Creator: Oak Grove Cemetery Board of Trustees
Dates: 1880-1999
Quantity: 6 linear feet (10 manuscript containers; 4 flat files (drawer); 1 tube; 1 book; Addendum: 20 books)

Accession #: 2007.17; Donated by: Oak Grove Cemetery Board of Trustees through member George W. Belezos

Accession #: 2010.5; 2016.008.

Identification: A51; Archive Collection #51
Citation: [Document Title]. The Oak Grove Cemetery Records Collection, [Box #, Folder #, Item #], Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Gloucester, MA.
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On April 3, 1975, Oak Grove Cemetery in Gloucester, MA was accepted in the National Register of Historic Places.

The cemetery’s major significance lies in the fact that it was a collaborative effort by two pioneer American landscape architects and, so far as is known, is their first joint design. Robert M. Copeland (1830-1874) and Horace W.S. Cleveland (184-1900) were partners only briefly in the 1850s before each went on to occupy an important niche in the history of American planning. Although over-shadowed by the reputation of the great Frederick Law Olmstead, Copeland and Cleveland were beginning to emerge as major figures.

They designed and arranged the original layout in 1854, and their plan is shown on a lithographic map prepared for the consecration and initial auction of burial lots held on June 29, 1855. Copies of the map and the program for the consecration srvice are included in the collection.

The site was reached from Washington Street, the road connecting Town Parish (the ancient center of Gloucester, now Grant Circle at the end of Rte 128) with Harbor Parish (then the new economic center of the fishing port, now the downtown area). The original site was ten acres in size and the landscape architects envisioned a romantic park with avenues and paths named for various flowers and plants. These were to wind picturesquely through examples of horticultural and funerary art. A pear-shaped granite erratic (glacial boulder) served as the “cornerstone” of the cemetery. Over the years the cemetery was expanded by half again its size in two directions: to Washington Street on the west and to Grove Street on the north. These newer sections continued the sinuous planning of Copeland and Cleveland’s original layout. The site is now ringed by streets and 19th and 20th century private dwellings.

An iron entrance gate with cut granite piers is shown in the lower right hand corner of the original plan. Beyond the gate Copeland and Cleveland envisioned a chapel to the left of the path and two gazebos within the park. The chapel, a Romanesque memorial of Cape Ann granite, was erected by provision of the will of businessman George R. Bradford (1828-1902). The Braford Memorial was designed by Ezra L. Phillips of Gloucester and erected in 1903-04 by the Pigeon Hill Granite Company of Rockport.

The cemetery beyond contains examples of funerary art - good, bad, and indifferent - spanning more than a century, from the monuments of Bradford and Emma Abbott Wetherall to the simple upright slab marking the grave of John Henry Twachtman.

Finally, Oak Grove is significant as the last resting place of men and women distinguished in many fields. Some are of local fame, others are of national significance. The painters Fitz Henry Lane and John Henry Twachtman lie here, so does the opera singer Emma Abbott, and Baseball great Ralph “Cy” Perkins. The graves of Addison Gilbert whose generosity privided Gloucester with her hospital, and Samuel E. Sawyer, who donated the public library to the city, are here. There are many sailors, including Alfred “Centennial” Johnson who sailed across the Atlantic alone in a dory in 1876, and Ben Pine, one of the last great schooner captains. Also buried here are prominent businessmen such as Charles Heberle founder of the Building Center, Charles J. Gray, veterinarian Andrew Babson, Francis Homans, and local dignitaries like John J. Somes the city’s first city clerk, and James Pringle local historian.


These papers were donated to the Cape Ann Museum by the Oak Grove Cemetery Board of Trustees through member George W. Belezos. Mr. Belezos was active in the management of the cemetery from 1982 to his retirement in 2006. He served as caretaker, member of the Board of Trustees and Treasurer. The papers offer an insight into the operation and struggles of the cemetery from financial concerns to vandalism and the proposed transfer of the property to the City of Gloucester. The cemetery was accepted into the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

The papers cover a much broader period than Mr. Belezos’ time with the cemetery including insurance documents 1959-1999; bills and receipts 1969-1999; burial permits 1920-1993; and tax records and financial statements 1934-1999. The collection also includes three ledger books, one of which is a record of burials 1880-2002; a number of plans of the cemetery; as well as pamphlets, organizational information, photographs and handwritten notes.

