Creator: Gloucester Women’s Club
Dates: 1920-2012
Quantity:  7 Linear Feet (10 Manuscript boxes; 7 bound scrapbooks)
Acquisition:  Accession #: 1880; 1148; 2001.18; 2008.30; 2012.93; 2014.057 (See acquisition note below for donor information)
Identification: A43; Archive Collection #43
Citation:  [Document Title]. The Gloucester Women’s Club Collection, [Box #, Folder #, Item #], Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Gloucester, MA.
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2001; 2008 donation processed by Linda K. Johnson

Mrs. D.D. Moulton’s Scrapbook transcribed by Sarah Dunlap, 2009

2012 donation processed by Howard Thomas

2014 donation process by Stephanie Buck, Archivist


In January of 1920 a group of civic minded women held an open house of the community league, a committee was organized headed by Nancy Flagg to take the steps of organizing a Woman’s Club in Gloucester. On March 11 of that year over 240 women from all walks of life met at the Old Puritan House (now Blackburn Tavern). The meeting surpassed all expectations in its attendance. The founding members of the club consisted of Nancy Flagg, Alice Curtis, Marguerite Haskell, Mrs. John Lee, Louise Low, Harriett Rowe, Carrie Parsons and Dorothy Burnham. The first elected president was Mrs. Charles Nauss.

The club grew out of a long history of social activism among women dating back to 1800. In fact Mrs. Julia Ward Howe the author of the Battle Hymn of the Republic was the First president of the Massachusetts Federation of Woman’s Clubs.

The year 1920 was an exciting time for women, the nineteenth amendment had passed in August and women were able to cast their first votes in the Presidential election. Mrs. Maria Bray 93, a former Thacher Island lighthouse keeper and long-time advocate of women’s rights was the oldest woman in Gloucester to cast a vote that year and became the first honorary member of the Club.

The first years of the club the women promoted long nature walks around Cape Ann, had many speakers including one memorable evening when over thousand people gathered at City Hall to hear Count Ilya Tolstoy the son of the great Russian author. They formed a chorus, were interested in conservation issues, held classes among them, courses in Parliamentary law, and the history of art. They set up special training classes for young mothers, this led to the formation of the Gloucester Mother’s Club in the 1930’s They set up a fund at The Addison Gilbert for the annual care of future deserving mothers, they sponsored the city’s first Home Beautiful exposition. They fought for the equal rights of Gloucester’s first female police officer. During World War II the club knitted sweaters and socks for the troops, donated toys to British children, and were on guard against subversive groups who may have under minded the war effort.

Since the war the Club has continued with their conservation efforts, donations to veteran’s organizations, support of projects for the disabled, encouragement of literature and the arts, lectures on international life, legislative issues and cooperation with other organizations interested in Gloucester’s welfare.

Although membership is down, the club continues to meet after almost 90 years. Membership is open to all women over 18 years. A remarkable accomplishment considering during the early years of the Massachusetts women’s clubs member’s husbands claimed that a woman’s club could not last because a group of women could never agree long enough to conduct a club.


Accession #2001.18, Gift of the Gloucester Woman’s Club Accession

#2008.30, Gift of Lucille Cressey

Mrs. D.D. Moulton’s Scrapbook gift of the Sawyer Free Library, Transcribed by Sarah Dunlap, 2009

Accession #2012.93, Gift of Mary Page


The bulk of the contents of this collection are related to the Gloucester Woman’s Club since its inception in 1920.

Other items included are papers relating to the General Federation of Woman’s Clubs.

Of Note:

  • Scrapbooks filled with newspaper clippings, programs and ephemera relating to the club from 1920. 
  • Obituaries of various founding members. 
  • History of the organization.
  • Tolstoy’s son speaking to the club in 1926.

Addendum # 2012.93 Box 10 & Wrapped loose on shelf

Composed primarily of scrapbooks and photograph albums relating to Club activities from 1977-2010. The papers include programs, agendas, correspondences, gifts to charities and work with the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.

Addendum #2014.057 - wrapped loose on shelf - Photo Album, 1999-2006


Series I: Yearbooks

This series contains all the yearbooks from 1920-1998 for The Gloucester Woman’s Club. Miscellaneous yearbooks from other Massachusetts Woman’s Clubs

Series II: Organizational Information

This series contains bylaws, constitution, membership cards and other ephemera pertains to the GWC.

Series III: Checkbooks

Series IV: Miscellaneous records

This series contains loose folders of letters, agendas, meetings and business relating to the GWC from 1961-1998.

Series V: Financial records

This series contains loose folders of cashbooks and financial reports.

Series VI: Scrapbooks

This series contains two boxes of scrapbook material dating from 1920 to 1991. These scrapbooks have been copied and will be located in the stacks.

Series VII: Mass. Federation Records

This series contains loose folders of material relating to the Mass. Federation of Woman’s Clubs.

Series VIII: Guest Books

1982 - 2011 with gaps


Box 1

Series I

Tied bundles of the Gloucester Woman’s Club yearbooks from 1920-1998. These books contain the names of members, meeting agendas, bylaws and constitution. Loose folder containing yearbooks from misc. women’s clubs in the area.


Box 2

Series II

Folder 1: Constitution, of the Gloucester Woman’s Club, 1932 bylaws and revisions made in 1948 and 1951. Rules for the disbursement of educational funds.

Folder 2: Toasts and speeches made for several anniversary and birthday celebrations for the years 1933,1935 and 1940.

Folder 3: The 75th anniversary celebration. October 26, 1995. Includes a speech made by Shirley Duffy, poem by Judith A. Williams and anniversary booklet.

