Creator: Frances Wosmek; various
Dates: 1920-2013
Quantity: 13 linear feet (26 manuscript boxes, 1 carton)
Acquisition:  Accession #: 2013.012, 2017.001.09, 2017.001.22, 2017.001.35, 2018.010.04 (For further detail, see ‘Acquisition Note’)
Identification: A71 ; Archive Collection #71
Citation: [Document Title]. The Frances Wosmek Papers, [Box #, Folder #, Item #], Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Gloucester, MA.
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Language: English
Finding Aid:  Processed by Linda Johnson, Library Assistant, 2013, for Stephanie Buck, Librarian/Archivist. Updated by Karla Kaneb, June 2020.


Frances Wosmek was born in a small village in Northern Minnesota on December 16, 1917. She was the second daughter of Frank and Mabel Fenton Wosmek; a brother was to join the family a few years later. Mabel, her mother was an Irish immigrant, who met her future husband while on a visit to her brothers in Minnesota.

Frances spent the first eleven years of her life in Popple, Minn, where she attended a one-room schoolhouse with four other children. A family move to Sebeka, Minn. “a comparative teeming metropolis,” to quote Frances brought out her creative talents. A shy child, at fourteen, she turned to the Duluth Herald’s weekly feature “Fair Play Club.” Each week a dollar prize was awarded for the best story, poem and drawing, during her life she has won over 50 prizes for her creativity.

She graduated from Sebeka High School in 1935, went on to attend teacher’s training in Wadena, Minnesota and upon graduation taught in a one-room schoolhouse for four years. Her creative spirit then led her to Detroit, Michigan, and art school. She ran out of money after the first year. She used her artistic and writing talents to get a job as a verse writer for American Greetings in Cleveland, Ohio, where she specialized in baby, children’s and so called “cute” cards. Two years later she was hired as a designer for the Rust Craft Co, located in Boston, Ma. She also freelanced and wrote children’s books.

In 1948, she met her future husband, Paul Brailsford, a merchant marine officer from England. They married in 1949, had a son and daughter and moved to Beverly Farms. By this time Paul had left the sea life and was working as a salesman. In 1959 she continued her winning ways when the family won the State All-America contest, for being a typical American family

Paul and Frances were divorced, and Frances returned to her art and writing, publishing many books for children and adults. Her book the Mystery of the Eagles Claw won her a special Edgar Allan Poe Award. Another book, A Brown Bird Singing, was selected in 1987 as a notable book in Social Sciences by the Children’s Book Council of New York. 

Coming from a family of artists and writers it was natural for her daughter Robin to follow a career in art and she is now a well-known sculptor and teacher in California. Their son Brian followed in his father’s footsteps and pursued a career at sea.

A defining moment in the lives of the family came in 1991 when Brian’s wife Martha was murdered off the coast of Salem. Frances and Martha, also an artist, were extremely close and her murder and the subsequent trial had a lasting affect on her. An unpublished manuscript written by Frances is a deeply personal tribute to her daughter-in-law.

Throughout the years, Frances has continued to pursue her various interests, even collaborating on a park plan with her daughter in San Diego.

On March 28, 2010 she was terribly scalded in a bathing accident at home; not expected to live, she fought with the same indomitable spirit that her forebears had taught her. Her legacy lives on.

Frances Wosmek died in August 2014.


“All that and then this.”

Photo: Frances Wosmek by Robin Brailsford, Rocky Neck, Gloucester, June, 2014

Frances Eileen Wosmek of Magnolia, Massachusetts went on to “explore the other side of the clear blue sky,” in the quiet and still hours of August 6, 2014. Her children and friends were near. She was 96 and had been fun, kind and clever right up until that very day.

Frances was a natural talent - an artist and writer of full and varied skills all her of life. It was her heartbeat – drawing, painting and sculpting babies, children and animals, writing in verse and illustrating children’s books in, reading philosophy (Sri Aurobindo – daily for 40 years) and quantum physics (Boehm - intensely.) Her art and thinking encompassed environmentalism, feminism, population explosion, politics, and poetry – as well as humorous verse, toys and greeting cards.

There wasn’t a riddle she couldn’t discern, a water temperature too cold for swimming, an art technique she did not master. She got up early and got right to work, finding her condo in Magnolia with the view of sun and ships coming up over the horizon, her most productive. She said, “There it just flowed, and I could often not get it down fast enough.” To counter her solitary creative work she swam and walked long distances several times a day. West, Magnolia and Wingaersheek Beaches were her favorites, beach dogs her companions, a black one-piece her summer uniform, something in blue from LL Bean, her winter.

Frances Wosmek is the author of over a dozen published books, including, In the Space of a Wink, A Brown Bird Singing, and Acknowledge the Wonder. Sky High, Neighbors, and A Bowl full of Sun (Rockport) are collectors’ items. Manuscripts being reviewed for publication now include: Peter and the Wooley Bear (about Rockport,) A Mayor for Great Misery (Island) and Under the Evil Hand (Salem witch trials.) 

She was recruited from Cleveland and American Greetings by Rustcraft in Boston to be their first greeting card artist; freelanced from her Beverly Farms studio for Kiddie Products and Gerbers; taught writing online for the Institute of Childrens’ Literature in Connecticut and at Cambridge Adult Education on Brattle Street. She was an early star with the Fair Play Club of the Duluth Herald, went to Sebeka High School and attended Menzinger’s Art School (now the Detroit Institute of the Arts) where she worked with Carlos Lopez. She studied drawing and sculpture with George Demetrius in Gloucester and was a writer in-residence at Hedgebrook on Whidbey Island, Washington. She won an Edgar Allen Poe Award for fiction, as well as literally hundreds of other awards for design, poetry and illustration. 

