Creator: Grace Dale Schrafft
Dates: 1910-1993
Quantity: 0.5 linear feet (1 manuscript box)
Acquisition:  Accession #: 2012.85 ; Donated by: Grace D. Schrafft
Identification: A72 ; Archive Collection #72
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Grace Dale Schrafft was born in 1941. In the early 1970s she and her young daughter joined with Grace Moceri and her young son, establishing a union that was to last for the next thirtyseven years until Grace Moceri’s untimely death in 2010. They lived in Santa Barbara, CA, in the early years of their partnership where they ran, in conjunction with a third person, the Western Grunion Singing and Dancing Messenger Service. She was involved in the Fishermen’s Wives Association, the Judith Sargent Murray chapter of the Cape Ann Feminists, both co-founded by her partner Grace Moceri, and the Gloucester Marine Railways for many years.

Grace is currently an acupuncturist in Gloucester.


Brief description: The collection is composed of personal and professional papers from Ms. Schrafft’s career as a writer and editor for the Gloucester Daily Times Newspaper.

This collection of papers is composed primarily of copies - there are very few original documents. They were collected by Grace D. Schrafft on various topics either of personal interest or pertinent to the articles she wrote for the Gloucester Daily Times newspaper in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Her primary interest is in well-known Gloucester fishing captains, the fisheries, artists, writers, photographers, women and Dogtown history.


Folder 1 Family photographs

1. GG grandfather: Russell, Priscilla and Pauline Smith

2. Group photo with Russell Smith

3. Schooner Priscilla Smith at sea on a seining trip

4. Photo 3 men: man on the left Russell Smith, rumrunner

5. Small photo of 3 children playing croquet

6. Photo of mother: Annie Russell Smith, Ralph Russell Smith (son), Pauline Barbara Smith (daughter)

7. Photo of Grace Schrafft, first grade (5 years old)

8. Mother Oct 1938 caption “Will take one of daddy later and send to you”

9. Group photo of older man (GG grandfather and mother with baby)

10. Photo of woman on horseback

11. Photo of house on waterfront

12. Photo album: Family and President Taft c 1910


Folder 2 Misc. Photographs

1. Trolley car on trestle

2. Sailing vessel March Hare

3. Fiesta (8)

4. Photo of Popular Antiques store in Lanesville, taken by Grace Moceri in the 1970’s

5. Photo taken by Chester Whitney of Gloucester Harbor

6. Photo (color) of the marsh

7. Postcard photo of Niles Beach

8. Lighthouse through a window.

9. A schooner under sail (2 copies)

10. Copy photo of Custom Clothing Palace, 1883

11. Painter with no information

12. Aerial shot

13. Dublin, Ireland

14. North Station

15. Barbershop

16. 23 Church St., Gloucester (8x10)


Folder 3 Capt. Louis Marty Welch

1. Photograph - 50,000 pounds of mackerel aboard the schooner Thelma Louis M. Welch on deck also Frank Roy 1930.

2 Photograph - Model of Gloucester schooner by Louis Martin Welch (2)

3. Copy of letter to editor 9/12/1986 “Marty’s son sets record straight” re: Ernestina and schooner races.

4. Letter 2/10/1987 to G. Schrafft from Louis Welch congratulating her on story about Winslow Homer.

5. Photocopy of stamp cover “Winslow Homer 1st day of issue 12/15/1962 & original envelope.

6. Photo and Xeroxed article “The Port of Gloucester” Delawana, Esperanto 1st International race.

7. GDT Article 11/14/1970 by Joe Garland “To Hell with Rocks and Kelp” 1920 schooner race


Folder 4 James B. Connolley. died Jan 21, 1952

1. Comic book “Story Jim Connolly: Spinner of Sea Yarns,” TOPIX, 2/19/1951

2. The Sign, National Catholic Magazine dated 2/1951 an article by James B. Connolly “The Adoption.” encore store, also newspaper clipping dated 4/7/no yr. “1st editions for Harvard, Connolly books”

3. 8 GDT articles:

7/24/1952 Mayor Grillo’s remarks at Connolly testimonial.

7/17/1952 “James Connolly: Coming back to Gloucester.”

8/9/1951 photo “Connolly exhibit at Browns.”

7/17/1952 “James Connolly given the key to the port of Gloucester.”