Folder 4: Miscellaneous letters written during the years 1929-1932. These were culled from scrapbook one. One interesting letter is dated 1927 an Indian woman affiliated with the Isabella Choburn College in India had come to speak to the organization and she wrote a very long letter back to the club. She also sent along a copy of their news magazine Chand Bagh. Another letter thanks the club for helping to preserve land and a farm in Newbury, Mass 1929.

Folder 5: Miscellaneous membership cards from the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Folder 6: Assorted programs presented by the Woman’s club from 1927 to 1958. These programs were originally in the scrapbooks.

Bound notebook containing the secretary’s reports for the years 1989-1992.

Folder 8: Gloucester Woman’s Club: Lucille Cressey reports 2000-2001


Box 3

Series III

Checkbooks and statements for the GWC covering the years 1943-1995. Employee ID number, bankcard code.


Box 4

Series IV

Folder 1: Correspondence to Lillian Swift, corresponding secretary for the years 1961- 1971. Many of the letters concern regrets and acceptances to the 5oth anniversary celebration in 1970.

Folder 2: Nominations for officers 1983-1984 and 1986-1987.

Folder 3: Thank you notes 1987-1989 and report of the President for the year 1988-1989.

Folder 4: Annual report of the President Margaret E. Degnan 1989-1990. Minutes of the meeting March 23,1989. List of officers 1991-1992 under the leadership of Margaret Degnan, including the duties of local club executive board members. Audit certification 1991. Letter to Bank of New England closing accounts August 1991. Consignment table rules. Consignment table yearly report October 1990-April 1991 and October 1991-April 1992. Presidents annual report 1991-1992.

Folder 5: Secretary’s annual report for the years 1992-1993 containing list of officers under the leadership Judith Williams. Audit certification June 1992. Calendar 1992-1993 for the GWC’S walking group. Postcard of Hammond Castle and a photo of Marjorie Estes at her home in Georgia

Folder 6: Annual report of the president 1992,1993 and1994. Poem Ode to the President. Report from Vera Montgomery list of cards sent 1993-1994. Copy of the initiation and new member induction ceremony.membership list. Minutes for the regular meeting held April 8, 1993. annual report 1993-1994, list of new members 1993-1994, letter from the General federation requesting a nominee for clubwoman of the year October 1993, letter nominating Dolores Wilson Nov.11, 1993. List of volunteer hours logged by the members 1993. Letter confirming talk to be given to the Club by George Neumann July 1993. Audit confirmation June 1993. Redistricting list, consignment table yearly report October 1993- April 1994, Annual report Federation Topic 1993-1994, minutes of Christmas meeting held at “Tara” December 16,1993, poster for Consignment table sale, notes for future meetings, audit report 1994, agenda for December 1994 meeting, questionnaire for the General federation of Woman’s Clubs 1994-1995, General Federation volunteer guidelines 1994-1995, project for the October 27, 1994 meeting, flyer for the April 28, 1994 meeting.

Folder 7: Miscellaneous ephemera during the Presidency of Shirley Duffy 1994-1995. List of officers, meeting notes, agendas, bill for vase given to Florence Freeman, letter written by M.E. Curtis containing an article from 1944 to be used in the history of the Club, list of executive board meetings, list of meeting dates, members activity checklist, survey of GWC historical materials, annual report for Federation Topics, notice of meeting for the North Shore Round Table June 1996.

Folder 8: List of officers for the years 1995-1996, miscellaneous meeting notes, list of new members, set of reports to the General Federation of various programs involving the Gloucester Woman’s Club. Agreement with Morgan Pike sculptor and the Gloucester Fishermen’s wives memorial February 14, 1995, agenda June 15,1995 executive board meeting, invitation September 1995 inviting disbanded members of the Rockport Woman’s Club to join GWC for a meeting, proposed programs for 1995-1996, Federation Topics subscription forms, April 1995 press release, Certificate of Appreciation from the Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation, three citations from the General Federation to Gloucester Woman’s Club. Information on Women’s War Memorial Washington, DC.

Folder 9: General correspondence covering the years 1996-1998.


Series IV

Folder 10: Ephemera pertaining to the Presidency of Shirley Duffy for the years 1996- 1998. Contains citations awarded to the GWC, agendas for 1996 executive board and general meetings.

Folder 11: Miscellaneous undated material, stationery, guide to building leadership skills, checklist for closing up building and a guide of the duties of local executive board members.

Folder 12: Domestic Violence Awareness Program

Folder 13: Chorus notes and music, Annual Meeting, 1978


Box 5

Series V:

Folder 1: Contribution reports for 1996 and 1993/1994.1992/1993. Treasurer’s reports 1989-1996.

Folder 2: Two cashbooks and a receipt for a call box in Lanesville dated 1951.


Series VI:

Folder 3: Newspaper clippings intended for a scrapbook covering 1950’s and 1960’s. Lectures, elections and service awards are included.

Folder 4: Newspaper clippings from the 1970’s intended for the GWC scrapbook.

Loose scrapbook #3 for the Gloucester Woman’s Club 1988-1991. This scrapbook has been copied and the copy is located with the scrapbook collection the library stacks.

Scrapbook: Mrs. Deborah D. Moulton, Gloucester Woman’s Club. [Transcription at end of list.]


Box 6

Scrapbook covering the years 1920-1943 containing clippings from the charter meeting of the club in 1920, programs, and letters written to the club, anniversary speeches, obituaries of members and miscellaneous ephemera. This book has been copied and is filed with the scrapbooks in the main library. 


Box 7

Newspaper clippings of the club’s activities from 1943 to 1961. Of note are programs, recipes and programs the club held in support of the war effort. This scrapbook has been copied and is filed with the scrapbooks in the main library.


Box 8

Series VII:

Programs, meetings, convention and miscellaneous ephemera covering the years 1993- 2000 for the Massachusetts Federation of Woman’s Clubs.


