Creator: Frederick McGeorge Bundy
Dates: 1917-1985
Quantity: 6 linear feet (12 manuscript containers; 2 metal slide boxes)
Acquisition: Accession #: 2004.28; Donated by: Frederick Bundy Jr.
Identification: A44; Archive Collection #44
Citation: [Document Title]. The Frederick McGeorge Bundy Collection, [Box #, Folder #, Item #], Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Gloucester, MA.
Copyright: Requests for permission to publish material from this collection should be addressed to the Librarian/Archivist.
Language: English
Finding Aid:  Processed by Peter J. Brown, 2006

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Frederick McGeorge Bundy was born on January 5, 1900 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His early schooling was in Michigan but when the family moved east, Bundy entered Yale University in 1917. His older brother, Harvey, had graduated from Yale in 1908. A tradition was established where all Bundy sons went to Yale. Frederick, known as Fritz, became Captain of the tennis team, manager of the swim team and graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1921. He then obtained a master’s degree in 1923 from Harvard Business School.

Bundy was an active Yale alumnus, regularly attending class reunions as well as Harvard-Yale football games. His tennis career would continue and eventually result in a national ranking for senior doubles. Golf, curling, and bridge were other competitive hobbies that he enjoyed.

Upon graduation from Harvard, Bundy became an accountant at Gorton-Pew, then as now the largest fish processing plant in Gloucester. His professional life will there after remain on Cape Ann. He became an assistant treasurer at Gorton’s in 1929, Vice President in 1935, Treasurer in 1944 and President in 1946 and later Chairman. He retired from Gorton-Pew in 1956.

Bundy had served as a director of the Cape Ann National bank from 1940-1956, when he became President of the Gloucester Safe Deposit and Trust. In 1958 the banks merged into the Cape Ann Bank and Trust Co. Bundy served as its President until 1972.

Following WW 11, Bundy was a founder and later President of the National Fisheries Institute. In 1949 at the request of President Truman, he went to Japan to study Japanese fisheries in the Pacific as part of the post WW11 peace treaty.

Locally, Bundy served as President of the Gloucester Chamber of Commerce and the Addison Gilbert Hospital and was a member of the Gloucester Rotary Club. His social life centered around the Essex County Club where he was a director, President, tennis player and golfer.

Upon retirement, Bundy moved to Manchester by the Sea where the extended Bundy families had their summer residences. During his active professional career, the Bundy home was at “Fiddler’s Green” on Hesperus Ave., Magnolia for three seasons. In the winter, the family home was on Chestnut Street in Boston.


The Frederick McGeorge Bundy collection has been donated by his son, Frederick Bundy Jr. The scrapbooks contain an extensive documentation of Bundy’s career beginning with his student days at Yale University and later as President of Gorton-Pew Fisheries and then as president of the Cape Ann Bank and Trust Co. There are also personal mementos of family, vacation trips and details of his work for the State Department in Japan. The slides were taken as part of his work in Japan in 1947. The scrapbooks contain newspaper articles and other ephemera covering the life of Frederick McGeorge Bundy.


  1. 1917-1923
  2. 1923-1935
  3. 1935-1941
  4. 1941-1946
  5. 1946-1949
  6. 1949-1952
  7. 1953-1956
  8. 1956-1962
  9. 1963-1967
  10. 1968-1985


Box 1

Series I 1917-1923

Folder 1: Yale freshmen tennis team 1917, class schedules, exams, military ROTC.

Folder 2: Fraternity, social invitations, Phi Beta Kappa, tennis 1919, Yale riot.

Folder 3: Exams, tennis Squirrel Island Maine, ticket stubs, swim team manager 1920, social invitations, misc. Yale.

Folder 4: tennis, Bundy Captain, swimming, Yale-Harvard vs Oxford-Cambridge.


Box 2

Series I 1917-1923

Folder 1: Tennis, Yale, graduation 1921.

