florence B. Wonson)

xi. May all your troubles be as light as the beautiful rose

xii. Embossed envelope (Miss Florence B. Wonson)

xiii. With this I wish you a happy day (Wonson)

xiv. If thou’lt be mine (c.1870) (to Lalia H. Spurr from Addison Wonson)

xv. Valentine (1882) (to Capt. Benjamin Webber)


Box 4

Series III, IV

FF 1 (30): Birthday Cards

i. Wishing you a joyous birthday ii. With birthday greetings iii. Each day bring new pleasures iv. With fondest love v. Many happy returns of the day

vi. Many and ever happy be thy birthdays vii. Birthday wish viii. Birthday greetings ix. A joyful birthday x. May your birthday be happy xi. Birthday xii. A birthday wish xiii. Birthday wish xiv. All birthday blessings be for thee xv. Birthday reflections xvi. Bright and joyous be thy birthday xvii. I wish you a happy birthday xviii. With loving birthday greetings xix. God speed thee on this thy natal day xx. Cards with roses (3) xxi. The birth day xxii. A happy birthday be yours, horseshoe xxiii. Many happy returns of the day xxiv. May peace & joy be thine today

xxv. Many happy returns of the day

xxvi. May a happy day happily return

xxvii. Good fortune guide thee a birthday greeting, silk fringe

xxviii. With love and best wishes for your birthday

xxix. Fair birthday be thine

xxx. Happy may thy birthday be, fan with silk fringe

FF 2 (33): (A#s 2072 & 2375) Christmas and New Year Cards

i. Christmas and New Year, silk fringe

ii. Thoughts too sweet for rhyme I send at Christmas time, silk fringe

iii. Rejoice in the lord always and again I say rejoice

iv. With best wishes for a merry Christmas

v. Brightened by the season’s glow, silk fringe

vi. With best Christmas wishes

vii. Bright and merry joyous and gay

viii. Fond greetings for Christmas

ix. Hearty Christmas greetings

x. Sincerely wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year

xi. This brings a Christmas greeting

xii. A very merry Christmas, silk fringe

xiii. A merry Christmas and a happy New Year

xiv. With warmest Christmas greetings

xv. Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year

xvi. Christmas greetings

xvii. The birdling now is free and flies with Christmas wish to thee

xviii. Best wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy New Year

xix. Merry Christmas to you and a joyous New Year

xx. Christmas and New Year greetings

xxi. A happy New Year

xxii. My card of greeting is sent you

xxiii. May the peace of the first Christmas night

xxiv. Custom cannot stale the cheer of merry Christmas

xxv. With best wishes for Christmas joys and New Year happiness

xxvi. To wish you a merry Christmas

xxvii. Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year

xxviii. A merry Christmas

xxix. The midnight rest (10 cards)

xxx. The children’s friend

xxxi. Christmas greetings to yours and you

xxxii. Annisquam, handwritten and colored letter from Santa (A#2375-3)

xxxiii. True friendship is an evergreen

FF 3 (29): Recitations (Miss A. Stanwood) Removed to Box P30A FF4

i. Friendship fold-out cut card

ii. Embossed card remember me (Wonson)

iii. Friendship embossed card

iv. Pink stripe paper & silver fabric and cut-out pieces

v. Awake and sing ye that dwell in dust, silk fringe (A# 2072)

vi. Friendship remember me

vii. Look At One I Love, embossed gold gilt and paint and lace card

viii. Embossed envelope (Miss Edith Wonson)

ix. May love and peace reign at Easter (A# 2072)

x. Embossed blue and gold card

xi. Embossed envelope (Master Willie Ballard)

xii. Lace and flower cut-out card

xiii. A birthday greeting to my friend

xiv. Lace and flower card & embossed envelope (Edith Wonson)

xv. Embossed card with gold gilt and painting

xvi. Forever thine embossed with gold gilt and paint

xvii. We can’t always be together

xviii. Light hearted, zebra

xix. I am your friend, lace and flower cut-out

xx. Be happy – lace and gold and paint

xxi. Envelope (Master Willie Ballard)

xxii. Dear Valentine, lace and paint card (Kattie Trask)

xxiii. Flower and woman portrait

xxiv. Embossed envelope

xxv. Yellow embossed card with silver gilt, embossed envelope (Master Charlie H. Wonson)

xxvi. Embossed blank card

xxvii. Forever yours embossed with paint

xxviii. Embossed envelope (1890) (Florence Wonson)

xxix. Child’s cut paper bird expanding card

FF 4 (38): Portrait of a woman, invitation in Danish (paa fodselsdagen – on birthday)

i. Postcard of flowers (3)

ii. Young girl with dog (2)

iii. Kindest wishes for your birthday (2)

iv. Embossed envelope

v. Embossed envelope (Master Willie Ballard)

vi. Envelope (Willie)

vii. Oriental card with fabric cut-out

viii. Christmas card

ix. Beat it, drum shaped card

x. Envelope (Master Willie Ballard, Lynn, MA)

xi. Embossed envelope (Master Willie Ballard)

xii. Embossed envelope (Miss Edith A. Wonson)

xiii. Booklet of poetry

xiv. Christmas card

xv. A joyous Christmas xvi. Painted flowers (2)

xvii. Children on rocking horse

xviii. Young boy with hat

xix. Friendship, lace card with cut-outs, embossed envelope (Miss Edith A. Wonson)