Box 9 

Manuals, Federation Topics, special programs and Club guidelines for the Massachusetts Federation of Women’s Clubs.

General Federation of Woman’s Clubs various forms


Box 10

Series I:

15. GWC Annual Membership Handbook (14 booklets) 1997-2011…many gaps. One copy of “Basic Principles of Parliamentary Procedure Law and Protocol”, 1955

Series IV:

10. Misc. Material Folder 2002-2009. Stationary, report forms 2003-2004, GWC newsletter “Friendly Connections” 2002-2008, agendas and correspondence 2008 - 2012

Series V:

12. Scrapbook, small, 1997-2010…mostly photos of members at various luncheons and special events including installation of officers and 90th Anniversary

Series VI:

8. Scrapbook, small, 2007. Photos of Gen. Federation of Women’s Clubs Hdqrs., 1734 N St. NW, Wash. DC 20036 ~ A Nat’l Historic Landmark

Series VII:

11. Federation “Topics”. 10 volumes 2006-2012…some gaps, official publication of Gen. Fed. Of Women’s Clubs

13. Manual 2010-2012. Guide to Gen. Fed. Of Women’s Clubs of MA and its clubs

14. Programs, 4 booklets 2000-2001. Membership meetings of Gen. Fed. Of Women’s Clubs and State banquet

Series VIII:

1. Guest books (2 vols.) 1982-2011 … many gaps

Series VI:

Unboxed, wrapped on shelf

2. Scrapbook – GWC 1987-1989. Newspaper clippings, programs, obituaries

3. Scrapbook – GWC 1978 and 2003-2005. Newspaper clippings, graphs, sponsored programs, meetings, obituaries

4. Scrapbook – GWC 2005-2006. 85th Anniversary activities, photographs, newspaper clippings, citations, correspondence re: General Federation of Women’s Clubs

5. Scrapbook – GWC 2004-2005. Photographs and narratives of activities during presidency of Mary Page, correspondence and other citations.

6. Scrapbook – GWC 1977-1983; 1992-1993; 2000-2010. Many gaps. Newspaper clippings, announcement of meetings and activities

7. Scrapbook – GWC 2010. 90th Anniversary, luncheon celebration 5/27/2010, photographs, citations, memberships, handbook of 90th season

8. Scrapbook, small, 2007. Photos of Gen. Federation of Women’s Clubs Hdqrs., 1734 N St. NW, Wash. DC 20036 ~ A Nat’l Historic Landmark

9. Citations from John F. Kerry, US Senate and John F. Tierney, Member of Congress, congratulating GWC on its 90th Anniversary

10. Photo Album - GWC 1999-2006 


SCRAPBOOK of Mrs. Joseph T. (Deborah D.) Moulton, Gloucester Woman’s Club, 1932-1939

Scrapbook presented to the Sawyer Free Library by E. Natalie Moulton Goodwin. Sawyer Free Library Scrapbook 10 donated to the Cape Ann Museum 2008. 

Covers: 11” x 9”, gray-green with diamond –patterned black, gray and blue lines; stylized blue and black flowers within each diamond. Ties together with blue lace, two holes. The scrapbook was 3 “ thick, bulging with inserts, pasted and loose documents, clippings, photographs, programs, agendas and address book. Papers yellowed and friable.

Inside front cover: Portrait of Mrs. Joseph T Moulton, G.W.C. 1933 – 1935 [“UNFINISHED PROOF BACHRACH” stamped with holes across chest]

1. a. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: American Home Session at Rockportt.

b. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Marblehead is Hostess.

c. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Lynn Presidents’ Day

d. typewritten page: G.W.C. officers 1933-1934

e. Gloucester Woman’s Club Year Book 1933 1934

f. Constitution and By-Laws of the Gloucester Woman’s Club, Nineteen Thirty-Two

2. a. DEBORAH alphabetical tribute to Mrs. J. T. Moulton

b. Newspaper clipping: Boston Herald, October 3, 1937: Women’ Clubs Begin New Season, with photo including Mrs. J. T. M.

c. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Clubwomen Plan to Secede from State Federation

d. 7 pages from small notebook, handwritten in pencil and ink. Speech? About plan for nature trail.

e. & f. 2 Typewritten poems by Agnes M. Ricker: “Deborah Moulton” and “For Mr. Moulton”

g. Newspaper clipping: Woman’s club Directors at Lunch (photo with Mrs. J.T.M. in center) 1939

3. a. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Herald photo with Mrs. J.T.M.

b. Typewritten: A President. Ten Commandments

c. Facts You Want to Remember About the General Federation of Woman’s Clubs (Washington DC)

d. Massachusetts Federation of Woman’s clubs State Forest presentation to Comm. Of Mass., Sept 13, 1933

e. Newspaper clipping: Woman’s Club Sept. 11, 1934 (flower arrangement event)

4. a. N.E.Conf Sept. 19 itinerary

b. New England conference of State Federations of Wpmen’s Clubs 1933 ribbon

c. Annual Autumn dinner of the N.E. Conf. of State Federations of Woman’s Clubs, Equinox House, Vermont, menu

d. Tuesday afternoon and evening program

e. Equinox House Manchester-in-the-Mountains, Vermont Lunch menu

f. Equinox House, Breakfast menu.

5. a. Equinox House, cont’d. Wednesday morning and afternoon

b. Letter from Massachusetts State Federation of Woman’s Clubs, Enid O. Botsford, Quincy, Ill., July 18, 1933, to Mrs. Moulton, and attached, a typewritten ditto, June 23, 1933.