The Addendum to Oak Grove Cemetery records was transferred by the Sawyer Free Library to the Cape Ann Museum at the request of John Rando, President of the Oak Grove Cemetery Board of Trustees. The purpose of the transfer was to consolidate the cemetery records with the collection already in the possession of the Cape Ann Museum. The transfer took place on Nov. 25, 2009.

These are records related to the National Register designation, including:

Legal documents

Lot owners


Bills & receipts

Taxes & finances

Ledger books



I. Historical Data, 1854 - 2005

This series includes copies of the nomination form and related material for inclusion of the Oak Grove Cemetery in the National Register of Historic Places (designated April 3, 1975), information on grants ans preservation programs, old documents including deeds, assignments, a copy of the program for the consecration of the cemetery (June 29, 1855) and copies of newspaper articles related to the cemetery (1980s).


II. Cemetery Operations, 1923 - 2006

This series includes trustee material; unsuccessful attempt to transfer the cemetery to the city (1985); correspondence; donations and notes and photographs of maintenance and repair of vandalism; Meetings of the Trustees (1856-1942) and (1945, and 1952-58).


III. Tax and Finances, 1923 - 1999

This series includes insurance, Cape Ann Savings Bank and Bank of New England records; fence account; bills and receipts (1969-1999); tax and finance records (1934-1999); and a ledger book listing securities (1923-1961); eleven Account Books (1871-1980)


IV. Lot Owners and Burials, 1871 - 2007

This series includes three lists of lot owners (n.d.); alphabetized burial and removal permits (1920-1993) and misc. others from Addendum 2016; a black ledger book containing assessment funds, sale of lots, stone posts, and lot numbers (1871-1905); a brown ledger book containing records of burials (1880-2007) with 8 additional, loose pages (1997- 2007); and 3 computer data printouts (inaccurate); two ledger books of lot owners (1929-1964); one ledger book Index to lot numbers (1896-1939); three ledger books Records of Lots (1857- 1974); Deeds to lots (1854-1930); one ledger book List of People Buried (nd); 2 small brown leather books of Perpetual Care lots, alphabetically indexed.


V. Plans of Oak Grove Cemetery, 1854 - 1904

This series includes plans that evolved over the years as additional tracts of land were acquired and included in the cemetery. The original plan was designed and arranged in 1854 by Copeland and Cleveland, landscape architects, for the consecration and auction of lots held on June 29, 1855.


VI. Photographs, 1984 - 2005

This series includes photographs and negatives depicting maintenance work being performed on the cemetery grounds and repair work to vandalized tombstones.


Addendum 2010

Boxes 12 - 17


Accession #2010.5

Description: Acts of Incorporation and By-Laws 1856

2 vols. Proprietors' meetings 1856-1942

11 vols. Accounts 1871-1982

2 vols. Owners of Lots 1929-1964

1 vol. List of People buried (no date)

1 vol. Index to Lot numbers 1896-1939

3 vols. Record of Lots 1857-1974

1 file Deeds to Lots 1854-1930


1. Meetings of Trustees and Proprietors 1856-1904

Act of Incorporation and By-Laws 1856

2. Meetings of Proprietors 1905-1942

3. Accounts 1871-1904

4. Accounts 1905-1907

5. Accounts 1917-1930

6. Accounts 1931-1945

7. Accounts 1936-1941

8. Accounts 1946-1949

9. Accounts 1950-1952

10. Accounts 1956-1979

11. Accounts 1964-1982

12. Accounts 1969-1974

13. Accounts 1975-1980

14. Owners of Lots 1929-1963

15. Owners of Lots 1930-1964

16. List of People buried (no date)

17. Index to Lot numbers 1896-1939

18. Record of Lots 1857-1894

19. Record of Lots 1894-1918

20. Record of Lots 1918-1974

21. File - Deeds to Lots 1854-1930


Addendum 2016

Box 18


Accession #2016.008

Given at unknown date, probably by a member of the Oak Grove Cemetery Board of Trustees.



