Creator: Britta Karlberg; various 
Quantity: 1.5 linear feet (3 boxes)
Acquisition:  Donated by: Britta Karlberg, 2000 [Accession #2000.32]
Identification: A94; Archive Collection #94
Citation: [Document Title]. Dogtown, Cape Ann, Massachusetts: A Guide to Sources: Britta Karlberg Research Collection, [Box #, Folder #, Item #], Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Gloucester, MA.
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This collection contains documents compiled by Britta Karlberg during her research for her bibliography, Dogtown, Cape Ann, Massachusetts: A Guide to Sources, completed in 2000. Documents within the collection are primarily photocopies, but there are also some instances of original publications, correspondence, and an audio cassette. The CAM Library & Archives also holds a copy of the completed product in its library collection under call number 011.D67.

Material has been arranged in alphabetical order by author or organizing body’s name.


Box 1

Folder I: A (14 items)

Copies of newspaper articles, brochures, etc. Topics include alewife brook water basin, Dogtown map, tourism articles/trail guides. Authors include E. Ambler, K. Abbott, J. Axelrod, K. Abrams, Appalachian Mountain Club, and G. Abbott.

Folder II: Anastas

Newspaper articles etc. by Peter Anastas on Dogtown. Published in the Gloucester Daily Times: 11 items 1967-1990.

Folder III: B (13 photocopies)

Articles on the Bull fighter of Dogtown, Ghosts of Dogtown (1897), Marsden HartleyDanenburg Galleries, the Legend of Dogtown by Reg. Bacon 1970, History of Gloucester for Children by C. Benham, Ghost Towns of New England by F.S. Blanchard, Historic Summer haunts by F.L. Bullard 1912

Folder IV: Babson (5 photocopied items)

Along the Old Roads of Cape Ann by S. Babson 1923, History of the Town of Gloucester by JJ. Babson (1972), Evolution of Cape Ann Roads by T. Babson 1955.

Folder V: Babson, R.W. (10 photocopies)

Cape Ann Tourists Guide 1936, Dogtown: Gloucester's Deserted Village 1927, "Actions and Reactions: An autobiography of R.W. Babson Harper 1935, Sketch: Dogtown Map (1650-1750).

Folder VI: Butterick (1 item)

Photocopy of pages from book: " A photocopy of pages from the book: "A Guide to the Maximus Poems of Charles Olson" by George F. Butterick, University of California Press

Folder VII: C (39 photocopies)

Marsden Hartley (1985 Cape Ann Historical Society), Rambling on Cape Ann by A. Chamberlain; Pigeon Cove 1702-1840 by A. Chamberlain 1940; The Saga of Cape Ann by M.T. Copeland 1960, The Gloucester book by F. Cox 1921; various programs from the 1950's, Cape Ann Festival of the Arts; The Broomstick Trail by S. Comstock-Harpers 1919; Rockport Sketch Book by J. Cooley Rockport Art Association 1965.

Folder VIII: D (9 photocopies)

Witch of Dogtown drama by S.F. Damon; booklet Dogtown by T. Dresser 1995, The Treasure Chest by J. Darcy 1948, Village of 100 ghosts Yankee Magazine Dec. 1958. 

Folder IX: Dogtown (16 photocopies)

Dogtown reservation (Dogtown Foundation, Inc) articles from Cape Ann Shore (1923,1930), map, newspaper articles.

Folder X: E (10 photocopied items)

Program Essex City Landscapes (1982 Cape Ann Historical Society) Save Dogtown Common (Essex County Greenbelt Association) various newspaper articles.

Folder XI : Erkkila (13 photocopied items)

Newspaper articles by Barbara Erkkila on subjects including Tammy Younger the Dogtown Witch, old Dogtown map uncovered, Dogtown tour, Dogtown diggers, relics collector and Dogtown stone.

Folder XII: F (14 photocopied items)

Visitor’s mural and map of Cape Ann, poems by Vincent Ferrini, story of Essex County by C.M. Fuess American Historical Society, Dogtown Bullfight (R. Fisher 1955), Massachusetts American Guide Series (WPA 1937).

Folder XIII: G (11 photocopied items)

The Gloucester Guide by J. Garland, Cape Ann and Vicinity by K. Gertsch 1997, map of Babson's Legacy-cellar holes, newspaper article from 1892 "Gored by a bull", Cape Ann forests (Essex Institute Hist. coll. 1952) map of Riverdale 1741, Bibliography of Cape Ann Literature by R.F. Brown 1978.

Folder XIV: Gloucester (10 items photocopied plus booklet)

Developing a management program for Dogtown, report to the Mayor-Dogtown steering Committee 1985, Dogtown Common Trail Map 1987, City of Gloucester; open space/recreation plan 1984-89. 