6. a. Photo of group of ~50 women, three rows deep, with four white square columns

b. Postcard: Main Street Manchester, Vermont

c. Postcard: The Equinox House Manchester, Vermont

d. Photo of group of women, different angle, different day? from 6 a.

e, Photo: similar to 6a. – taken a few minutes apart

f. Photo: three women, seated

g. Photo: 8 seated women, one standing, during meeting, on porch by square columns “Tucks Point Manchester North District President’s Club 1933” [written on page]

7. a. Tuck’s Point, Manchester

b. Identification card: for 9th District Pres.’s Club, 1933-1934, Mrs, Deborah Moulton

c. Photo: two women

d. Sept. 26, ’33 notes on meeting

e. Notes on Oct. 5

f. Club Calendar (Steinert Ensemble)

g. Newspaper clipping: n.d., Woman’s Club Resumes

8 a & b, Two cards: Notes for a speech?

c. Card: the Lynnfield Centre Congregational church photo

d. Agenda, Massachusetts State Federation of Woman’s Clubs, Oct. 16, 1933 Lynnfield Centre

d-1. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Uniting for conference

e. Letter to Mrs. Moulton from Irene W. Bennett

f. written on page of scrapbook in ink: menu and attendees

g. Program: 27th Pres’s afternoon: Madame Maentz “Romance”

h. written in ink on scrapbook page: notes on reception

i. typewritten letter to Mrs. Moulton from Enid O. Botsford, Nov. 1, 1933.

9. a. Letter from Enid O. Botsford to Mrs. Moulton, Oct. 25, 1933.

b. handwritten program Nov. 14-15 President’s night, Essex Agricultural, and Peabody Presidents’ Day, South Congregational church, Middleton?

c. handwritten on ink on scrapbook page: Nov.2 & 6, diary

d. Program: 10th evening, November – Living Pictures from L.M.Alcotts books

e. Newspaper cutting: Nov. 10: “Living Pictures” Shown Before Woman’s Club

f. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: ‘Living Pictures’ in Gloucester g. written in ink on scrapbook page: Nov. 13, meeting agenda

10. a Letter from Leslie O. Johnson, Gloucester High School, to Mrs. Joseph Moulton, Nev. 7, 1933

b. Newspaper clipping, Nov. 11 (1933): Woman’s Club Were Guests at High School Luncheon

c. Program: How Lynn Promotes Inter-Racial Unity, Nov. 20, 1933

11. a. Written in ink on scrapbook page: Nov. 21, Riverside Club, Saugus, with menu

b. 9th District Conservation conference, Nov. 23, 1933, agenda

c. Invitation card: The Outlook Club Nov. 27.

d. Invitation card: the Marblehead Woman’s club, Nov. 21, 1933

e. Invitation card: The Rockport Woman’s Club, Nov. 27.

12. a. handwritten program and menu, handwritten Ipswich Presidents’ Day Dec. 4 (1934)

b. Program: 24th afternoon “What we should read”

c. Newspaper clipping, n.d. : “Woman’s Club Heard Talk on Books

d. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: “woman’s Club to Hear of New Books

e. written in ink on page: notes on meeting; also “snoes for high School girl., Education fund.”

f. Program: December first afternoon

g. Program: Eighth Evening, Guest Night, “Old Mexico”

h. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: “Dreampictures” enjoyed at Woman’s Club Guest Night

i. end of 12.h.

13. a. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: “To Other Cities” with $37.50 written on

b. License for Gloucester Womans Club (Deborah D. Moulton) to conduct entertainment at City Hall, Dec. 11, 1933.

c. Invitation Card: The Danvers Woman’s Association, Dec. 5, 1933

d. Invitation Card: They Lynn Woman’s, the 1884, the North shore, et al. Dec. 6, 1933

e. written in ink on page: Dec. 7 Institute Boston Dec. 8. Roslindale Club

14. Leather card case [“Midget Secretary”] with6 visiting cards for Mrs. Joseph T. Moulton, card from her daughter, photo of house with 3 gables, 25 Highland St., and five other cards.

15. a. Letter, typewritten, Gloucester Branch, President Marguerite D. Haskell, to Glou Woman’s Club, Dec.8, 1933

b. Bachrach Photographs of Distinction, appointment for Mrs. Joseph Moulton, Dec. 6.

16. a. Program: 22nd afternoon

b. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: “Woman’s Club Juniors” n.d.

c. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: “Cold Water and Cash” n.d.

d. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: “Junior Women entertain” n.d.

e. Typewritten letter: [Mass. St. Fed. Of W’s C] to Mrs. Moulton from Maude B. Mellen, Dec. 21, 1933.

f. Ninth District Presidents’ Club, 1933-1944, booklet, with membership list

g. written in ink on page: Jan. 15 Parliamentary Law Class, attendees

17. a. Letter invitation, the Atlanta Club, Lynn, MA, January 19.

b. Program: January 1934 twelfth evening [written on page: Had to leave meeting / ill]

c. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: “Busy Session of Woman’s Club

d. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: An invitation…

e. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: “Woman’s Club Plans American Home Day

f. Lettre(sic) sent delinquents, Jan. 8, 1934, signed Deborah D. Moulton

g. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: American Home Day

h. program, 26th American Home Day – Trinity Parish House

i. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Var…. Marks Woman’s Club Home Day Commissioner Robart’s talk on “Necessaries of Life”…

j. Program: American home Day, Jan. 26, 1934

k. Letter, from The Mother’s Club, Gloucester, Nettie M. Graham, to Mrs Joseph T. Moulton, Feb. 1, 1934. l. two cards: handwritten notes for speech?