She was pleased and thrilled to be honored by the Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester, with a Frances Wosmek Day in 2012. CAM worked with Frances closely and archived all her manuscripts, awards, sketches, wood blocks, books, photographs, and paintings into the museum collections. 

The life and career of Frances Wosmek can also be followed on her website: An Ebay collection also highlights her work as it becomes available.

In 1948 Frances Wosmek married Paul Stuart Brailsford, an English Master Mariner, manufacturer’s representative of environmental products to the fishing industry, and peace activist. They moved to Beverly Farms from Reading, and in 1960 they were named, “The All American Family from Massachusetts”, representing the state in a conference sponsored by the Book of Knowledge Encyclopedia and the University of Pennsylvania. Paul and Frances were divorced 23 years later but had recently reconciled and were good friends. Paul lived in Ipswich, also died at the age of 96. Their son Brian is now a Marine Surveyor in Maine, and daughter Robin is an artist in California. 

Born on a homestead, in the first wood frame house in Popple, Minnesota, Frances was delivered in a blizzard by a country doctor who got there by horse drawn sleigh. Her childhood was one of bronchitis, California oranges and china dolls, imagination and outdoor exercise. Her cultured Irish mother wrote poetry and played the harp, her father was a true pioneer of the north woods. There were three children: Clara, a homemaker, died last year at the age of 98. Sam, “the talented one,” at 94, carries on the Minnesota family traditions – from music and art to championship shooting. 

After graduation from Wadena Teacher’s Collage, Frances got a Model A (which she painted a cheery maroon) so that she could drive to work in a remote one room schoolhouse. She drove for another 75 years and never had an accident. Her driver’s license was renewed when she was 92. She had absolutely no sense of direction, but what she saw and learned on her adventures by sea and air to Peru, Egypt, Japan, and Ireland, as well as across the US and throughout Europe resonated with her until the very end. She was also completely technically inept – but she was early to word processors, the Internet, Facebook – anything to increase her abilities to work. She never did get used to digital cameras. Her first phone was a party line – two long and one short, her favorite number, “44.” Her “eyesight and hearing were perfect.”

Fran’s creativity, energy, quips, and sense of wonder will be missed by her family and friends. As well as those mentioned above, we would like to remember Waltraut Pundt Brown, Maureen Oathes, Peggy Cahill, the Rekow nephews, Martha Conant Brailsford, neighbors in Magnolia, Rocky Neck, Beverly Farms and Juniper Point, and the wonderful, kind caretakers at Seacoast in Gloucester.

For her work and life in her own words, please see her website: A memorial will be arranged for next summer.


Gift of Frances Wosmek.


2017.001.09 – A Winner for Great Misery, draft Box10 FF2

2017.001.22 – In the Space of a Wink, 1969, CFic W87

Never Mind Murder, 1977, CFic W87

A Brown Bird Singing, 1986, CFic W87

Acknowledge the Wonder, 1988, 720.1 W87

2017.001.35 – Newspaper clipping [Box 1 FF3], 3 note cards [Box 12 FF1 & FF5], 3 books, 4 hand painted plaster models [Box 27]

2018.010.04 – 12 photographs, a partial ms, annotated & typed, of A President for Great Misery (interspersed with 2 pages of Reuben Rat), one cd of photographs, and 54 floppy discs of her work.

Gifts of Robin Brailsford


Brief description: Drawings, woodcuts, prints, manuscripts, photographs and correspondence created by local children’s author and illustrator Frances Wosmek. Also two smaller collections of works of art by her brother Sam Wosmek and her daughter Robin Brailsford.

This collection was donated to the Cape Ann Museum by Frances Wosmek and consists of biographical information, family and business letters, awards, manuscripts, artwork, published works and coverage of the murder of her daughter-in-law. Also included in this collection are letters and artwork done by her brother Sam Wosmek and her daughter Robin Brailsford.


I. Biography, genealogy, and murder of daughter in law

II. Family and friends letters

III. Professional letters, awards, and correspondence

IV. Artwork and cards designed by Frances

V. Manuscripts

VI: Photographs

VII: Brother Sam Wosmek, letters, and art (located in box 2 Series 1)

VIII: Robin Brailsford (unfinished)


Box 1

Series 1: Biography, genealogy, family photos and murder trial

Folder 1: Several copies of her biography and a paper about her divorce

Folder 2: Vital records:

Copy of certified birth certificate

Certificate of baptism Aug 25, 1920

Elementary teaching certificate State of Minnesota 1938

Elementary teaching certificate State of Minnesota 1943

Small “memories” 1935 book autographs from Junior-Senior reception of Sebeka High School

Certificate of Marriage the Community Church of Boston 18 Nov. 1949.

Comm. of Mass. marriage license and certificate for Frances Wosmek and Paul Brailsford.

Copies of grades for Advanced English Comp. Harvard Extension 1964/65 and Salem State 72/73

Certificate of enrollment Science & Spiritual Quest Center for Theology & the Natural Sciences 1998

Passport 1978

Folder 3: Copy of high school book - early writings for the Fair Play Club sent to the local newspaper

Folder 4: Articles on Paul Brailsford including his obituary

Folder 5: Resumes for Frances Wosmek

Folder 6: Scrapbook with writings including poetry

Folder 7: Scrapbook containing misc. cards, newspaper, magazine articles written by Frances.