Box 2

Folder XV: H (12 photocopied items)

Commerce and Culture (C.L.Heyrman, Norton) Geological Rambles by H.E. Hurd, Autobiography of Marsden Hartley 1995, Old Seaport Towns of New England (H. Hawthorne, Dodd, Mead 1916), Marsden Harley by B. Haskell, NYU Press, Gloucester by Land and Sea by C.B. Hawes (Little Brown Press 1923).

Folder XVI: H

Moon over Cape Ann by P.L. Higgins, Collected poems by Marsden Hartley (G.R. Scott, ed 1987). 

Folder XVII: I (4 photocopies)

GDT 1923, Dogtown once a prosperous common by R.P. Ireland, directions and driving to Dogtown.

Folder XVIII: J (4 photocopies)

Dogtown bicycle tour, Manuscript Fulfillment of the Economic Cycle in Dogtown by Susan Johns 1968.

Folder XIX: K (9 photocopied items)

1922 travel brochure, Cape Ann Cape America by HA.Kenny 1971. Newspaper articles by Paul Kenyon, Bill Cahill and Joe Kaknes.

Folder XX: L (13 photocopies of newspaper articles)

New York Times (3/27 /60 V .Lawn); Jill Lang, D.Leeco, manuscript: Small adventures on Cape Ann by N. Larter, Marsden Hartley biography by T. Luddington; Demon Dances on Dogtown Common by L. Ridgy, Pigeon Cove by H. Leonard 1873.

Folder XXI: M (28 photocopies)

Newspaper articles by S. Murphy, T. Mauro, and M. Myett. Gloucester and Rockport travel guide by D .C. McA veeney, poem Gloucester Moors by W.V. Moody, Marsden Hartley (Portland Museum), Essex County Dialect (Essex Institute 1894), Marsden Hartley (University Minn. Art Museum), (Bates College Art Dept) Dogtown map.

Folder XXII: Charles E. Mann (22 photocopied items)

13 NPA articles by C.E.Mann, Heart of Cape Ann by C. E. Mann Proctor Brothers Puhl.), manuscript Story of Dogtown, map 1742 Dogtown, Beginnings of Dogtown by C.E. Mann Proctor Bros 1906). The Old Planters Fisherman's Field and its Historic Association by C.E. Mann. Our early settlers: 7 photocopied items: our early Settlers-Fisherman's Field and its Historic Associations by C. e. Mann manuscripts labeled 1-7.

Folder XXIII: Marsters Family by C.E. Mann (9 photocopied articles)

Genealogical notes on the Marsters family 1-9.

Folder XXIV: N (3 photocopies) Cynthia Nadleman Soliloquy in Dogtown, L.K. Natti (Cape Ann background for stories), 65th exhibition program- North Shore Arts Assoc. 1987.

Folder XXV: 0 (14 photocopied pages)

Ancestral Timber by Kitty Parsons (Golden Quill Press 1957); the Last resident of Dogtown (Cape Ann Weekly 7/18/1991, On Dogtown Common (GDT 6/24/60) Dogtown Solution Simple by Joe Orange (GDT 12/31/84), A View of Art History in Criticism by J.O'Gorman (GDT 8/73), Dogtown trails by E.O'Toole (7/15/1971), Dogtown Common Offers Unique Panorama by J. Orange (GDT 1987), This Other Gloucester by J O"Gorman (1976), In the heart of Old cape Ann by D.S. Wheeler. 

Folder XXVI: Charles Olson (8 photocopies)

The Maximus Poems (Corinth Books 1960, Mythologies, Geo. Butterick editor, The Maximus Poems (Vol 3 Grossman Publ. 1975) the Maximus Poems (Geo. Butterick Ed, U. Calif. Press) Collected Poems of Chas. Olson (George Butterick, Ed, U.Calif. Press) Maximus Poems IV, V, VI (Cape Goliard Press 1968), Cape Ann background for Stories (L.K. Natti, Hom Book 1949) Marsden Hartley (Museum of Modem Art, NY). 