Loose Burial, Removal, Transit and Interment Orders [Series IV]

Trustee Meeting minutes 1945, and 1952-58 [Series II]

2 books of Perpetual Care Records, alphabetically indexed. [Series IV]



Box #1

Series I

Folder 1: National Register of Historic Places, 1974-75

Folder 2: Grants and Preservation Programs

Folder 3: Documents, misc. 1854-2005

Folder 4: Newspaper articles, 1980s

Series II

Folder 5: Trustee material, 1958-2005

Box #2

Series II

Folder 1: Proposed transfer of cemetery to City of Gloucester, 1985

Folder 2: Correspondence 1923-2006

Folder 3: Donations and notes 1985-86

Folder 4: Donations and notes 1987-88

Box #3

Series II

Folder 1: Donations and notes 1989-90

Folder 2: Donations and notes 1991-99

Folder 3: Donations and notes 2000-05

Box #4

Series III

Folder 1: Insurance 1969-99

Folder 2: Cape Ann Savings Bank and Bank of New England, 1968-85

Folder 3: Fence account, 1996-2002

Folder 4: Bills and receipts 1969

Box #5

Series III

Folder 1: Bills and receipts 1970

Folder 2: Bills and receipts 1971

Folder 3: Bills and receipts 1972

Folder 4: Bills and receipts 1973

Folder 5: Bills and receipts 1974

Folder 6: Bills and receipts 1975

Box #6

Series III

Folder 1: Bills and receipts 1976-85

Folder 2: Bills and receipts 1998-99

Folder 3: Tax return data 1934-57

Folder 4: Tax return data 1958-61

Folder 5: Tax return data 1962-68

Box #7

Series III

Folder 1: Tax return data 1969-76

Folder 2: Tax return data 1977-99

Folder 3: Ledger book - securities, 1923-61

Box #8

Series IV

Folder 1: Burial and removal permits, A - D

Folder 2: Burial and removal permits, E - J

Folder 3: Burial and removal permits, K - O

Folder 4: Burial and removal permits, P - S

Box #9

Series IV

Folder 1: Burial and removal permits, T - Z

Folder 2: List of lot owners (3, alphabetized)

Folder 3: Ledger book - assessments, sales, lot numbers, 1871-1905

Box #10 Flat File

Series IV

Ledger book - Records of burials, 1880-2002

Additional loose pages, 1997-2007 (8)

Computer data printouts (3)

Flat File - Drawer F

Series V

Plan 1: Legend reads “Designed and arranged by Copeland & Cleveland, Landscape Gardeners, to be consecrated on the 28th June, 1855. The lots to be sold on the same day.” Very fragile.

Plan 2: Two copies of Plan 1.

Plan 3: Similar to Plan 1 except modifications made to location of legend; consecration date changed to past tense; land area, burial sites, sections 1 - 11 added, and lithographer changed.

Plan 4: Newer plan with modifications made to land area, burial sites, and street layout.

Tube (rolled)

Series V

Plan 5: Three prints of plan dated 1904. Malcolm Rich, engineer. Shows footprint of chapel.

Box #11

Series VI

Folder 1: Photographs and negatives 1984-2005

Box #12

Series IV

Folder 1: Deeds to Lots

1. Albert S. Maddicks releases 13.557 square ft of land abutting OGC to William F. Blatchford and Abbie M. Blatchford for $1.

2. Edward Lane (brother of Fitz Henry Lane) and wife Eunice sell to John J. Wilson a piece of land, December 19,1853

3. Proprietors of OGC sells lot #1033 to Walter G. Abbott, July 6, 1927 (2 copies)

4. Proprietors of OGC sells lot #1097 to Dora Anderson. December 21, 1927.

5. Proprietors of OGC sells lot #1010 to Ellen A. Bailey December 12 1922 (see also item 6)

6. Proprietors of OGC sells lot 1010 to Catherine Bailey, November 1010 November 19, 1927 (see also item 5)

7. Proprietors of OGC sells lot #1126 to Annie Butler September 2,1930

8. Permission granted by Henry W. ?Beven (George Baldwin witnessed) to Gloucester Lodge # 892 B.P.O to “enter upon my lot in Oak Grove Cemetery for the purpose of removing the remains of Albert Brothby Jr.” February 22, 1915.

9. Proprietors of OIGC Sells to John F. ?Corliss one lot #263 called “Ivy Patch in Section number six” 400 sq ft “more of less”. January 1. 1857

10. Proprietors of OGC sells lot # 1020 to Annie E. Conrad. May 12, 1921

11. Proprietors of OGC sells lot #989 to Carl A. Dixon. June 14 1918

12. Proprietors of OGC sells lot #983 to Celia A. Campbell October 2, 1918

13. Certifying Aaron Clark, dec’d, husband of Charlotte Clark who is owner in common together with Rachel Sargent and Henry Sargent, Lot #206, lot #216 be buried “in that portion ---- which lies to the right of the body of William Clark, son of said Charlotte and Aaron” Dec.22, 1922.