Folder 8: Newspaper, magazine, photos and publicity for the family’s All American Family Award.

Folder 9: Newspaper articles written about Frances

Folder 10: Articles from website

Folder 11: letters and certificates of prizes won through the years

Folder 12: Letters written by Frances to the Gloucester Times covering politics, gay marriage etc

Folder 13: Poems, columns, and magazine articles

Folder 14: Times articles dated May 11, 2011 about the severe scalding suffered by Frances.


Box 2

Series 1: Biography, genealogy, family photos and murder trial

Folder 1: Folder of Frances maternal Irish family the Fentons.

Newspaper article on her mother, notes on family history

History of Drumshanbo Methodist Church (family parish)

Notes taken by Frances on her trip to Ireland

Folder 2: Life story of Mabel Fenton and Frank Wosmek written by Frances

Obituary of Frank Wosmek

Funeral card for Mabel Rebecca Fenton Wosmek

Handwritten genealogy notes from Mabel Fenton Wosmek

Paper with locks of hair from the Wosmek children

Folder 3: 2 poems copied by Mabel

Folder 4: Clara Rekow family (older sister of Frances)

Elmer Carl Wilhelm Rekow memorial book written by family

Memorial book and photo of Rosalie Maribel Rekow (daughter of Clara)

Folder 5: Newspaper article of the Miller family neighbors and relatives from Minnesota

Folder 6: Notebook of sketches done by Frances while in Ireland.

Postcard of Bantry, Ireland

Pen and Ink sketch Christmas 1912

Folder 7: Notebook kept by Frances on trip to Ireland containing family notes and personal thoughts.


Box 2

Series VII : Brother Sam Wosmek

Folder 8: Photos of artwork and carvings done by Sam included some negatives

Folder 9: Original artwork, early sketches from WW2, small color portraits and cartoons

Folder 10: Sketches and drawings

Folder 11: Zerox copies of cartoons and verse

Folder 12: letter from Frances to Sam Feb? 200?

Folder 13: Letters from Sam to Frances and Robin

Sam to Frances June 5, 1986

Sam to Frances Feb 24,1987

Sam to Frances July 28,1992

Sam to Frances Oct. 20,1995

Sam to Frances Dec. 10,1997

Sam to Frances March 25,2000

Sam to Frances March 19, 2001

Sam to Frances Dec 31, 2001

Sam to Frances Feb. 3, 2002

Sam to Frances April 19, 2002

Sam to Frances may 31, 2002

Sam to Frances Dec. 3, 2002

Sam to Frances March 6, 2003

Sam to Frances Aug. 8, 2003

Sam to Frances Jan. 24, 2003

Sam to Frances June 9, 2003

Sam to Frances Dec 5, 2003

Sam to Frances Feb. 28,2004

Sam to Frances May 12, 2004

Sam to Frances June 30, 2004

Sam to Frances Nov.30, 2005

Sam to Frances Nov 17, 2006

Sam to Frances Dec. 11, 2007

Sam to Frances Jan. 9, 2008

Sam to Frances Feb. 8, 2008

Sam to Frances May 8, 2008

Sam to Frances June 2, 2008

Sam to Frances July 8, 2008

Sam to Frances April 6, 2009

Sam to Frances April 11, 2009

Sam to Frances July 1, 2010

Sam to Frances Dec. 12, 2010

Sam to Frances March 15,2011

Sam to Frances June 11, 2011

Sam to Robin Sept. 21, 2011

Sam to Frances Oct. 28, 2012

Sam to Frances April 9, 2013 (envelope with drawing and family photo)

Sam to Frances n/d birthday card

Sam to Frances n/d birthday card


Box 2

Series I : Biography ,genealogy, family photos and murder trial

Folder 14: 37 early photos Frances and family in Minnesota

Folder 15: 22 photos of years at American Greetings and trip to Europe in late 1940’s

Folder 16: 29 photos of Paul and Frances including a book of snapshots Folder

17: 22 Misc. family photos and family album containing 20 photos

Folder 18: 11 Family photos

Rebecca (Mabel) and Frank Wosmek

Family Farm in Minnesota taken on visit in 1990’s

Folder 19: 28 photos and slides of Brian and Robin Brailsford

Folder 20: Approx. 92 photos and photocopies in album of Brian Brailsford

Baby ID from hospital

Folder 21: Approx. 133 photos and photocopies in album, Minnesota

Folder 22: 6 photos of Sam Wosmek - WW2 and while he was in Bataan.

Folder 23: 76 photos of Frances and friend - Including trip to Peru

Folder 24: 107 photos of trip to Ireland including family members

2 Copies of manuscript written by Frances on Martha Conant Brailsford

Folder 25: Articles from the Salem Evening News on the murder trial of Thomas Malmoni 1991- 1993.

Folder 26: Trial notes taken by Frances

Folder27: Letters and notes concerning trial and outcome.

Frances to Norma Sept.9,1992

Frances to Gov. William Weld Feb.25,1993

Gov. William Weld to Frances April 5, 1993

Series of notes and thoughts about Brian and Martha written by Frances

Newspaper article from Christian Science Monitor “Witnesses for Hire” Jan 14, 1992

Folder 28: Impact statements and letters against parole for Malmoni

Eileen to Frances Feb 21,1992

Paul Brailsford to prosecuting attorney Kevin Mitchell Feb.7, 1993

Fax Joan Noble Pinkham to Paul Brailsford.