18. a Letter from Salvation Army? For Christmas Basket Fund and winter Relief fund, Dec. 1933

b. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: What People Talk About – To the Rescue of Iris [Carpenter] to the Editor, by Mrs. Deborah D. Moulton, Gloucester

c. Card response to invitation: Mass. St. Fed. Of Woman’s Club, Feb. 5, 1934, from Enid O. Botsford

d. written on page: Feb. 2, Legislative Seg, Unitarian Parish House Feb. 8, Budge[t] for Maturity & community Service

e. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: “Woman’s Club Bridge

f. Card: Salvation Army (‘”$10.00 – Last year’s surplus”)

g. Slip of paper: Mass. Soc. For the Prevention of cruelty to Children, $10.00

h. Program: 9th Evening musicale Feb. 1934

i. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Fine Program Promised

j. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club Musicale Outstanding Event

k. Program: Annual Musicale of Gloucester Woman’s club, Feb. 9, 1934

19. a. Program: Mass. State Fed. Of Woman’s Clubs, Mid-Winter Meeting, Hotel Bradford, Tremont St., Boston, Feb. 14, 1934.

b. written in ink on page: Feb. 14, 1934 Delegates list

c. Identification card for Mrs. J.T. Moulton

d. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Federation fo Woman’s Clubs Indorses Child Labor Measure…Albert E. Wiggam speaker, photo of Mrs. Russell A. Cone, chairman.

e. Plymouth Theater, program and ticket stub, for “Double Door” by Elizabeth McFadden.

20. a. Program 23rd Afternoon – Behind the Mike, Priscilla Fortesque, Soloist, Ruth Everett Brown

b. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club Program is “Behind the Mike” [in ink: 13 present no City Home quests]

c. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club Heard Readings and Songs [written in ink on page: March 2, 1934]

d. Program: Massachusetts State Federation of Woman’s Clubs, Ninth District Health Conference, South Church Vestry, Peabody Square

e. Invitation to Mrs. Moulton from Alice B. Russell for 9th Dist. Health Conf.

21. a. Program: Ninth Evening Art of Today, by Frederick L. Stoddard

b. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Legislative Tea Comes Next Week

c. Invitation card from the Lothrop Club, at Unitarian Parish House, Beverly, for President’s Day, Mar. 9, 1934

d. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Beverly Conference

e. Program: Massachusetts State Federation of Woman’s Clubs, American Home and Youth Conference, Hotel Statler, Boston, Mass, March 8-9, 1934 [Written on program in ink: Mrs Kupsinel, Mrs. Bernstein Exp $7.80

22. a. Invitation card: The Nahant Woman’s Club invites the Gloucester Women’s Club, for President’s Day, Mar. 13, 1934.

b. Invitation postcard: Danvers Woman’s Association for American Home Day, 3/12 at Masonic Temple

c. Invitation postcard: Ninth District Presidents’ Club, postponed mid-winter meeting, Mar. 21, Woman’s Club House, Lynn

d. Letter from Center Club, Lynnfield Centre, reminding of Presidents’ Night, March 28.

e. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club “Afternoon with our War Veterans”

f. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club to Entertain War Veterans Friday

g. War Veterans Guests of the Woman’s Club [written in ink on page: Extra meeting, Mrs. Lincoln Simonds the Conservation Com Children guests]

h. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Lecture on “Bird Neighbors”

23. D. W. A. [Danvers Woman’s Association?] Glee Club program, with Mr. Richard Kean, “the Eminent British Actor”

24. a. typewritten speech by Mrs. Moulton, “Courtesies” – 2 sheets

b. letter from Maude B. Mellen, thanking Mrs. Moulton for speech

c. letter from Carrie Jane Clark , thanking Mrs. Moulton for speech

d. letter from Enid O. Botsford, thanking Mrs. Moulton for speech [written on page: March 26, 1934 Rockport Club Institute]

e. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Institute in Rockport

f. Program of play, “A Good Girl in the Kitchen”, Salem Woman’s Club, 3/28

g. Postcard: from Enid O. Botsford, re Mrs. Moulton’s speech

25. a. Invitation card: The Woman’s Auxiliary of the Mass. S.P.C.A., April 11., Longwood Ave., Boston.

b. Program, Mass. State Federation of Woman’s Clubs, Department of Fine Arts, at Marblehead Woman’s Club, Old North Congregational Church, April 3, 1934

c. Gold pin, small fish “Gorton’s Fish Foods”

d. Name card: Mrs. Joseph T. Moulton

e. Program, Fourth Annual Banquet and Public Relations Dinner, Glou. Business and Professional Woman’s Club, at The Tavern, Apr. 8, 1935

26. Bachrach studios, Unfinished Proof, [of Mrs. Moulton, profile]

27. Gloucester Woman’s Club, 1934-1935, roster of officers

28. a. Program: Thirteenth Evening

b. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club Holds Annual. Mrs. Joseph T. Moulton Reelected President of 1934-35 Board of Officers – Heard Talk on Sherborn. Photo of Mrs. Moulton.

c. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club Annual

d. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: The Speaker e. Membership card, non-transferable, Gloucester Woman’s Club for Mrs. Joseph T. Moulton, 1934 f. Letter from Ethel Rogers Limbach to Mrs. Moulton, Apr. 16, 1934

29. a. Invitation card: The Woman’s Auxiliary of the mass. S.P.C.A. for Apr. 23,, Longwood Avenue, Boston

b. typewritten speech by Deborah D. Moulton, “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. Apr. 13, 1934.

c. Notice of Annual Meeting Ninth District, Presidents’ Club, Apr. 26, 1934, James Putman House, 42 Summer St., Danvers

d. Handwritten invitation from Alice Dodge, from the Junior Women’s club meeting, May 1, at Winchester Arms

e. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: ‘Lombardi Limited” three-act comedy

f. Programme, Lombardi, Ltd., Legion Hall, Apr. 26, [with advertisements]

g. typewritten letter to club members from Mrs. Addison G. Brooks, about “Lombardi, Ltd.” h. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Will Repeat Play