14. Proprietors of OGC sells to John H. Furniss lot #973. March 29, 1919.

15. Proprietors of OGC sells lot # 1069 to Elinor C. Houndlette April 25, 1925

16. Proprietors of OGC lot Spruce Avenue, Section 10 numbered 992, to Andrew L. Gillespie May 25 1918. (see also item 17)

17. Andrew Lp. Gillespie sells back to Proprietors of OGC lot Spruce Avenue , Section 10 and numbered 992 which lot Andrew L. Gillespie had bought by Deed May 25 1018. January 7 1929. (see also item 16)

18. Proprietors of OGC sells Lot # 984 to George E. Gale. July 19 1919

19. Proprietors of OGC sells lot # 978 to John Karcher; September 28, 1918

20. Proprietors of OGC sells lot #1111 to Raymond A. Knapps. March 29, 1928

21. John Knowles sells to Margaret Smith “one half of a lot” Jan 28, 1865

22. Proprietors of OGC sells lot # 1053 to Isaac Knudson. May 10, 1928

23. Proprietors of OGC sells lot # 1018 to Charles H. Maddix. Jan 5. 1920 (two copies)

24. Heirs of Major John Mason paid to Proprietors of OGC and granted, in trust, lot # 271 for the burial only of direct descendants of John Mason. Catalina Davis et al – Ann Babson Mason, Marequets G. Chandler, Anna Mason Coit, Helen Mason Beresford, Etta Mason Andrews, Cataline Mason Kinney, Sidney Mason, John H. Mason.

25. Proprietors of OGC sells lot # 1001 to Charles A. Marr. June 18 1921

26. Proprietors of OGC sells lot # 1082 to David S. Merchant. April 20, 1927

27. Proprietors of OGC sells lot # 1089 to Walter H. Moore. Feb 18,1930

28. Props of OGC sells lot 1054 to John Nordstrom. June 1, 1923

29. Props of OGC sells lot 976 to Sydney J. Martin June 13, 1918

30. Props of OGC sells lot 928 to Waldo Martin Oct. 4 1918

31 Props of OGC sells lot 341 o Angus McEacham Aug 6, 1863

32. Props of OGC Lot 177 “called Lilac in Section 3” to George L. Lucifer. Mar 20, 1865


Folder 2: Deeds to Lots

33. Props of OGC sells lot 1079 to John J Procter. Sept 8,1925. Also copy as receipt of payment.

34. Props of OGC sells lot 372 to Mahetable G. Parsons. Oct 14, 1865.

35. Props of OGC sells lot 1093 to Sadie B. Pratt. May 8, 1930

36. Props of OGC sells lot 1083 to Hilda Pettersen. Mar 17, 1927

37. Props of OGC sells lot 1095 to Eva M. Perry Oct 29, 1928

38. Props of OGC sells lot 962 to Thomas H. Parsons. May 22, 1919.

39. Lot 332 in Section2 on Oak Grove Avenue which was conveyed to John K. Rogers Jly 30 1881. Request by Mary P Rogers that she represent lot 332. Aug 1903

40. Lot 427 conveyed to Props of OGC by George W. Somes being the only heir to George W. Somes Sep 9, 1929

41. Props of OGC sells lot 1129 to Mary Wendell Jan 1, 1931

42. Props of OGC sells lot 1102 to Ethel M Whitten. Oct 28, 1927

43. Props of OGC sells lot 1029 to Henrietta H. Wheeler July 10, 1923

44. Props of OG sells lot 068 to David Sargent Nov. 16, 1918

45. Props of OGC sells lot 986 to Constance C ?Safild. Apr 10, 1920

46. Props of OGC sells lot 1080 to George W. Sibley. Jan 16, 1926

47. Props of OG Warranty Deed, recorded Aug. 29, 1949, conveyed Lot 219 (sold to Nathaniel C. Atkinson) to his daughter, Ethel Thouvet, his only heir.

