Creator: Dolliver family; Moore family
Dates: 1652-1891
Quantity: .5 linear feet (1 document box)
Acquisition:  Unknown
Identification: A34; Archive Collection #34; Document Box P23
Citation: [Document Title]. The Dolliver/Moore Papers, [Box #, Folder #, Item #], Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Gloucester, MA.
Copyright: Requests for permission to publish material from this collection should be addressed to the Librarian/Archivist.
Language: English
Finding Aid: Peter J. Brown, 2004.

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For the most part, the earlier transactions involve the extended Dolliver family while the later transactions revolve around Joseph Moore.

The earliest document in 1652 was the purchase of land by Samuel Dolliver in Fresh Water Cove. By 1700, his herd of 10 cows will be the largest on Cape Ann. The Dolliver sons added land in Magnolia by being granted public land lots; William Dolliver in 1688 (his wife Ann will be accused of witchcraft but is not brought to trial) and Richard Dolliver in 1707 and again in 1723. Paul Dolliver also settled in Fresh Water Cove in 1700. It was Richard Dolliver who managed to eventually control the family holdings. His daughter, Hannah, married Josiah Grover in 1719. The Grover family in turn will sell most of the Dolliver holdings to Master Joseph Moore.

Joseph Moore was the son of William Moore who had bought land from Josiah Grover in 1751 at Fresh Water Cove. The father was a teacher, a profession that the one would also take up. In 1775, the British sloop-of-war Falcon, commanded by Captain Lindsay, shelled the town of Gloucester and also captured William Moore and 12-year-old Joseph Moore. The father was not heard from again, but the son was put ashore. With his mathematical talent, he taught navigation to decades of ship captains as well as teaching in the public schools. He died in 1845 at the age of 82.


The documents and letters concern real estate transactions and lease arrangements from 1652 (sawmill at Fresh Water Cove) to 1891. The land centered on both sides of Norman’s Woe brook and included Mussel Point, Dolliver’s Neck and Fresh Water Cove, up to what is now Western Avenue. Some of the documents are original while others are copies taken from the Essex County Registry of Deeds.


While the documents and letters all concern the same land areas, the information is divided between the two families.

Series I: Dolliver family

Series II: Moore family


Series I, Folder 1

1. October 26, 1865: Sale of land for nonpayment of taxes.

2. May 23, 1747: Description of land – Richard Dolliver (Norman’s Woe)

3. 1680: Mill privilege – Norman’s Woe Brook

4. May 22, 1744: (Copy) Will of Richard Dolliver

5. June 9, 1747: (Copy) Court order to settle estate of Richard Doliver; (Copy) Division of estate (May 23, 1747)

6. March 16, 1746: (Copy) Appraisal of Dolliver Estate

7. May 6, 1757: Sale of land by Norman’s Woe – Joseph Coward [son in law to R. Dolliver] to Jacob Hooper.

8. February 24, 1737: (Copy) Grant of land from R. Doliver to Joseph Grover [son in law]

9. April 12, 1846: Sale of cemetery lot (High Street Cemetery) from estate of William Collins to Joseph Moore.

10. Undated: Letter disputing claim of William Pew to land given by Richard Doliver to his son in law Josiah [sic] Grover [see #8]

11. Letter continuing dispute.

12. 1849: Letter continuing dispute

13. 1849: Letter continuing dispute

14. May 14, 1798: Sale of land [part of original estate of Richard Dolliver] by Benjamin Herring to Ignatius Webber.

15. May 7, 1791: Sale of land, Rebecca Coward to Joseph Grover.

Series II, Folder 2

1. February 19, 1813: Payment receipt – Joseph Grover to Joseph Moore

2. March 22, 1809: (Copy) Petition granted to Josiah Grover his claim of 9/70 [“nine seventieths”] of original Dolliver estate

3. May 7, 1751: (Copy) Land sale Josiah Grover to William Moore for two pounds.

4. April 9, 1760: (Copy) Land sale Josiah Grover to Joseph Grover [son] for 93 pds 6 shillings & 8 pence.

5. April 9, 1803: Payment receipt – Josiah Grover leases estate of his father, Joseph Grover to Joseph Moore for

6 dollars for one year. 6. September 27, 1814: (Copy) Sale of land John Grover to Joseph Moore for $50 Norman’s Woe Pasture.

7. November 7, 1808: (Copy) Sale of land by Ignatius Webber to Joseph Moore for $230.

8. November 11, 1844: (Copy) Sale of land William Pew to Joseph Moore for $20.

9. February 17, 1755: (Copy) Sale of land – estate of John Millet to Richard Grover, William Moore sum of 20 pds, 8 shillings.