Memorial written by Paul Brailsford called Grieving

Paul Brailsford to Hon. Patti P. Saris Feb. 14,1993 including 2 copies of impact statement

Paul Brailsford to Rev. Merle Pimental Feb. 6, 1993

Paul Brailsford to Gov. William Weld including impact statement Feb. 18,1993

Frances Ford (Victims Advocate Comm. Of Mass) to Frances March 20,2006

Statement from Frances to Thomas Malmoni Frances to the Editor of the Salem Evening News Nelson Benton ed.

Folder 28: Letter Erin Farrell parole Board (Victim Services Co-ord) to Connie Brown Oct 10, 2006

Unfinished draft letter from Frances to Connie Brown thanking her for letter and support Oct. 15, 2006

Folder 29: 23 photos of Brian and Martha’s wedding - Wedding invitation

Folder 30: 1991 memorial service for Martha at Unitarian Church. Obituary. Eulogies

Photo of memorial built near home in Salem by neighbors

Folder 31: 23 photos and negatives of Martha and Brian and her artwork

Folder 32: Letters concerning movie offer made on the murder

Frances to Muriel April 21,1993

Frances to Eileen n/d Draft of a statement written by Frances stating her “outrage by feeling betrayed by the authors of Counterpoint n/d

Robin Brailsford to editor of the Salem Evening News in response to the book Counterpoint July 24, 1996

Frances to Ms. Press n/d

Frances to editor draft letter n/d

Robin to Frances in regards to her book on Martha n/d

Frances to Robin Jan. 29, 1994

Folder 33: After trial letters family and friends

Frances to Paul Brailsford Sept 7,1991

Frances to Robin n/d

Robin to Frances Sept 9, 1991 (post card)

Katherine (Convent of the Sacred Heart, Albany NY) to Frances June 10, 1992

Robin to Frances Feb. 1, 1993 (post card)

Robin to Frances Feb. Feb.6,1993

Robin to Frances March 11, 1993 (postcard)

Robin to Frances April 1, 1993

Robin to Frances April 15, 1993

Eileen to Frances July 16, 1993

Robin to Frances n/d

Lidt to Frances Nov. 30, 1997

Robin to Frances Nov. 14, 2005 (postcard)

Draft letter Frances to Brain April 30, 2006

Connie Brown to Frances Sept. 28, 2006

? to Frances Dec. 20, 2008

Folder 34: 2 11 x 14 photographs of Bantry Ireland, Square in Bantry early 1900’s


Box 3

Series II Family letters

Folder 1: Letters between Paul Brailsford and Frances Wosmek

(notation some of the years on letters are incorrect they met Nov/Dec 1948)

Paul to Frances Dec. 5, 1948 at anchor off Statue of Liberty

Paul to Frances Dec. 9, 1948 (British Merchant Navy Officers Club stationary Hotel Astor NY)

Paul to Frances Dec 11, 1948 (Chief Officer M.V. Mabay New York)

Paul to Frances Dec. 15, 1948 ( M.V. Mabay off Ambrose Lightship New York harbor entrance)

Paul to Frances Dec. 17, 1948 at sea aboard the M.V Mabay

Menu from Belvedere Room and Sports bar Madison Square garden drawing by Paul on the cover. “ In New York, The Belvedere and You will be synonymous” signed Paul S. Brailsford

Ad Hal Hofer playing at Hotel Flower gift card

Paul to Frances Dec. 23, 1948 aboard M.V. Mabay from Cuba

Paul to Frances Dec. 26, 1948 off the Gulf of Honduras Guatemala

Paul to Frances Dec 28, 1948 from Barrios

Paul to Frances Dec. 29, 1948 from Barrios, Guatemala

Paul to Frances n/d Paul to Frances Jan 1, 1949

Paul to Frances Jan. 1, 1948 (s/b 49) poem included Ode to an Orchid

Paul to Frances Jan 2 1949 views on religion and poem

Paul to Frances Jan 6, 1948 (sb 1949) Honduras

Paul to Frances Jan. 7, 1949 Honduras

Folder 2: Radiogram

Paul to Frances fom M.V. Mabay Jan 11, 1949

Paul to Frances Jan. 24, 1948 (sb 49) via Fishermen’s mail

Paul to Frances (Honduras) Feb. 9, 1949

Paul to Frances Feb.11,1949

Paul to Frances March 8, 1948 (sb 49) with poem

Paul to Frances May 1, 1949

Paul to Frances May 18, 1949 enclosed with an ad from Hotel Belvedere NY

Paul to Frances May 22, 1949

Paul to Frances June 17, 1949 ( they had had an argument)

Paul to Frances June 27, 1949 from Preston Cuba

Paul to Frances Aug 16, 1949 (he is at Alpine Inn Quebec)

Paul to Frances Sept.3, 1949

Paul to Frances Sept 13th , 1949 from Hotel Belvedere NY

Paul to Frances Oct.5th, 1949 (she was in Europe with friend Ann)

Paul to Frances Oct. 14, 1949 (she is in Rome and he is on a banana boat)

Paul to Frances Oct. 23, 1949 (he is in the Bahamas and she is still in Europe)