Folder 2: Swim team Hawaii 1921, tennis.

Folder 3: Swim team Hawaii, tennis, graduate school Harvard, exams.

Folder 4: Grad school, graduation Business school, diploma 1923, golf and tickets


Box 3

Series II 1923-1935

Folder 1: Social events, begin work at Gorton-Pew, golf, Squirrel Island, tennis, Essex County Club.

Folder 2: Tennis, social invitations, Gorton-Pew 1927, Board of Directors-Cape Ann National bank 1928, engagement and wedding to Anita Hollister 1928.

Folder 3: Honeymoon, Greenbrier, White Sulpher Springs West Virginia, August 1928, tennis, golf, Gorton-Pew outing 1929, mementoes of a sail to Europe.


Box 4

Series II 1923-1935

Folder 1: European trip, Chamber of Commerce 1930, golf, fire at Gorton-Pew, social events.

Folder 2: Explosion-Gorton-Pew 1930, Country Club Brookline, Schooner race Bluenose vs. Gertrude Thebaud, bridge, Junior born Nov.22, 1931.

Folder 3: Bridge, tennis, golf, tax reform Gloucester, Gorton-Pew 1933, pay workers in script.

Folder 4: Golf, tennis, bridge, cruise West Indies 1935.

Folder 5: Cruise West Indies, tennis, golf, tickets Harvard/Princeton, Yale/Harvard.

Folder 6: Tennis, Gorton cookout at Bundy estate, Magnolia, election Board of Governors, Essex Country Club, Bundy children.


Box 5

Series III 1935-1941

Folder 1: Photo wife and children, football tickets, Bundy entertains British Naval officers, joins Thursday Evening Club Boston, cruise Caribbean.

Folder 2: Bridge scores, golf, photo wife and children, cruise West Indies 1937.

Folder 3: Cruise West Indies, Jamaica, Bundy and family Boston.

Folder 4: Bridge, Harvey Bundy Asst. Secretary of State, magazine Captain’s Courageous, tennis Essex Country Club.

Folder 5: Tickets Yale football, ski vacation Quebec, House 68 Chestnut Street Boston, Bundy, Vice President-Co Gorton’s 1938.

Folder 6: Alumni Harvard Business School, tennis, national Fisheries, fishing strike threat-settlement 1938.

Folder 7: Historical document McGeorge Bundy 1879 address to jury, anti Roosevelt tract, map Bundy property, list of golf courses played by Bundy, court writ 1938, 10th anniversary, ski Quebec 1939.

Folder 8: Ski Quebec, new contract Gorton 1939, photo cod fishing, bridge, Worlds Fair 1939, history Chestnut Street Boston.

Folder 9: 40th anniversary parents, fiscal report Gorton’s, articles anti labor 1939, Gorton-Pew to operate in Canada 1939, tennis Alice Marble, fishing news, plant opens Canada.

Folder 10: Plant New Brunswick, tennis Essex 1940, newspaper articles proposed bridge across Annisquam, Chamber of Commerce-Bundy elected President 1940. Gov. appointment regional coordinator Wages Gorton-Pew 1941.


Box 6

Series IV 1941-1946

Folder 1: Letter re: Brian (English boy staying with Bundy’s), correspondence about pants 1943, golf, bridge, tennis, Yale 20th reunion 1941, McGeorge Bundy (22 years old 1941) election for Boston City Council, Dexter School, Pearl harbor 1941.

Folder 2: Fishing record catches 1941, wage negotiations, elected to the Board of Addison Gilbert Hospital 1942, Bundy bikes to work, reelected president of the Chamber of Commerce, Fisheries news record catch 1942, tennis.

Folder 3: Fishing statistics, wedding of nephew William Bundy, appointment to Fisheries Commission, draft board registration, area coordinator, National Fisheries, President Chamber of Commerce, elected treasurer Gorton-Pew 1943, certificate war man power commission.