30. a. handwritten speech in pencil, paper with card from Mrs. Moulton’s corsage [pink sweet pea] pasted on

b. Program: Station G.W.C. [written in ink on page: Guest – Mrs. Edward Botsford Director]

c. Menu, The Tavern, May 1934

d. Program, typewritten bit of paper

e. Announcements, typewritten, pasted on another paper, with additional notes for announcements in pencil

f. typewritten Order of formation of line

31. a. Massachusetts State Federation of Woman’s Clubs ticket, for Mrs Moulton, May 14-16, 1934.

b. Menu, New Ocean House, Swampscott, Mass., May 14, 1934.

c. written in ink on page: Delegates for each day of conference.

d. name-tag, yellow card, blue ribbon, safety-pin: Annual Meeting Mass. Fed. Of St. Federation of Women’s Club, New Ocean House, Swampscott, Mrs. Moulton

e. Program, Forty-second Annual Meeting, New Ocean House, May 14-16, 1934

32. Newspaper clipping: full page Boston Herald, Sunday, May 20, 1934, “Spectacular Events Make Club convention Memorable”. Held at the New Ocean House in Swampscott. Photos.

a. Letter, from Viola W. Walter to Mrs Moulton, 9-23-34, Mass.St.Fed. of Woman’s clubs letterhead.

33. a. Ticket Stub, Annual Outing ninth district Presidents’ Club, for Sept. 20, 1934, at Homestead Country Club, Locust St., Danvers.

b. Program, Fifteenth Outing

c. Ticket: Club Outing, may 25, 1934, Rockport country Club, picnic lunch

d. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Women’s Club Mixed Business with Pleasure (Rockport Country Club)

34. Booklet program for 25th Annual Meeting of the New England Conference of State Federations of Woman’s Clubs, Sept. 25-27, 1934, New Ocean House, Swampscott, MA.

35. a. Orange membership card for Mrs. Joseph T. Moulton, expires April, 1935.

b. white membership card, Ninth District president, 1934-35, Mrs. Deborah Moulton

c. Newspaper print of formal photographic portrait of[Mrs. Moulton?]

d. Blue booklet, Gloucester Woman’s Club Yearbook, 1934-1935

e. Mass. St. Fed. Of W’s Clubs. State Delegate Ticket for Mrs. Joseph Moulton, Literature Committee.

f. on back of world Associates Calendar: List with date, name (Com Hartley, Mrs. Schrader, Musicale, etc. – scheduled events?) Subject (Sea, Books, Gloucester etc.), and whether event was free or the fee ($25.00 - $75.00).

36. a. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club announcing Commodore Herbert Hartley USNR

b. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club Taken on Tour (of ocean-liner Leviathan) by Com. Hartley.

c. Print of signed photographic portrait (Harris & Ewing, phot.) of Com. Herbert Hartley.

d. written on page in ink: note re Penny Social

e. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club – extra meeting notice

f. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Local Talent at Woman’s Club Social Session – card party and musical entertainment

g. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club – “Book Sampling”

h. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Book Sampling Talk Given to Woman’s Club by Mrs Carl Schrader

i. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Furnishings Course for Woman’s Club on “the Livable Living Room”

37. a. Program: Mass.St.Fed.of WCs Program Sept. 12, 1934 at Barre or Petersham, MA

b. Program: Mass.St.Fed.of WCs Program October 18, 1934, at Holden Town Hall

38. a. Invitation card: to Middleton Woman’s Club Presidents Day, Oct. 17, 1934

b. Mass.St.Fed.ofWCs Program Oct. 26, 1934, at Unitarian Parish House, Beverly. List of names on back.

c. Invitation card from the Riverside club, East Saugus, Presidents Day, Nov. 6, 1934.

39. a. Program Annual Musicale of Gloucester Woman’s Club Legion Hall, Nov. 9, 1934 (Mildred Mitchell, flute; Adell Holden, soprano; George Brown, violincello)

b. notes for introduction of musicians [and Reginald Boardman, piano]

c. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: notice of musicale

40. a. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club Musicale, tickets 50 cents. Notice

b. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club Holds Annual Musicale

c. written on page: costs of musicians and programs’

d. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: The woman’s Club

e, Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Junior Woman’s Club Resumes Activities

f. written on page: Maternity Fund

g. Card invitation: Marblehead Woman’s Club

41. [written on page: Presidents’ Day (My own idea) a. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Stories of Gloucester

b. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: “Gloucester in Song and Story”

c. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Local Program at Woman’s Club Presidents’ Day, Legion Hall

d. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Gloucester in Story and song, Address by Mrs. James R. Pringle Before the Woman’s Club. (transcript of speech)

e. Letter from Addie N. Simonds to Mrs. Moulton, The Garden Group letterhead, Nov. 29, 1934.

42. Written on page: December 1, 1934, Legislative Tea, Unitarian Parish House, names

b. Invitation card: The Ipswich Woman’s Club, for Presidents Day, Dec. 4, 1934

c. Invitation card: They Lynn Women’s, the North Shore, the Starr and Political Science Clubs, for Presidents’ Day Dec. 4, 1934

d. Invitation card: The Danvers Women’s Association, Presidents’ Day, Dec. 11, 1934.

e. Swampscott Fortnightly Club, Guest night, admit two ticket, Dec. 14, 1934.