Telegram from Paul to Frances “Lets marry soon” Nov. 1949

Poem Paul to Frances Christmas 1950

Folder 3: Letter to “Sabu” (stuffed animal?) From Paul

Cuba Feb.6, 1949 gift card enclosed “Welcome to New York”

Folder 4: Frances to Paul Dec.31, 1948 included a poem and tag for flowers Paul had sent Frances to Paul July 22, 1949

Frances to Paul Oct 10, 1949 (she was in Nice, France)

Frances to Paul 1949 (she had just met Paul’s family in London)

Frances to Paul Valentine card “to my husband”

Frances to Paul 1950 Frances and Brian birthday card to Paul n/d

Folder 5: Paul’s mother to Paul Jan 1988

Paul’s mother to Paul n/d

Noel Brailsford (brother) to Paul and June (second wife) Oct 8, 1985 invitation to mom’s 103rd birthday

Folder 6: Misc. sketches done by Paul

Article on Mountain KI

Folder 7: Tie and embroidered envelope. Letters were enclosed in this envelope

Misc. note from Terry n/d


Box 5

Series II Correspondence

Folder 1: Frances to Brian birthday 1950’s

Brian and Martha to Frances Feb. 28,1984

Brian to Frances Birthday

Brian to Frances n/d

Brian to Frances n/d Christmas

Brian to Frances n/d Christmas

Brian to Frances n/d Birthday

Brian to Frances n/d birthday

Brian to Frances n/d birthday

Brian to Frances n/d Mothers Day

Brian to Frances n/d birthday

Brian to Frances n/d

Brian to Frances n/d

Brian to Frances book of postcards May 1993

Brian to Frances birthday n/d

Brian to Frances n/d

Brian to Frances Feb 5, 2004 valentines Brian to Robin n/d

Brian to Frances Jan.4, 2006 (returned check)

Brian to Frances n/d

Folder 2: Draft letter Frances to Brian April 3, 2006

Folder 3: Group of 158 postcards Robin to Frances 1983-2011

48 letters 1986- 2011 mostly undated

Folder 4: 5 letters written by Robin to Frances as a child 1974- some undated

Folder 5: Group of family letters

Frances to ? Oct 10, 1950 about the birth of Brian

Grandpa to Brian Nov. 13, 1960

Frances to Frances? June 6, 1968

Paul Brailsford to Mary (his sister) Dec. 12,1968

Carolyn to Clara Jan. 1, 1979

Clara to Frances Aug. 20, 1987

Russel J. Lackre to Frances Jan. 8, 1988

Ken Rekow (nephew) to Frances Sept 27, 1988

Frances to mother n/d

Freda? (Fenton relative in Australia) to Frances Dec.16,1992

Clara to Frances Dec. 12, 1996

Chris Fenton (Australia) to Frances Jan 16, 1997

Remembrance of a family friend in Minnesota written by Clara 2005

Clara to Frances June 25, 2006

Cousin Jen to Frances Sept 25, 2006

Clara to Frances Dec.19, 2006

Clara to Frances march 1, 2007

Clara to Frances May 9, 2011

Clara to Frances May 15, 2011

Clara to Frances May 25, 2011

Clara to Robin May 26, 2011

Clara to Frances July 4, 2011

Susan (cousin?) to Frances n/d

2 letters Susan to Frances n/d

Folder 6: 7 letters Frances to Robin years 2002 -2005

Folder 7: 13 letters and cards between Frances and friend Trautel Brown 2002-2011

Folder 8: 5 misc letters and cards written to Frances from children

Folder 9: Folder of draft letters Frances wrote.

Toys and Dolls Dept at Skinner March 10, 2005

Frances to Magda (artist and old friend) July 16, 2005

Magnolia Library July 16, 2006

Partial letter to a relative

Partial letter to Ken Rekow (nephew) seeking legal advice

Card Frances to Norma n/d

Blank Christmas card

2 drafts Frances to Bailey

Card Frances to Paddy


Box 6

Series III Professional letters awards and correspondence

Folder 1: List of book submission guidelines from various publishers

Folder 2: American Greetings

Virginia Strang (editor American Greetings) to Frances offering job Feb.5, 1942

Ken Rekow(attorney and nephew) to Irving Stone American Greetings May 16,1988

Irving Stone to Frances June 1, 1988

Irving Stone to Frances to Frances June 20, 1988

Folder 3: Acknowledge the Wonder:

Author contract Sept. 1, 1987

Publishers advance review

Theosophical Publishing House April 21, 1987

Theosophical Publishing House Aug. 24, 1987

Theosophical Publishing House to Frances Sept. 2, 1987

Letter Clara to Frances on book March 3, 1988

Certificate of copyright registration March 7, 1988

Theosophical Publishing House royality June 14, 1988

Card Paul Brailsford to Frances May 2, 1988

Review of book North Shore magazine May 12, 1988

Theosophical Publishing House royalty July 10,1989

Theosophical Publishing House royalty July 12, 1990

Quest Books to Frances royalty statement July 29, 1994

Quest Books to Frances royalty statement July 21,1995

Letter Vera Gold (96 Inc) to Committee for the Provincetown Fellowship in Literature June 1, 1997

Theosophical Publishing House royalty statement May 31, 1998

Folder 4: Brown Bird Singing: Several letters from publishers 1984 -1995 including contract offer for book, royalty statements Wm. Morrow and Co. Publishers 1986-2002

Folder 5: Series of 15 letters from readers and publishers 1986- 2007

Folder 6: Series of magazine, newspaper and trade papers about Brown Bird Singing listing awards received.