48. Lot 452 granted to OGC by Alice Davidson, the surviving heir of Herman E. Davidson. Oct 17, 1947

49. Lot 171 William Tarr paid $90 to Elias W. Stevens for his half lot 171. $1 paid by OGC to executor of William Tarr for OGC’s discretionary use of lot. Oct 22, 1875

50. Lot 381 Samuel A. Stacey paid $50 to John Dennett for lot 381. Apr 6 1881

51. Props of OGC sells lot 401 to James S. Ayer. Sep 16, 1869

52. Props of OCG sell lot 182 to Antoine Benson May 18, 1864

53. Props of OGC sell lot 245 to Edward H. Currier. May 16 1887

54. Props of OGC sells lot 200 to Stephen D. Davis Sep 30, 1887

55. Props of OGC sell lot 247 to Daniel S. Watson Nov 5, 1866

56. Eban Davis sells half of lot 181 to Isaac N. Stacey. Aug 5, 1867

57. Nathaniel P. Smith sells lot 471 to Props of OGC Aug 4, 1887

58. Props of OGC sells lot 180 to Fitz R. Oakes Apr 18 1864

59. Props of OGC paid $75 to J. William N. Parsons for lot 439 May 18, 1870

60a. Samuel Stacey bought lot 105 from Nathan P Allen for $100 March ?20, 1880

60b. Samuel Stacey sold lot 105 to John P. ?Dinette. Apr 6, 1881

61. Mary A Pertina, Lara G Perkins, Fanny H. Bunker and Edward G Russell sold half of lot 74 (Easterly half) to props of OGC ?1877

62. Props of OGC sells lot 735 to Chester P Poland and for further payment of $30 for perpetual maintenance. June 15, 1889

63. Props of OGC sells lot 491 to Nathaniel P. Smith Sept 16 1868. Apr 21 1887 with further payment of $50 exemption from all future payments including trimming grass

Box #13

Series III

Ledger Books

4. Accounts 1905-1907

5. Accounts 1917-1930

6. Accounts 1931-1945

7. Accounts 1936-1941

8. Accounts 1946-1949

Box #14

Series III

Ledger Books

9. Accounts 1950-1952

10. Accounts 1956-1979

11. Accounts 1964-1982

12. Accounts 1969-1974

13. Accounts 1975-1980

Box #15

Series IV

Ledger Books

14. Owners of Lots 1929-1963

15. Owners of Lots 1930-1964

17. Index to Lot numbers 1896-1939

Box #16

Series II & IV

Ledger Books

1. Meetings of Trustees and Proprietors 1856-1904 Act of Incorporation and By-Laws 1856

2. Meetings of Proprietors 1905-1942

18. Record of Lots 1857-1894

19. Record of Lots 1894-1918

20. Record of Lots 1918-1974

Box #17 Flat File

Series III & IV

Ledger Books

3. Accounts 1871-1904

16. List of People buried (no date)

Box #18

Series II & IV

1. Meetings of Trustees 1945 and 1952-58

1955 includes note of 6 Shares in Northern Illinois Gas Co.

1958 includes a copy of a list shares, bonds and deposits in various banks.

2. Burial, Removal, Transit and Interment Orders

Babson, Alice Cary, 1946, Arlington, MA

Babson, Alice E., 1973, Rockport, MA, cremation

Babson, Baby Boy, 1945, Gloucester

Babson, Carrie A., 1938, Los Angles, CA

Babson, Daniel Tarr, 1940, Gloucester

Babson, Dudley, 1976, Grand Rapids, MI

Babson, Edna, N., 1976, Brockton, MA

Babson, Elizabeth T., 1985, Grand Rapids MI

Babson, Elmer W., 1944, Gloucester, cremation

Babson, Esther Griffin, 1934, Arlington, MA

Babson, Female, 1936, Wellesley, MA

Babson, Fitz James, 1936, Monrovia, CA, cremation

Babson, Gardner, 1978, Boston, MA

Babson, Helen, 1954, Arlington, MA

Babson, Jennie, 1933, Harrisburg, PA

Babson, Luther D., 1938, Boston, MA

Babson, Osman, 1973, Gloucester, cremation

Babson, Rena V. (Nelson), 1968, Gloucester

Babson, Richard Cedric, 1971, Quincy, MA

Babson, Robert T., 1946, Arlington, MA

Babson, Susan, 1947, Salem, MA

Bacon, Ann R., 1938, Cambridge, MA, cremation

Bacon, Newton Samuel, 1949, Cambridge, MA

Bailey, Edward E., 1940, Gloucester

Bair, Robert Taylor, 1981, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (removed to Mt. Adna 1981