7/22/1952 “Connolly arrives for busy week here”

10/28/1953 “Gloucester joins Governor in saluting Jim Connolly.”

7/24/1952 “Connolly Key Presentation”

10/21/1952 “Library Folks Vote for Connolly Group Plaque.”

4. Article 8/22/1972 “First Olympic Hero Unsung”

5. (2) Articles on Connolly from the Portland Press Herald dated 6/28/1950 & 3/17/1950.

6. Letter from James A. Healy 12/27/1949 to Mr. Kenyon i.e. Connolly.

7. Letter from James A. Healy 6/22/1949 to Mr. Kenyon “The Lookout” GDT re: review of Connolly’s book “Fishermen of Gloucester”

8. Letter James Healy to Paul Kenyon 4/12/1952 thanking him for the clipping from the paper “A Key for Connolly.”

9. Notes and newspaper clippings on Connolly. Death notice 1957 (Boston Globe?)

10. Newspaper clipping from the GDTs 9/2/1972 Lookout Column “After 1500 years an Olympic Winner”

11. Brief typewritten Biography on Connolly copied from the Sawyer Free Library 1940.

12. Letter to Kenyon from Healey i.e. press release from Irish Government on Connolly 4/30/1952,

13. Article “James Brendan Connolly first edition exhibit commemorating 10th anniversary of Villanova library building” 3/1/1959.

14. Exhibition catalog Villanova University opening of James B. Connolly 1st editions 3/1/1959

15. Articles on James Connolly from the Irish Independent 8/5/1950.

16. Invitation to meet James B. Connolly @ the American Irish Historical Society.

17. Article on Connolly, from Ireland “Weekly Bulletin of the Department of External Affairs” 4/7/1952.

18. Article “Epic Adventures of the Gloucester Fisherman” book review.

19. Article from The New Olympian Games pg 273 an article on Connolly 20. Article New York Times, Sports of the Times 4/4/1951 “ A True Olympian”

21. GDT Articles:

12/17/1935 “Rotarians hear Jim Connolly in Original Tales”

11/4/1940 “James B. Connolly talks at library open house”

8/3/1957 “James B. Connolly’s books, memento’s on Exhibition” Brown’s Dept Store.

2/15/1980 by Kenyon on Connolly “ More Than a Story Teller”

Lookout 6/23/1949

Connolly to be Library Speaker in Book Week 11/12/1940

Harvard Honors James B. Connolly” 6/23/1949


Folder 5 Fisheries

1. Photograph - Trawler undergoing repair (5x7)

2. Mylar of an ad “Gloucester Fish Famous since 1623”

3. Down East Magazine June 1985. Article on the Adventure by James Brown and Joe Garland.

4. Copy of an ad “Stephen Dodd, Merchant, Dealer Fish” located in Gloucester National Bank.

5. Photograph - Gloucester harbor (2 - 8x10 & 5x7)

6. Photo of Capt. Leo Hynes- fished on the Adventure, John Wigglesworth & Steve McLaughlin. (9x7)

7. Photo of the Fort before Cape Ann Fisheries burnt down. (color 8x10)

8. Photo of Dick Swan and Capt. Hynes (9x7)

9. Photo of Chris Rooney (9x7)

10. Photo of Leo Hynes (9x7)

11. Photo of climbing mast (9x7)

12. Photo of a group from Gloucester “Mr. President Protect George’s bank” (8x10)

13. 6 photos of fishing vessels (8x10)

14. Dragger Rosanna Maria, 7 Seas Wharf (8x10)

15. Undated GDT article Gloucester Paradox (8x10)

16. Photograph - Dory on a wharf, mounted on board


Folder 6 Women

1. Photograph - Bicentennial Parade, 1975, 200 years of democracy equal rights era 1776-1976 listing some of the people participating on the back. (7x10)

2. Photograph - Same as above taken near Brown’s mall (8x10)

3. Photocopy of article by Nancy Larter in the GDT 4/24/1971 “So She Built the Old Maid’s Paradise,” Elizabeth Stuart Phelps

4. Early 20th century photo - “Woman’s Liberty Loan Comm.” (8x10)


Folder 7 Dogtown

1. Summary of old cellars - Dogtown map

2. 1940 Dogtown pamphlet “Gloucester’s Deserted Village”

3. “Stories from Dogtown” by Jackie Darcy (inc. story of the privateer Tempest)