10. September 27, 1814: Sale of land John Grover to Joseph Moore, Norman’s Woe Pasture sum $50.

11. Notes pertaining to deed searches.

Series II, Folder 3

1. Letter to Curtis C. Cressy, including map of Manchester, Gloucester and Norman’s Woe Roads – with owners’ plots listed. Repurchase of Moore estate minus the old Homestead. 10-19-1872.

2. Appraisal of land of Moore Estate, with hand drawn map.

3. (Copy) James A. Knowlton, Clara Knowlton, Allen Knowlton, Elnia Knowlton to Ware de Gay – Consideration of $15,000. Book 1068 P. 208 – 10-12-1881. and book 973 page 244.

4. Jos. Moore to James W. Stearns – Book 203 P. 236 – 7-29-1814.

5. Re: Norman’s Woe Pasture, Book 188, Leaf 288, 3-22-1809, sett. Off to Josiah Grover. And Book 197 Leaf 181, 9-27-1814, John Grover to Joseph Moore.

6. [on same page as above] John Grover to Jos. Moore – Norman’s Woe Pasture, Book 197, Leaf 181, 9-27-1814

7. Property known as the Knoll – sold to C. C. Cressy by all seven Moore heirs for $500. 10-17-1872.

8. Probate Record: Inventory of Estate of Barnett Knowlton, 5-10-1841, and expenses of settling estate. Inside, Estate of Rebecca Coward – Book61, P. 194 & 95. 12-12- 1790. Price paid for land sold to settle the estate. Also book 118, Leaf 45 and Book 126 Leaf 170.

9. More notes on estate of Rebecca Coward, 6-5-1790.

10. Sale of land by Wm. Hooper and Sally Hooper of Manchester to John Frail of Marblehead and Benj. T. Reed of Boston, land at Norman’s Woe. Book 302, P. 111, 8-7-1837 for $500. Book 199, P. 249, 2-8-1812 for $205. Jacob Hooper to John Hooper, 1-27-1816 a piece of land at Kettle Cove.

Series II, Folder 4

11. Tract of woodland near Norman’s Woe – Robert Freeman to Johnathan Knowlton for $50, 2-3-1804, Book 207 Leaf 156. Jacob Hibbard to Samuel Rogers for L1.54, 18s [sic], 4-15-1791, 2 parcels of land. Book 165 P. 251.

12. Richard Dolliver to Joseph Grover and his wife Hannah (Dolliver), January 17, 1738, June 12, 1736.

13. James Grant to Naomi Grant, 6-28-1792 for 68s to Solomon Parsons – Book 159 P. 78 and others. Land at Fresh Water Cove – Dolliver and Grover property. Book 152 P. 267. more of the same, mostly re: Richard Dolliver.

14. James Sawyer to Jos. Grover 1-16-1761. Book 110, Page 232 – Rec. 10-20-1762. Sum 93 pds. 6 shillings 8 pence. Also Josiah Grover to Joseph Grover April 9, 1802.

15. A. B. C. Land 19 acres near Norman’s Woe.

16. John Millet to Joseph Coward 9-7-1742, Box 87, Page 261 and 265, Land near Norman’s Woe.

17. Inventories Knowlton Property 1808 – 1815.

18. Joseph Coward to Jacob Hooper for L 56 13s 4d. 5-6-1759, Book 137 P. 47.

19. Map of Property near Norman’s Woe. Alfred Cressy and John Bray to Epes Sargent of Roxbury – 10-23-1859 for $700. Book 594 Leaf 296. Cressy, Bray and Knowlton properties. History of Norman’s Woe Pasture.

20. J. Grover to Wm. Moore – Essex Reg. Recorded. Book 802 P. 214. Property on highway leading to Kettle Cove. May 7, 1751.

Series II Folder 5

21. J. Moore (teacher) to William Pew (Mariner). Land near Fresh Water Cove. 11-12- 1844. called the “Old Orchard.”

22. [2 pieces] Ruth Sloan to Jos. Moore – (School master) 1/9 part of land of Jos. Grover at Fresh Water Cove 4-18-1806.

23. Levi Merrill (yeoman) of Orange, Grafton Co. NH. 1/9 part of property at Fresh Water Cove to Joseph Moore. 1804 & 1806.

24. William Pew mariner to Joseph Moore teacher, land at Fresh Water Cove. 11- 111844.

25. Will of Richard Dolliver – May 22 1744 [reference only]. Inventory of land at Fresh Water Cove – House and Land. Book 27 old series pages 103-104.