Barbas, Frank, 1972, Gloucester

Barrett, Caroline B. (Millet), 1951, Springfield, MA

Bartlett, Harriett McKenziw, 1951, Randolph, MA

Batten, Samuel, 1920, Gloucester

Baxter, William H., Gloucester, cremation

Bayne, Ada (Millett), 1957, Clinton, MA, cremation

Beach, Blanche Easton, 1984, Washington, DC, cremation

Beach, Rev. Joseph W., 1973, Worcester, MA, cremation

Bearse, Arthur James, 1987, Punta Gorda, FL, cremation

Bearse, Caroline E. Lyle, 1950, Arlington, MA, cremation

Bearse, Charles George, 1939, Arlington, MA

Bearse, Henry M., 1984, Port Charlotte, FL

Bearse, Lillian B., 1920, Gloucester

Beckman, John H., 1939, Somerville, MA, cremation

Beckman, Myra W., 1968, Saugus, MA

Beckman, Roger P., 1969, Saugus, MA

Beeman, Lorenzo M., 1934, Gloucester, cremation

Belden, Harry L., 1933, Jamaica Plain, MA

Belezos, Demetra, 1990, Gloucester

Belezos, William A., 1976, Boston, MA

Belohlavek, Ethal, 1973, Lynn MA, cremation

Belohlavek, Frank, 1934, Lynn, MA, cremation

Benham, Capt. Thomas J., 1964, Gloucester

Benham, Gerald Sylvester, 1973, Falmouth MA

Benham, Thomas J., Jr., 1965, Gloucester

Bennett, Catherine M., 1931, Boston MA

Bennie, James, 1920, Gloucester

Bennie, Mary A., 1920, Gloucester

Berg, Victor, 1956, Rockport

Bergengren, Anna Farguhar, 1945, Scituate MA

Bergengren, Ralph W. A., 1947, Scituate, MA

Bickford, Anna Augusta, 1939, North Hampton, MA

Bickford, Eugenia Lyle, 1944, North Hampton, MA

Bigelow, Sophia Nordstrom 1969, Cambridge MA

Bigwood, Wilhelmina L., 1956, Melrose, MA

Bishop, Arra (Leach), 1967, Quincy MA

Bishop, Ethel Margaret, 1944, Boston, MA

Bishop, Mabel C., 1972, Brookline MA

Bishop, Miriam Knowles, 1970, Jamaica Plain, MA

Bishop, Osborne H., 1931, Boston, MA

Bishop, Rosella Villers, 1976, Newton MA, cremation

Black, Doris G. (Merchant), 1970, Gloucester

Black, Jeffrey A., 1957, Gloucester

Black, Phyllis Giles, 1970, Gloucester

Blackburn, George E., 1948, Manchester MA

Blake, Clarissa Holland, 1975, Wheaton MD, cremation

Blatchford, Dorothy, 1990, Gloucester, cremation

Blatchford, Ernest L., 1947, Gloucester

Blatchford, Ethel May, 1957, Gloucester

Blatchford, Fitz W., 1940, Newburyport MA

Blatchford, Mary E., 1955, Gloucester

Blatchford, William R., 1967, Gloucester

Block, Annie P. (Loman), 1934, Swampscott, MA

Bloomberg, Laura, 1939, Boston

Boesch, Pasil W., 1933, Weequahic Pk

Bohaker, Annie, 1938, Boston

Bolcome, Martha E., 1973, Gloucester

Bolling, Ethel Norris, 1921, Noblestown, PA

Booth, Robert Harbison, 1931, Providence RI

Borgeson, Blanche L., 1979, Beverly, MA

Bott, Eliza A., 1934, Portsmouth NH

Bott, Henry H., 1920, Gloucester

Bowman, Thomas, 1920, Gloucester

Boyer, Blanche (Davis), 1976, Cheshire, CN, cremation

Boyer, Joseph Alexander, 1972, Gloucester, cremation

Bradley, Alice G. (Hallett), 1979, Gloucester, cremation

Bradley, Elizabeth, 1967, Gloucester

Bradley, Temple A., 1978, Gloucester, cremation

Bragg, William E., 1949, Gloucester

Bray, Harry F., 1950, Boston MA, cremation

Bray, John Robinson, 1971, Gloucester