xx. Tiny embossed envelope

xxi. Embossed envelope (Miss Florence Wonson, 1889)

xxii. Card with boats and flowers xxiii. Card with red flower

xxiv. Card with boy and girl with red bird

xxv. Young girl with dog

xxvi. Embossed envelope (Willie Ballard)

xxvii. Ad card with handwritten valentine verse (James Pyle’s pearline)

xxviii. Snow scene with gold lace and flowers

xxix. Embossed envelope (Master Willie Ballard, Lynn, MA)

xxx. Embossed envelope (Willie W. Ballard)

xxxi. Who says I is, stand-up card with black child (1908) (Charles)

xxxii. Fold-out with images of important US buildings and memorials

FF 5 (26): (A# 2072)

i. Assorted place cards (10)

ii. Assorted place cards (4)

iii. Dance card for Hunt Bros. Printers, Lowell, MA Inaugural Ball (1874) Removed to D10A FF13

iv. Embroidered bookmark, Speedwell

v. Cross stitch bookmark, Hope On

vi. Cross stitch bookmark, Temperance

vii. Kitten calendar (1908)

viii. Pets calendar (1904) (A# 2041)

ix. Reward of merit (Abby Bray) Removed to P3 FF6

x. Christmas card

xi. Merry Christmas

xii. Embossed envelope (Miss Hilda Hansen)

xiii. Carton from newspaper

xiv. A big blower

xv. Embossed envelope (Mrs. Louise Hansen)

xvi. Embossed envelope

FF 6 (0): (A# 1994.43) ALL ITEMS REMOVED

i. Junior commencement (6/25/1849) Removed to D13 FF16

ii. Wedding invitation Marion Bruce Rust to William Thomas Shute (10/17/1884) & envelope (Mr. Howard Elwell) Removed to P30 FF10


Appendix I

Valentine Manufacturers identified as represented in the collection.


Manufacturer Dates Box # FF
Berlin & Jones, New York, NY 1850s-60s 2 1
Gibson & Co., Cincinnati, OH 1850-2000 4 1, 4
Howland, Esther, Worcester, MA 1849-79 3 7
Kershaw, George & Son, London, UK 1840-60 3 3, 6
Mansell, Joseph, London, UK 1840s-60s



1, 4

3, 4

Meek, George, London, UK 1840s-90s 





Mossman, David, Islington, London, UK 1825-1901 



New England Valentine Co., Worcester, MA

Also Esther Howland. Merged with Edward Taft in 1879. Sold to George Whitney in 1880.





1, 7

2, 4

2, 4

Prang, Louis, Boston, MA 1867-89






1, 3

Taft, Jotham & Edward, Worcester, MA  1860s-89





Tuck, Raphael & Sons, London, UK 1866-1881 3 1, 3
Whitney, George, Worcester, MA 1866-1942







1, 2


Windsor, John & Sons, Clerkenwell, London, UK 1840s-50s




2, 3

Wood, J.T. & Co., London, UK  1840s-70s 3 1, 6



Appendix II -A list of names of recipient


Name Box FF
Aurkhardt, Nellie 2 3
Babson, Edward 3 3, 6
Babson, Hannah S. 3 4, 6
Babson, Isabella 3 6
Bailey, Beulah 2 3, 4
Ballard, Willie W. 1
Bannard, Charlie 1 7
Bennet, Amelia 2 5
Bradley, Ethel 1 4
Bray, Abbie 4 5
Bray, Hannah 3 3
Bray, Harriett E. 3 6
Bray, Helen  3 3
Cantwell, B. 3 2
Comeau, Cecelia 2 5
Dade, Deborah 1 6
Dann, Mrs. 2 3
Davis, Eliza 3 6
Davis, Lucy B.





Davis, Mannie 3 4
Davis, Sam 2 3
Elwell, Howard 4 6
Eniregtah, Norman 2 5
Fears, Hattie M. 2 2
Fears, Katie M. 2 2
Fears, Robert R. 2 2
Foley, Mary 2 3
Friend, Alice 1 3
Hansen, Edward 2 6
Hansen, Hilda



3, 4, 5, 6


Hansen, Louise (Mrs.) 4 5
Knowles, Harriet F. 2 2
Lane, I.B. 1 1
McAllister, Lillian  3 6
McIntire, Dorothy 2 6
Merchant, Harriet 2 2
Parker, Esther 2 6
Parsons, Nellie 2 4
Pepper, Wilhelmina 2 6
Ray, Amy 1 2
Sayward, E. Gertrude 3 4, 6
Sayward, Mabel 1 2
Shaw, Mary L. 3 4
Shute, Mrs. Frank 1 4
Snelling, Florence 1 5
Spurr, Lalia H. 3 7
Stockbridge, Fannie 2 3
Story, Everett 1 3
Straightnesy, Peggy 1 2
Tarr, Mary S. 2 6
Thompson, Lewis 2 3
Trask, Calvin 3 6
Trask, Harriet E. 3 6
Trask, Katherine 1 5
Trefry, Raymond 2 5
Upham, Ida 3 4
Warner, John 1 4
Wonson, Addison P. 3 7
Wonson, Charles H. 4 3
Wonson, Dorothy 2 1
Wonson, Edith 3 6, 7
Wonson, Florence B. 3 6, 7
Wonson, Guy 2 3
Wright, Ruth 2 3