43. a. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club Hear of Spanish Main

b. Invitation card: the Outlook Club of Lynn, Annual Guest Night, Jan. 14,

c. Letter, signed, from Edward Rowe Snow to Mrs. Joseph R. Moulton, Dec. 5, 1934, re name Moses Bartlett

d. Newspaper print of portrait of E. R. Snow as author of history of Castle Island

44. a. Junior Women’s Club invitation, handwritten, to annual Christmas Dance on Dec. 26, 1934

b. small page, Jan. 11, 1935, attended conference at Saugus, Boston Herald. Newspaper clipping missing.

c. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s club to present tableaux

d. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: “Mother’s Bouquet of Memories” seen at Womans’s Club (Tableaux)

e, Newspaper clipping, n.d.: The Woman’s Club (meeting announcement)

f. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club holds guest night

g. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Movie Night (tickets for Strand theater)

h. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club notes

45. Program of Mass. St. Fed. Of Women’s Clubs, State Div. of Motion Pictures, at Riverside Club of Saugus, Jan. 8, 1935.

b. Newspaper clipping: n.d. Sewing to Soups at Woman’s Club Department Day

c. Brief Program, Jan. 25, AM

d. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: “What I Know About You” Woman’s Club topic (Dr. Seth Brooks, speaker.)

e. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Mid-winter meeting

f. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club hears Pastor on Psychology

g. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Rug exhibition for Woman’s Club

h. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club tomorrow

46. a. Invitation card: Mothercraft Club of mass., Hotel Lenox, Exeter St., Boston, Feb. 4, 1935

b. Invitation card: The Thought and Work Club of Salem, Mass., Jan. 28, 1935

c. Invitation card: The Swampscott Woman’s Club. Mar. 4, 1935

47. a. Letter (handwritten) from Mrs. Richard Cook of Marblehead to Mrs. Moulton, Feb. 13, 1935 – asking for money for child, Glou. gave $1.00

b. Letter (typed) from Louise M. Leverone, MD to Mrs. W. H. Greenleaf, Jr., of Gloucester for contribution of $10.00 to fund to suppress cancer. Feb. 16, 1935

c. Letter (handwritten) from Eleanor C. Wood to Mrs. E. S. Purington of Gloucester for baby garment s given to Glou. District Nursing Association. Feb. 19, 1935.

48. a. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: …The conservation Conference of the ninth district of Women’s clubs.

b. Program for Mass. St. Fed. of Women’s Clubs, Ninth District Conservation and Garden Conference, Feb. 20 [1935] Middleton Town Hall. [in ink on outer fold: “Alice Curtis Did a Marathon to Town Hall & thumbed a rice in a coupe”] c. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Women rehearse “So This Is London”

d. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club Play has fine cast

e. pink ribbon and tag: Mid-Winter Meeting, Mass. St. Fed. of Women’s Clubs, Hotel Bradford, Boston, Feb. 28, 1935

f. Program booklet for Mass St.F of WC Mid-Winter Meeting, Feb. 28, 1935. (with ticket for Mrs. Moulton as a Voting Delegate pasted inside.)

49. a. calling card, Mrs. Elizabeth W. Pigeon (sic) Member of School Committee, Boston [On back: “I heard your talk was most interesting – E.W.P.”]

b. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Federation Program [“To the Press Chairman,” Mrs. Joseph T. Moulton, Gloucester.] [ in ink on page: March 1, 1935]

c. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Courtesies for Clubs

d. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: “Medford Paper” : n.d. Mrs. Moulton Speaks on Courtesy to the Press Chairman

e. Letter (handwritten) on MSFofWC letterhead, from Mrs. (Geo. H.) Carrie Jane Clark, Danvers. Mar. 3, 1934(sic) to Mrs. Moulton thanking her for talk at YWCA Auditorium in Boston.

f. Letter (typed) from Sally K. Fox, Chairman of Tickets, to Glou. Woman’s Club Members, for tickets to “So This Is London”

g. Letter (handwritten) from Enid S. Botsford, Marblehead, to Deborah [Moulton] Apr. 23, 1935 h. Roster of officers, Glou. Woman’s Club 1935-1936

50. a. MSFofWC, program, American Home and Youth Conference, Hotel Statler, Boston, Mar. 14-15, 1935

b. Program for “So This Is London” Legion Hall, Mar. 11 & 12, 1935, 8 pm [4 Sandler brothers provided music: Piano, Violin, Saxophone and Drums] Written on page: March 11 & 12 1935

c. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club Play Rich in Humor

d. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club Gave Annual Play to Crowded House

e. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Club Dramatics Long Anticipated

f. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: “So This Is London” Cast Happy

g. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club Activities Varied

h. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Confer Here on Child Welfare

i. Program for NSFofWC, Div. of Child Welfare, Ninth District Conference, mar. 22, 1935, Trinity Congregational Church, Middle St., Gloucester

j. pencil list: Glou. Woman’s Club, Expenses Speakers Child Welfare conference

51. a. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Women’s Club has Annual – Elects Mrs. Leslie Tarr

b. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Home Nursing Course Dates Announced

c. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Musical Comedy for Annual Meeting (Dwight L. Meade company, “Madame Has Lost Her Cat.” Hostess: Mrs. Moulton)

d. Invitation card: The Nahant Women’s Club, Maolis Club, March 19, 1935.

e. Program, MSFofWC, State Div. of Art, Ninth district conference, Rockport Woman’s Club, Spiran Hall, April 8, 1935

52. blank space – item missing

a. Program: Roslindale Community Club, Club Talent Day, April 3, 1935

b. Blue identification card, drawing of man at the wheel, 1920-1930, Gloucester Woman’s Club, Mrs. Moulton

c. small card: Wetherell’s Drug Store: Colecrest Chocolates, Boston, America;s Finest Candy, Maude B. Wetherell, Proprietor

d. Written on page: Program [perhaps for the farewell dinner for Mrs. Moulton as she resigns as President]

e. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: (Photo by Bachrach) of Mrs. Joseph Moulton, completing her term …

f. Ticket: Gloucester Woman’s Club Banquet, The Tavern, Friday, April 26, 1935 Turkey, $1.50

53. a. Newspaper clipping: 1935, Women’s Club Celebrates on 15th Birthday

b. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club Ready for Banquet

c. Newspaper clipping, Boston Sunday Advertiser, April 21, 1935: Gloucester Woman’s Club Will….Its Fifteenth Anniversary Friday Evening, Reception Will Honor Club Founders

d. Newspaper clipping, Monday, April 15, 1935: Social, Lodge and Community Items of General Interest: Women’s Club Banquet

e. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: The Woman’s Club

f. Program (Song-sheet): Gloucester Woman’s Club fifteenth Anniversary, 1920-1935.