Bride, Esther S, (1957, Gloucester), Eleanor (1931, Wrentham), 1957, Gloucester

Bridges, Robert M., 1946, Everett MA

Brier, Eva C., 1939, Gloucester, cremation

Brigeson, Axel A., 1940, Gloucester

Brigham, James Dana, 1969, Gloucester

Brine, Rebecca S., 1920, Gloucester

Brinnick, Arthur James, 1945, Gloucester, cremation

Brinnick, Ethel M., 1977, Portland, ME, cremation

Brinnick, Frederick E., 1974, Saco, ME, cremation

Brooks, Ruth S., 1970, Gloucester, cremation

Broomfield, Eliza, 1920, Gloucester

Brown, Alden C., 1934, Essex, MA

Brown, Amos H. C., 1981, Chicago. IL, cremation

Brown, Christina C., 1936, Essex, MA

Brown, Christina, 1920, Gloucester

Brown, Dorothy M., 1991, Gloucester

Brown, Eliza B. R., 1944, Salem, MA

Brown, Elizabeth E., 1956, Gloucester

Brown, Elmer, 1931, Manhatten, NY

Brown, Emma T., 1931, Beverly, MA

Brown, Gilbert M., 1985, Beverly, MA, cremation

Brown, Harold J., 1940, Quincy, MA

Brown, Hazel E., 1978, Gloucester

Brown, James R., 1935, Chelsea, MA

Brown, Jessie Catherine (Adams), 1987, Gloucester

Brown, Lawrence K., 1978, Gloucester

Brown, Lucy Jane, 1935, Saugus, MA

Brown, Marilyn, 1938, Beverly, MA

Brown, Mary (Johnson), 1969, Melrose, MA

Brown, Mary A., 1956, Gloucester, cremation

Brown, Maybell E., 1920, Gloucester

Brown, Nettie L., 1950, Lynn, MA

Brown, Rev. B. Carlton, 1964, Cranston, RI

Brown, Rev. Jessie Koewino, 1972, Cranston, RI

Brown, Roger T., 1978, Gloucester

Brown, Rurh Everett, 1980, Gloucester, cremation

Brown, Sarah S., 1932, Boston, MA

Brown, William David, 1955, Gloucester

Brown, William Nathaniel, 1965, So. Weymouth, MA

Brown, William, 1938, Boston, MA

Browne, G. Allyn, 1968, Gloucester

Bryant, Frank, 1947, Sacramento, CA

Buckingham, Zilph F., 1947, Newton, MA

Buhler, Augustus Waldeck (1920, Gloucester), Mary, Henry Waldeck (1953, Kittery Point ME) and Frank (1955, Lawrence), disinterment, 1966

Bulkley, Fannie A., 1946, Gloucester, cremation

Burgess, Helen Stoddart, 1970, Orland, FL Burke, Ella F., 1977, Gloucester

Burke, William R., 1984, Gloucester Burnham, Abbie S., 1920, Gloucester Burnham, Cora A., 1953, North Andover MA

Burnham, Cora Amanda, 1936, Brookline, MA

Burnham, Elizabeth F., 1936, Waterbury, CN

Burnham, Henry, 1945, Boston

Burnham, John Fletcher, 1947, Gloucester, cremation

Burnham, Male infant of Leonard & Winifred, 1945, New Bedford, MA

Burnham, Parker, 1940, Gloucester

Burnham, R. Wesley, 1953, Westport CN

Burnham, Ralph S., 1941, Gloucester

Burnham, Ruth E. Mahony, 1952, Ashburnham

Burnham, Stanley, 1949, Ipswich

Burns, Emma, 1966, Dtroit, MI

Burrill, Fannie Allen, 1979, Woburn, MA, cremation

Butler, Annie, 1967, Gloucester

Butler, Cynthia, 1970, Gloucester

Butler, Patricia Blier (Lyon), 1984, King George VA

Butler, William A., 1938, Gloucester, cremation

Butt, Elizabeth L., 1934, Milton MA

Byers, Florence, 1940, Gloucester

Harvey, Benjamin G., 1935, Beverly MA, cremation

Lane, Mary D. (Steele), 1996, Gloucester

Veator, Elizabeth L., 1996, Gloucester


3. 2 books of Perpetual Care Records, alphabetically indexed.