4. A Trip to Dogtown including a key to the old cellars (typewritten)

5. Act through the Massachusetts Government Chapter 68, Feb. 1960 “Preserve Dogtown”

6. Typed note from Barbara Erkkila, for complete info? Peg Wesson read History of Dogtown by Mann.

7. Article “Dogtown Deserted Village” press copy Tammy Younger, Ester Carter, Sammy Maskey, etc. n/d

8. Letter 6/22/1959 William J. McInnis, Robert M. MacInnis “The purposes of the Dogtown Foundation”

9. Typewritten manuscript “ The Story of Dogtown” by Roger W. Babson

10. Typewritten manuscript “Dogtown” 8/26/1958. Statement of Purpose.


Folder 8 Dogtown clippings 1941 - 1959

1. GDT article 7/8/1941 “Pictures Dogtown as town forest”

2. GDT article 10/1/1941 “Start survey of Dogtown Common for flying field”

3. Unattributed newspaper article 11/25/1941 “Local airport survey fast nearing completion” Dogtown

4. Boston Post article 4/12/1949 by Edward Rowe Snow “Was there a bullfight on Cape Ann” (2 copies)

5. Boston Post article 4/13/1949 by Edward Rowe Snow “ The Cape Ann bullfight mystery solved”

6. GDT article 5/24/1949 Lookout & Small clipping re: James Merry

7. GDT Lookout article 6/29/1949 “More about Dogtown Merry and Stillman”

8. GDT article the Lookout 2/11/1950 “Dogtown potential airport”

9. GDT article 4/10/1951 “Child lost on Dogtown”

10. GDT article 7/10/1951 “missing berry picker found by Boy Scouts”

11. GDT article 7/19/1951 “Dogtown rezoning fails to get unanimous vote”

12. GDT article 12/6/1951 “Injunction sought against garbage ramp”

13. GDT article 10/14/1952 “Find lost teenage quartette of girls after extensive Dogtown Common search”

14. 2 partial articles from the GDT dated 8/6/1954.

15. GDT article 6/27/1956 “Airfield project questioned by Preserve Dogtown trio”

16. GDT article 6/29/1956 “Dogtown in the news”

17. GDT article dated 5/10/1958 “Making the most of our natural beauties”

18. GDT article 8/18/1958 “ 5 man group set to raise over 50,000 to save Dogtown”

19. GDT article 9/23/1958 “Warns Cape to keep Dogtown Common free”

20. Dogtown lease 6/19/1959

21. GDT article “Blueberries? sure you can pick em 6/23/1959.

22. GDT article dated 6/27/1959 “reservation taking opposed”

23. GDT article 7/14/1959 2 articles Dogtown conference “Air clears over Dogtown” Misunderstanding Aired 7/15/1959


Folder 9 Dogtown clippings 1960 -

1. GDT article 2/23/1960 “Dogtown’s future up to council”

2. GDT article 3/30/1968 “City to take Dogtown land”

3. GDT article 10/3/1968 “Save Dogtown: drive nearing goal” Norton

4. GDT article 11/30/1968 “What to do with Dogtown”

5. GDT article 12/13/1968 “Fur flies over rabbit proposal”

6. GDT article 1/18/1969 “Cape Ann just right for rabbits”

7. GDT article 3/25/1969 “Dogtown Map is Welcome”

8. GDT article 5/15/1969 “State eyes wildlife on Dogtown”

9. GDT article 6/6/1969 “Nature lives on Dogtown”

10. GDT article 7/11/1969 “State control for Dogtown”

11. GDT editorial 7/14/1969 “Another Dogtown Monkey Wrench”

12. GDT article 10/11/1969 “300 pheasants to be liberated”(Dogtown)

13. GDT article 3/26/1986 “Funds ok’d to buy Dogtown”


Folder 10 Newspaper Articles by Grace Schrafft

1. GDT article 8/22/1997 “Portrait of a Technicolor Dreamer” Adolph and Eva Matz (Xerox copy only)

2. GDT article 12/28/1987 on the Amos Story house

GDT article 9/24/1990 “West Gloucester has its share of Characters”

3. GDT article on the Can-Do dated 6/5/1988

GDT article 7/23/1987 “Jane Peterson, Artist”

4. GDT article 7/3/1987 “Ferrini to help greet Soviet poet.”

GDT article 6/8/1987 on Bill Hoyt.