Box 3

Folder XXVII: P (15 photocopied items)

The Story of Dogtown (Gloucester Daily Times 4/7/1896), The Wilds of Cape Ann (Resources of Cape Ann publ. 1981), Rambling through Cape Ann by Peggy Parker 1973, Picturesque Cape Ann (E.C. McIntire, publ 1910, 1912,1909) Treasure on Dogtown? (Gloucester daily Times 2/2/1938) Dogtown road blocked (Gloucester Daily Times 3/30/1985, Greater Boston Park and Recreation Guide (Globe Pequot press 1983) History of Gloucester by J. R. Pringle 1892, Pleasure Drives around Cape Ann (Proctor Brothers, Publ. 1896). Folder XXVIII: R (31 photocopied items) Marsden Hartley by Bruce Robertson (H.N. Abrams Publ.1995); re: Dogtown (literature searches 6/30/95,) 7/2/95, 8/7/95, R.W. Baboon delights Hearers GDT 7/15/40, Dogtown springs to life (GDT 4/18/58), Dog town, then and now (Boston Globe Mag 1/12/92), Dogtown by E.C. Rogers from the Rockport Anchor, Cellar #18 by E.C. Rogers (12/20/55), Botanist's Dogtown Aora by E.C.Rogers, Readers Forum by E.C. Rogers (7/22/55), Dogtown lore inspires musical tribute (GDT 8/1/85) Hidden America by R.W. Robbins and E. Jones (Knopf 1959), A Deserted Village by A.E. Rothery (1915), Leaves on the Tide by H. Rich (1913).

Folder XXIX: Scott, Gail (2 photocopied items)

Marsden Hartley (Abbeville Press, NY.) Marsden Hartley at Dogtown Common by G .R. Scott.

Folder XXX: Scotti (An audiotape)

Gloucester poets in Song, music composed and performed by S.R.Scotti.

Folder XXXI: Snow (6 photocopied items)

The Cape Ann Bullfight mystery solved by E.R. Snow (Boston Post 4/13/49). Mysteries and Adventures along the Atlantic Coast (Dodd, Mead 1948), Adventures, Blizzards .... (Dodd, Mead NY), panel considers Dogtown Plans (GOT 12/29/84), grant helps teacher explore Dogtown (GOT 6/13/85). 

Folder XXXII: S (35 photocopies)

A Return to Dogtown by I. Sucholeiki, On The Dogtown Road, a song by Stephen Scotti (Urban Press), 5 songs by S.R.Scotti, Morgan Stanwood, The Wrath of Dogtown; Rock, Juniper and Wind, Dogtown Common (My Nature Hills), Marsden Hartley essay by K. Wilkin-Salander-O'Reilly Galleries N .Y ., Gloucester as an Ideal Summer Resort by J J. Somes, The Silver Button by M. Shute, (Cape Ann Shore 7/29/33), Yankee Genius by E .L. Smith (Harper Publ. NY.), Firefighters battle Dogtwon blaze (GOT 8/26/87), geology ... of Essex County by J.H. Sears (Essex institute Salem, Mass 1905). Ace # 2000.32 p. 3. The New England magazine (E.A. Start 8/92) Olson's Gloucester by Lynn Swigart (LSU Press 1980), Town on Sandy Bay by Marshall Swan and the Town History Comm. (Phoenix Puhl.) Geology of cape Ann by N .S. Shale, Alluring Rockport by G .W. Solley (1925).

Folder XXXIII: T (9 photocopied items)

Marsden Hartley (Boston Globe 3/26/92 by R. Taylor), Postglacial changes at Cape Ann by R.S. Tarr (Museum of Comparative Zoology Harvard College 1903), the story of Gloucester an address by F.W. Tibbits 1916).

Folder XXXIV: Titterington (1 item)

Booklet entitled An Historical and Archaeological Perspective on Community Abandonment: Dogtown, Mass (1988 Brown University).

Folder XXXV: U & V (5 items)

Newsletter from the Cape Ann Historical Society (7/85), a map from the U.S. geological survey (1984) of Rockport, mass. photocopies of Three centuries of Gloucester by the Gloucester public Schools (1958), GDT 7/22/85 vehicle makes sense, GDT 6/11/85 vehicles in Dogtown banned.

Folder XXXVI: W (16 photocopies)

Poem Peg Wesson by H.F. Ward, program from Windhover dance/theatre Co. Dogtown Common by Joe Mulholland (1987), song Dogtown by R.S. Wilkins, The Witches of Dogtown (Bass Rocker 6/30/31), Dogtown offers a bit of history (Cape Ann Summer 8/12/88), letters #1,2,3, George Wonson ca 1900, Keep out of Debt, Help Mother by F. Woods (Boston Globe), Interpretations of Place by J. Wilmerding (Essex Institute Historical Coll. Vol 103, 1967).

Folder XXXVII: Other (1 item)

Program, Poetry of Cape Ann Set to Music (Cape Ann Historical Society 8/13/84). 

Folder XXXVIII: Bibliographies (14 photocopies)

Bibliographies from books/articles etc. by the following: Dresser, Garland, Dogtown Steering Comm., G. Gibson, Summer Sun, R. F. Brown, Rockport Public Library, Committee for a New England bibliography, I. Suchuleiki, P. Titterington.