Folder 7: Book reviews for Brown Bird Singing 1986 -1987

Folder 8: Draft letter Frances to Harper Collins April 2, 2002

Folder 9: Cock-A - Doodle -do:

Memo from Rand McNally to Frances, book selected for UNESCO care book package Oct. 27, 1950

Folder 10: ABC Ecology:

Publisher’s agreement Nov. 26, 1981

May Davenport, Publishers to Frances Dec. 15, 1982

Trade notice n/d

May Davenport, Publishers to Frances Feb. 23, 1988

Frances to May Davenport Publishers July 26, 1993

Ken Rekow to Frances Oct.19,1993

Ken Rekow to Bryan Davenport Oct. 19,1993

Publishers agreement, Letter from Frances to Publisher no compensation and other legal letters.

Folder 11: Eldridge Entertainment House to Frances offering contract June 11, 1940

Folder 12: In Space of a Wink Follett publishers. Royalties, contract and business correspondence.

Folder 13: Go to Sleep: Rand McNally contract Dec. 1948

Folder 14: Printing estimate from Pressroom for Misery Island booklet

Folder 15: Gibson Greeting 1998 agreement

Folder 16: Institute of Children’s Literature letters of praise, teaching ability and stationery 1986-1996

Folder 17: Neighbors Royalties, agreement and letters about book

Folder 18: Mystery of the Eagles Claw royalty agreement 1978

Folder 19: Never Mind Murder 1977

Royalty agreement Statements 1991

Folder 20: Never Mind Murder

3 letters praising book

Folder 21: 49 Letters from students that Frances taught at The Institute of Children’s Literature 1986-2000

Folder 22: Never Mind Murder

Newspaper reviews 1976 1

Child’s review of book 1979

Folder 23: Sky High

Letters of praise for book 1950 - 2008

Folder 24: Letters to publishers

G.P Putnam to Frances n/d

Frances to Orchard Books ref. Peter and Whooly Bear Feb. 3, 1994

Frances to Kathy Pohl Nov. 14, 1995

Frances to Selby Publishers June 16, 1997

Frances to Laura Godwin (H.Holt & Co.) Dec. 20, 1999

Frances to Gar Willets (Lerner Pub) July 25,2000

Frances to Natasha Kern, Literary Age Sept.6,2000

Frances to Margery Cuyler ( Marshall Cavendish) Nov. 3, 2003

Frances to Boyd’s Mill Press March 9, 2003

Dillon Press to Frances n/d

Frances to Writers House May 3, 2004

Frances to Raven Tree Press May 22, 2004

Frances to Scott Treimel Aug. 12, 2004

Frances to Marshall Cavendish Corp. Oct. 5, 2005

Draft letter Frances to Barbara Bates Westminster press n/d

Folder 25: Rejection letter Darby Creek Publishers n/d

Lothrup, Lee and Shepard to Frances Oct. 24, 1991

Contract to publish from Royal Fireworks Press Nov. 9, 1994

Frances to Mr. Kemnitz Royal Fireworks Press Oct. 24, 1994

Frances to Mr. Kemnitz Royal Fireworks Press Feb.17, 1997

Folder 26: More correspondence

Society of Children’s Book Writers to Frances July 12, 1975

Mailgram from Allied Feature Syndicate to Frances April 27, 1976

Field Newspaper Syndicate to Frances May 28, 1976

Houghton- Mifflin to Frances Jan. 4, 1980

Rejection from Margaret K. McElderry Books n/d

Acceptance letter for Perspectives and Spring Order n/d

Scholastic Books to Frances April 3, 1980

Westminster Press to Frances Aug. 3, 1981

Dial Books For Young Readers to Frances May 21, 1985

Harcourt, Brace Jovanovich to Frances Dec. 3,1985

Lothrup, Lee and Shepard Books to Frances April 10, 1986

Children’s Better Health Institute to Frances May 14, 1986

Farrar, Straus and Giroux to Frances June 21, 1988

Lothrup, Lee and Shepard to Frances July 1, 1986

Theosophical Publishing House to Frances Aug. 29, 1990

Viking Children’s Books to Frances April 15, 1992

Parachute Press to Frances April 22, 1992

Parachute Press to Frances April 5, 1993

Philomel Books to Frances July 23, 1993

Commonwealth Editions to Frances Aug. 24, 2000

Cricket Publications to Frances n/d

Viking Children’s Books to Frances May 3, 2001

Lee and Low Books to Frances n/d

Children’s Writer to Frances April 18, 2008

Folder 27: Frances to Maxine Mahaffy (student) Dec. 14, 1997

Notes on Creativity exceeded

Draft letter to? n/d

Folder 28: Misc. letters and emails praising books Frances wrote

Shannon Bueno to Frances March 1998

Shannon Bueno to Frances April 16, 1998

Delores Fox to Clara and forwarded to Frances Nov. 30, 1999

John and Donna Yate email to Frances Dec. 17, 2002

Email about Frances from Barry Belasco to Judy Robinson April 13, 2007

2 emails Ineke VanDoorn to Frances, Frances to Ineke Oct 26, 2007

Rising Starr Quall to Frances plus Frances reply Oct. 15, 2007

Email Cindy to Frances and replies Nov. 3, 2007

Email Barbara Corcoran to Frances May 29, 2008

Email Barbara Corcoran to Frances June 2,2008 plus replies

3 Emails Maureen Pinta to Frances n/d

Email Lisa Gioia - Acres to Frances Dec. 30, 2008

Email Andrea Markowitz to Frances Jan.19, 2009

Email Elva Roy to Frances n/d

Letter from a child named Evy Case to Frances (book Space of a Wink) Feb. 5, 2009

Email John Hawkins to Frances Feb. 15, 2009

Email Bill Minerick to Frances n/d Patty to Frances April 11/?