54. a. Letter (handwritten) from Enid S. Botsford to Dearest Deborah, May 1, 1935

b. Note (handwritten) from Harriet C. S, Hildreth, Graniteville, MA, to Mrs. Moulton, April 22, 1935

c. Two pages of Glou. Woman’s Club notepaper, pencil list of expenses [travel expenses to various meetings, submitted by Mrs. Moulton?]

d. Guest Table seating/procession order?

e. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Notice of Gloucester Woman’s Club meeting

f. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: The Woman’s Club, [and Junior Woman’s Club agenda]

55. a. Letter (handwritten) from Maria Grey Kimball, on MSFofWC letterhead, to Mrs. Moulton, n.d.

b. Invitation to Consumer Conference Luncheon, April 30, [1935] Hotel Statler.

c, Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Woman’s Club Notes

d. Ticket to Annual Meeting, MSFofWC, New Ocean House, Swampscott, May 21-23, 1935, for Mrs. J. T. Moulton

e. Letter (typed, on New Ocean House stationery) May 16, 1935: for reservation for Mrs. Moulton for 2 rooms with running water, three beds in each, for 6 people, $6.00 per person per day, meals included.

f. Name tag and ribbon for Annual Meeting MSFofWC, New Ocean House, May 19-20- 21, 1936(sic) Program for 43rd Annual Meeting, New Ocean House, May 21-23, 1935. Official Ballot enclosed.

56. a. Letter to “Dear Deborah” from “Enid”, Marblehead, May 30, 1935 – a “darling” and “truest of friends”

b. Voting Delegate Ticket for MAFofWC, Mrs. J. T. Moulton, Hotel Bradford, Feb. 26, 1937

c. Notice, Fifteenth Outing, Mrs. Nicholas Montgomery, hostess

d. Newspaper clipping, June 8, 1935: Woman’s Club held outing at “Blighty”

e. Letter to Mrs. Moulton from Marie Kay Prentiss, April 4th, 778 Park Avenue, [owner of “Blighty”]

f. photograph: hatted lady with book, addressing seated women (three visible), hatted, in furs on canvas chairs g. photograph:18 women, all hated, standing or sitting on lawn at Blighty, with Brace’s Rock in background.

57. a. Get well card, with fan and pink tassel, from Anne J. Morey

b. Letter to Mrs. Joseph Moulton from Nettie M. Graham, Mother’s Club, Gloucester, May 10, 1935. Invitation to be guest at Tavern banquet.. “Accepted”

c. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Mother’s Club Banquet at Tavern

d. Annual Banquet of Gloucester Mother’s Club, program, June 4, 1935. With notes in pencil.

e. card: Best wishes from the Mother’s Club f. Booklet, Ninth District Presidents’ Club, 1934-1935. Officers and members.


58. a. Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics, State of Massachusetts, 12th Annual Better Homes Day, program, June 5, 1935.

b. MSFofWC, 9th District American Home Conference, April 7, 1937, program.

c. Presidents’ Club, Annual Outing Sept. 23, 1937, announcement for tickets.

d. Presidents’ Club Annual Outing, Rockport Golf Club, Sept. 18, 1935, announcement for tickets.

e. MSFofWC Annual Meeting, Oct. 20, 1937, program, with name tag attached, for Mrs. J. T. Moulton, Plymouth Memorial Hall, Plymouth, MA.

f. Presidents’ Club, Annual Outing, Hawthorne Inn, Eastern Point Road, Luncheon ticket, Sept. 23, 1937.

g. page 106/105 of ledger book, with names and addresses

h. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Nature Trail is Garden Group Project

i. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: The Boston Herald, February 5, 1937: State Federation of Women’s Clubs Discusses Peace at Meeting Here, with photo of Speakers at Club Institute, including Mrs. Joseph T. Moulton, Gloucester.

59. a. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Clusters worth dime a hundred: Garden group sponsors contest to Exterminate the Caterpillar Pest, from February 15 to March 18.

b. Newspaper clippings, n.d.: Caterpillar hunt of wide scope; School Children hunt caterpillars; Garden group plans lecture course

c. photograph: hatted lady in front of floral displays on table

d. photograph: hatted lady in front of floral displays on table (writing on back)

e. photograph: floral arrangement, “Salem Willows Aug.20 – 1st prize” on back

f. Newspaper clipping, n.d.: Local woman honored at meet 9th district clubs (“Mrs. Moulton of 24 Highland street, East Gloucester, was elected director…”)

g. 7-holed small notebook sheets, agendas of Federation Meetings, mostly typed, some handwritten in ink. List of contributions. Lists of presidents, junior members. Notes on Floral arrangements.

h. 7-holed small notebook sheets: Oct. 1934 – May 1935. Notes, agendas, financial information on loans and receipts.

i. 7-holed small notebook sheet: Programs 1933-34

j. Annual meeting, New Ocean House, Swampscott, May 21-23. Agenda.

k. “A Lucky Break” comedy by Zelda Sears, Legion Hall, Mar. 26-27. {rogram and cast of characters.

60. Ticket: Admit One to the Bond Bakers Luncheon. (Apr. 13 – 12:30 Hotel Statler)