26. Thos. C. Durant to Heloise his wife to Warren Merrill – 1876. Norman’s Woe (Hoopers) Pasture. Book 952 Pages 76-78.

27. Assessor’s valuation 1861, 62, 66. Heirs of Joseph Moore.

28. Epes Sargent of Roxbury to Mary Sargent wife of George B. Sargent – Quit Claim – 4- 14-1865. Book 943 P. 122.

29. Quit claim Cleeves, Knowlton, Morrill etc. land Norman’s Woe Pasture. 4-27-1840. 30. Notes re: property of Joseph Moore.

Series II Folder 6

31. Moore heirs – permission to City of Gloucester to take land to widen road from Fresh Water Cove to Magnolia for $4000.

32. More information on same.

33. Levi Merrill of Orange NH to Joseph Moore land near Norman’s Woe, 2/9 of property of Joseph Grover.

34. John Grover of Hallowell, Co. of Kennebunk to Joseph Moore, right in estate of Joseph Grover. 10-8-1804.

35. Nathaniel Grover of Rutland Vt. To Joseph Moore. 10-8-1804.

36. Probate Records – Betsy Moore app. Admx. Of estate of Joseph Moore and appraisal of Real Estate.

37. Geo. P. Dow to Jos. Moore letter re: Joseph Grover.

38. S. B. Mason to Jos. Moore re: heirs of J. Grover.

39. [missing?] Estate of Jos. Grover – re: sawmill at Fresh Water Cove. 10-11-1759.

40. Notes regarding saw mill at Fresh Water Cove 1652, Jeffrey Parsons, and other misc. historical and genealogical notes.

Series II Folder 7

41. Settlement of Doliver Estate – 5-23-1747. First division Doliver to children, daughters married to Davis, Grover, Coward, and later divisions.

42. Notes – Coward transfers.

43. Estate of Rebecca Coward – 8-25-1791. (Solomon Parsons Adm.) to J. Grover. Johnathan Knowlton’s land then was Daniel Rogers’.

44. Inventory of estate to Joseph W. Grover – 3 acres of land, Josiah Grover, administrator. 12-28-1802.

45. Letter J. A. Moore to C. T. Rackeman 8-18-1882 re: Grover property.

46. Notes re: Grover property.

47. More notes of same.

48. Probate Records – Pool and Norwood – land of Nehemiah Grover. 10-3-1815.

49. Re: property of John Parsons 3-24-1710 to Richard Dolliver – notes.

50. Will of Josiah Grover (Housewright) 8-30-1828. Inventory of estate 10-9-1828.

Series II Folder 8

51. Land near Norman’s Woe – Elias Davis to Jos. Conrad 30 Acres for L 140. Richard Dolliver to Jos. And Rebecca Coward 3-10-1732. John Millett to Jos. Coward 9-7- 1742.

52. Eunice Millet, widow of John Millet to Richard Grover and Wm. Moore (12 acres) 2- 1-1814.

53. Question re: land sold 1813-1814 by Grover heirs to Jos. Moore.

54. Warranty Deeds. Heirs of Joseph Moore land at Fresh Water Cove to Norman’s Woe sold to Gordon Morrill.

55. Moore Wood lot owned by Joseph Moore and Benjamin Raymond. Letter re: esate of Benjamin Raymond.

56. Letter re: Mrs. Driver’s rights to estate of Benjamin Raymond from Wm. Sykes. More of same, 4 pieces.

57. Notes, Mill privileges to Saw Mill – Jeffrey parsons.

58. Moore Heirs – 19 acres near Norman’s Woe to heirs of teacher Joseph Moore.

59. Misc. notes and questions re: Moor and Grover, other property in Fresh Water Cove.

Series II Folder 9

1. Letter: Dec. 1, 1828 – Daniel Rogers (executor) for Josiah Grover to Richard Friend. (Property at Head of Harbor).

2. Letter: Feb. 14, 1850 – Sale by Richard Friend to his extended family for $500. Land at Head of Harbor.

3. Letter: March 31, 1860 – Sale by Israel Friend of his portion of land owned by family (siblings.)

4. Letter: April 11, 1860 – Permission granted to Richard Friend to sell portion of land owned by George Friend.

5. Letter: April 10, 1860 – Israel Friend sells to Cape Ann Savings Bank parcel of land.

6. Letter: March 8, 1860 – Israel Friend sells to Edward Staten. 7. Letter: January 8, 1891 – Herve Friend (California) power of attorney to George Todd (Gloucester) to represent him in estate of Eliza Norwood.

Series II Folder 10

Account Book: Joseph Moore, 1805-1830.