Folder 29: Acceptance letter from Courtney Richardson (CAM) to Frances

Folder 30: New republic article about Dean July 1, 2002

Letter to Howard Dean from Frances July 29, 2002

Email to Howard to Dean from Frances n/d

Folder 31: 22 letters and cards

Folder 32: Quotations, poems and ephemera

Folder 33: Application for the position of Gloucester’s Poet Laureate

Folder 34: Spring Poetry, rhyming poem written by a child at CAM 2013 program


Box 7 A-L

Series V Manuscripts

Folder 1: ABC Ecology includes sketches

Folder 2: Acknowledge the Wonder copy sent to publisher and press release

Folder 3: Baboo the Friendly Bear 2 mock ups for the book

Folder 4: Brown Bird Singing sketches for book and draft

Folder 5: Call Me Old Bound final copy, folder of misc. edited changes and chapter outline

Folder 6: Case of the Disappearing Tuna short story

Folder 7: Crosswinds 2 copies included edited changes and synopsis

Folder 8: Unfinished draft and notes for book entitled Deep Roots or Mythology for a New Age

Folder 9: Ding a Ling sketches and draft

Folder 10: A Fisherman’s Hands (Howard Blackburn) included a partial draft letter to Millbrook Press, several draft copies of book and notes for same.

Folder 11: From the Trash Barrel to the Stars several copies

Folder 12 Grin and Bear It bound copy

Folder 13: Hear the Music notes, edited changes, illustrations and mock ups

Folder 14: Japan photos and write up of trip Frances made to Japan

Folder 15: Leonardo Da Rabbit, notes, drawings and mockup of book


Box 8 M-SH

Series V Manuscripts

Folder 1: Grand Mother Goose Rhymes

Folder 2: Musical Wings and the Icky Sticky Strings

Folder 3: My Sleepy Time Book

Folder 4: Mythology for a New Age (see box 7 FF8 with Deep Roots)

Folder 5: Neighbors mock up for book, photos and drawings

Folder 6: Net of Pearls or Great Memory draft copies

Folder 7: Magazine article The New reality by Frances

Folder 8: Spiral notebook with notes for proposed book History of the North Shore

Folder 9: 2 bound copies of book On Second Thought

Folder 10: Partial unnamed story

Folder 11: Peter and Wooly Bear includes sketch

Folder 12: Group of plays Royal Magic for Thanksgiving, Professor gets a Lesson and Third Eye

Folder 13 Poetry includes edited changes for book, long poems and misc written by Frances

Folder 14: 2 bound volumes and edited changes for book Reaching for the Light

Folder 15: Unpublished bound copy of book Sandy Claws

Folder 16: Drawings and several copies of book Sarah Small Voice

Folder 17 Misc. chapters and notes and possible full copy of book Secret of the Swan Baby

Folder 18: Misc..notes for books


Box 9 SH-T

Series V Manuscripts

Folder 1: Misc short stories

Folder 2: 4 short stories Thunder on Sunday, The Outsider, The Star is Blue, Sammy was an Angel

Folder 3: Spiritual Arts in a Nuclear War

Folder 4: A Tadpoles Diary

Folder 5: Transcendence bound volume, final draft, edited changes and speech on subject Frances gave.

Folder 6; Notes for book untitled


Box 10 U-W

Series V Manuscripts

Folder 1: Unbound copy and sketches Under the Evil Hand

Folder 2 Winner For Great Misery [hand drawn and colored draft 2017.001.09]

Folder 3: Wolf Child Copies of publication in 96 INC, edited changes, letter Philomel Books 1996


Box 11

Series V Manuscripts and personal books

4 copies Twinkle Tot Tales

2 copies One, Two, Cock a Doodle Doo

2 copies Cuddles and His Friends

1 copy Lets Make Music

1 copy Twinkle Tots

3 copies Sky High

1 copy ABC Ecology

1 copy Mystery of the Eagles Claw

1 copy A Bowl of Sun

2 copies Never Mind Murder

2 pbk, 1 hc and bound galley A Brown Bird Singing

2 copies Little, Little Dog

2 copies of In The Space of a Wink written under name Brailsford

2 copies Go To Sleep

1 copy Neighbors

1 copy Acknowledge the Wonder

Folder 2: Personal books and magazines

Book of prose no title page ripped

The Glossaries new system word finding

Magazine Leonardo: Homage to DaVinci

Time Magazine best photos 2005

Magazine Arbitare 1994

Children’s catalog Houghton Mifflin Spring 2000

Cricket Magazine Dec. 1997

Humpty Dumpty Magazine Jan/Feb 1998

Children’s Playmate Jan/Feb 1998

Jack and Juill Jan/Feb 1998

Ladybug Magazine Oct 1992, Dec 1997

Children’s digest Jan/ Feb 1998

Highlights for Children June 1997


American Baby Dec 2003

Catalog the First Years 1979 program

Woodcut by Harry Sternberg

Voyage of a Lifetime

Time/Life The Mirror of History

Under the Window by Kate Greenway

Memories of a Home (1890)