5. GDT article 4/27/1987 “Brawny gill netters left their mark”

GDT article 2/9/1987 on Winslow Homer

6. GDT Editorial 2/6/1987 “This Old woman is not alone”

GDT article 5/9/1987 “City’s first Lebanese Honored”

GDT “Squillace Defends Actions” 9/28/1987


Folder 11 Eleanor Parke Custis

1. Brief Bio

2. Article from the Camera Magazine June nd, Blue Ribbon Portfolio #5 by E. V. Wenzell (torn)

3. Envelope w/ article 8/16/1941 enclosed “Our Gracious Ladies” GDT article11/3/1945 about Eleanor Parke Custis.

4. Article about Custis by Feay Shellman

5. Historical Commission survey ‘Amos A. Story House’ E.P. & F.B. Custis, 115B Mt. Vernon St..

6. Historical Commission survey house owned by E.P. Custis, 113A Mt Vernon St (crossed out).

7. Copy of the certificate of death Amos Story 12/25/1860 from Comm. Of Mass.


Folder 12 Reunion of Crew of 1937 Arctic Expedition, Gertrude Thebaud

1. 7 photo’s of reunion of the Dana Story, Thebaud, MacMillan’s 1937 artic trip (3x4)

2. Obit John T. Crowell (2/17/1895-4/25/1980)

3. Letter dated 5/30/1987 to Grace Schrafft from Walter Staples re: MacMillan’s 1937 artic expedition

4. Addresses of people involved with Thebaud-MacMillan artic expedition 1937

5. Photo Story, Thebaud and Walter Staples


Folder 13 Capt. Irving Johnson

1. Handout for talk by Electra S. Johnson wife of Capt. Irving Johnson with short bio.

2. List of members Capt. Irving Johnson’s 2nd world cruise

3. Ad for the film Yankee Wander World 1949

4. Ad for the lecture by Capt. Irving Johnson “”Round the Horn in a Square Rigger”

5. Ad for the lecture by Capt. Irving Johnson “Around Again in the Yankee”


Folder 14 Misc. Items

Facsimile “Curious Punishments of Colonial Days.”

Facsimile of price list of goods “supplied to the Indians,” 7/14/1703

Facsimiles of Continental currency $4 Georgia, 5s. South Carolina, $10 New York, $8 Maryland

Article from the Salem News 10/5/1991 “Old Mother Ann” also article same title from Salem Observer.

“Cape Ann Bibliography” Cape Ann Summer Sun 7/18/1952 

Magazine Massachusetts 100 years ago: The Northeast [2nd copy, 974.4 W69]


Removed Items:


Ferrini letters - added to Ferrini Register

1. Reference to a Peter Anastas column dated 10/27/1986 “Shotgun method doesn’t work”

2. Letter dated 12/29/1986 Fishing

3. Letter dated 1/28/1987 Abortion

4. Letter dated 5/23/1987 “Big Sleep” heroin

5. Letter to Grace dated 6/3/1987 inviting her to a pub party of Ferrini’s new book “War in Heaven”

6. Letter to the editor dated 8/28/1987 on Coles Island

7. Letter to Grace n/d Bearse vs. Liberals and letter to editor 10/17/1987 i.e. Bearse’s politics

8. Non-dated letter to editor about the Mayor

9. Letter to editor dated 3/20/1988 on the watershed

10. Letter to editor from Vincent Ferrini n/d

11. Letter to Grace from Vincent Ferrini n/d


Oversize Photographs - Photo Collection

35. Photo Davis Bro’s on Rogers Street

36. Aerial photo from the 1920’s Gloucester harbor


Vertical File

1. Obituary Raymond M. Walsh, Army retiree 1/15/1988

2. Obituary Douglas parker dated 6/30/1987

3. Obituary Thomas Murphy dated 10/9/nd

5. Obituary W. Warren Babson 9/28/1987

6. City of Gloucester June 5, 1969 re: Mariners Medal Awards



When vengeance wrote the law; the 1692 trials of the Gloucester Eleven, Masters thesis by Grace Schrafft May 1993

133.4 Sch7

Our Vanishing Heritage, Boston Society of Architects, 1973

720.288 B63



1. 8/12/1972 Great Schooner race D19A FF12

2. 8/11/1973 Great Schooner race for the 350th D19A FF12

3. The man at the Wheel, Gorton-Pew July 1949 D24 FF8