Folder 4: Fishing Gloucester #1 in USA, 1944, fishing-Bundy declares 1/3 of catch in Gloucester goes to the Black Market, article fire at Cold Storage, bridge, golf, strike at Gorton-Pew 1945

Folder 5: Yale Club-Bundy reelected President, fish prices, 1945 National Fisheries Institute organized-Bundy secretary, war ends, tennis-Longwood, Essex, Bundy ranked #6 in veteran’s doubles, fishing slowdown, workers fired.

Folder 6: National Fisheries Inst. 1946, Fire Gorton-Pew 1946, articles-competition Foreign need for higher tariffs, Bundy elected President of Gorton’s 1946, 25th Yale reunion, tennis, chicken dispute with neighbors, Bundy will.


Box 7

Series V 1946-1949

Folder 1: Labor problems, Bundy elected president of Gorton-Pew, tariff issues, labor troubles (Gorton lays off 50 % strike 32 days 1947), fish unions declared monopoly, golf.

Folder 2: Fishing production down, trip New Orleans, trawler owned by Gorton-Pew crushed by ice crew safe, national Fisheries Institute meeting San Francisco 1949, trip West.

Folder 3: Fishing production down, anniversary, begins curling career, bridge, appointed-survey of fish industry in Japan 1949, off to Japan.

Folder 4: Japan


Box 8

Series VI 1949-1952

Folder 1: Poll tax dispute 1948, Gorton fishing boat hit by freighter 6 lost, fishing production tops, elected President of Addison Gilbert 1950, National Fisheries Institute Chicago Bundy elected treasurer, 1950 Fisheries labor strike 71 days.

Folder 2: Fishing articles- production, National fishing Institute Boston 1951, bridge, Yale reunion 1951, golf.

Folder 3: Fishing articles, reelected President of Gorton’s, bridge, golf, and curling


Box 9

Series VII 1953-1956

Folder 1: Fishing articles, 1953 National Fisheries Convention 1953, Washington D.C., Bundy elected President, reelected President of Gorton’s.

Folder 2: Fishing articles 1953, tariff issues, fish sticks 1953-new product, tariff on foreign fish sticks, curling.

Folder 3: National Fisheries Convention-Cleveland 1954, fish sticks, Naval War College, need for higher tariff on fish sticks, trip California, National Fisheries Inst. convention New Orleans 1955.

Folder 4: Patty Bundy married, articles bank, fishing, golf, Yale.


Box 10

Series VIII 1956-1962

Folder 1: Bundy considered for Federal post, articles tariff controversy, Bundy Chairman of Gorton’s1958, Bundy wants larger minimum lot sizes.

Folder 2: elected President Gloucester Safe Deposit and Trust Co. 1958, bank mergers, golf, curling and bridge.

Folder 3: Gorton’s strike 1960, bank consolidation, banking articles, golf, curling and bridge.

Folder 4: banking articles, Bundy to Manchester 1967, National Fisheries Inst. New Orleans 1967, cruise, bridge, golf and curling.


Box 11

Series IX 1963-1967

Folder 1: banking, golf, curling, elected to Manchester Housing Authority 1964, Bundy nephews in Kennedy/ Johnson Administration.

Folder 2: Golf, cruise, some banking articles.

Folder 3: banking, curling, golf 1968 General mills acquires Gorton Corp


Box 12

Series X 1968-1985

Folder 1: Re-elected to the Manchester Housing Authority, curling, golf, and 40th anniversary.

Folder 2: golf, curling, Chairman of the Bank, Yale 50th.

Folder 3: 1972 trip to Southwest Arizona.

Folder 4: Bundy 1972, photos, Bundy retires-Manchester Housing Authority, Bundy remarries 1981, Salem News mix up of names.

Folder 5: Remarriage, trip to Portugal/South Africa, obits brother and sister in law.

Folder 6: Attempt to get car plate 1921, trip to Virgin Islands, 1985 tribute to Bundy from family, dies May 8th, 1989.