Booklet Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site

The Future Evolution of Man Sri Aurobindo

Literature/Writing 103 and Critical Theory an appendage

Sadhana in Sri Aurobindos Yoga by M. P. Pandit

Show Us Your Shorts 10th annual writers digest short stoty competition

2 copies Poetry Magazine April and Sept 2010

Parabola Magazine Spring 2010

8 booklets of Native Americans in the Northwest by Roger Vernam

Babies First Mother Goose (illustrated by an artist from Rust Craft)

Booklet Casles by Mike

Babies picture book by Maud Tousey

Wall poster “work in the 20th century”

Magazine “The Sun” May 2002

Short story How Night came into Being


Box 12

Series IV Cards, artwork

Folder 1: Series of early cards and designs done by Frances at Rust Craft and American

Greetings 1940’s includes 2 books of designs Wm. Wasson and misc. handprints

Folder 2: Card designs called Cut-ups, negatives, cards and mock ups

Folder 3: Group of 5 sketch books

Folder 4: Misc color charts and papers used by Frances

Folder 5: Misc cards: W.M. Wesson, inc.


Box 13 Series IV

Cards, artwork

Folder 1: Misc. sketches done for Kidde Products

Folder 2: Ballerina sketches

Folder 3: Coloring book, bedtime book for childrenides and mockup

Folder 4: Baby’s First Years ( designed by Frances)

Folder 5: Fabric design for child

Folder 6: 3 small folders of wrapping paper

Folder 7: 2 melamine bowls (I broken) Kidde Products


Box 14

Series IV Cards, artwork

Folder 1: Misc. artwork mostly designs for Kidde Products

Folder 2: Pencil drawings of designs for Kidde Products

Folder 3: Color drawings done for Kidde Products

Folder 4: Xerox copies of designs for Kidde Products

Folder 5: Kidde Product designs

Folder 6: Artwork , stories and pages from Jack and Jill Magazine

Folder 7: Methodist Sunday School paper artwork and mock up pages

Folder 8: Tear sheet from book Cuddles and Friends

Folder 9: Oversized greeting card designs


Box 15

Series IV Cards, artwork

Misc. wood blocks includes 2 ballerina mother and child


Box 16

Series IV Cards, artwork

5 wood blocks for book Under the Evil Hand


Box 17

Series IV Cards, artwork

Folder 1: Sketch for proposed Blackburn book A Fisherman’s Hands

Folder 2: Group of misc. Sketches mostly pencil including a sketch book

Folder 3: Group of misc. illustrations for books 

Folder 4: Sketch book for book Neighbors

Folder 5: Prints made from woodcuts

Folder 6: Misc illustrations

Folder 7: Proposed book cover for Wings in a Sea Wind her new title for Peter and Woolly bear

Folder 8: Book Illustration from woodcut Sandy Claws

Folder 9: Group of drawings, letters photo work done by Frances’s friend and former co-worker Magda Peregrin

Folder 10: Copy of woodcut for book Sarah Small Voice

Folder 11: Misc. sketches for various books

Folder 12: 2 drawings done by Carlos Lopez former teacher of Frances at Menzinger Art School

Folder 13: Three ring binder with quick sketches by Frances of daughter Robin


Box 18

Series IV Cards, artwork

Box of woodblocks some bank 2 with balloons


Box 19

Series IV Cards, artwork

4 Scrapbooks 3 in folders 1 sleeved

American Greetings card designs by Frances

Greeting cards designed by Frances

Greetings cards

Greeting cards with some photos

Booklet entitled “Six Acres” by American

Greetings how cards are printed


Box 20

Series IV Cards, artwork 

Folder 1: Misc sketches taken out of sketch book

Folder 2: Group of Mother and Child woodcuts

Folder 3: Mother and Children

Folder 4: Leonardo da Rabbit

Folder 5: Woodcuts made for proposed book Christopher Columbus (original wood blocks were destroyed)

Folder 6: Neighbors artwork for book

Folder 7: Prints for book A bowl in Sun

Folder 8: Artwork for Under the Evil Hand

Folder 9: Group of misc. sketches and artwork for books including Cal Me Old

Folder 10: 2 watercolors


Box 21

Series IV Cards, artwork

Set of 4 framed acrylics for her series War and Children


Box 22

Series IV Cards, artwork

Box of framed Mother and Child 1 pencil,1 acrylic, Children of the world


Box 23 [moved to Box 27]

Series IV Cards, artwork

2 Plaster bass relief’s

1 profile and another tile with two angels and lamb

1 Mexican relic


Box 24

Series IV Cards, artwork

Box of CD’s and tapes including CD’s taken from her home computer, badly taped story reading


Box 24

Series IV Cards, artwork

Box of CD’s and tapes including CD’s taken from her home computer, badly taped story reading


Box 26

Series VII Robin



Box 27 [carton]

Addenda 2017.001.35 & 2018.010.04

3 books: Come and Play, 1949, Twinkle Tot Tales, 1949, Cuddles and his Friends, 1949.

4 hand painted plaster models: girl chef, profile of boy’s head, ballet dancer, girl with kittens.

12 photographs of Frances and Robin.

a partial ms, annotated & typed, of A President for Great Misery (interspersed with 2 pages of Reuben Rat).

one cd of photographs.

54 floppy discs of her work.