Creator: Richard Souza
Dates: 1733-1980
Quantity: 1.5 linear feet (3 manuscript boxes)
Acquisition: Accession #: 2002.16 ; Donated by: Richard Souza Estate
Identification: A39 ; Archive Collection #39
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Pertinent Genealogy


George Dennison (born 1699 in Ireland - died 1748 in Glos. aged 49)

m: 1725

Abigail Haraden (born 1706 - died 1753) aged 47

7 children including Isaac in 1732


Isaac Dennison (born 1732 - died 1811 aged 79)

m: 1760

Mrs. Lucretia Day Edes - wid. of Thomas Edes. (born 1727 - died 1773 aged 46)

5 children including Isaac in 1761


Isaac Dennison (born 1761 - died 1841 aged 80)

m: 1784

Sarah Row (born 1763 died 1819 aged 56)

10 children including David in 1797


David (born 1797 died 1836 aged 39)

m: 1823

Martha Story (born 1803 - died 1897 in Chelsea, aged 94)

7 Children including David Jr. in 1825

Martha (Story) Dennison m2: 1848 Samuel Lane of Chelsea.


David Jr. (born 1825 - died 1910 aged 85)

m: 1862

Mary Olive Bragdon (1837-


In 1727 construction of the Homestead was started by George Dennison (1699-1747). George, probably of the Irish branch of the Dennisons, was living at the time at 10 River Road in Annisquam, a house which he built. A contract (original held by Cape Ann Museum) was made between George and John Day for the Homestead foundation and chimney for £51. A well was dug, although most of the water came from a nearby stream. The site was a gravelly knoll on the old Sandy Bay Road, now Revere Street. George’s will dated 1748 describes the property as “house and orchard and about 40 acres, one wood lot and one ½ acre lying near to and adjoining to Goose Cove in Gloucester so called, all of which I purchased of Jonathan Stanwood and adjoining to land I purchased of said Francis Norwood.” A 1971 valuation of 14 Revere Street by Edgar A. Roberts: $48,000.

During the Dennison family’s ownership of the Homestead and its additional acquisitions, it went through many complicated maneuvers such as divisions, exchanges and repurchases over the years.

The first George ran a store which carried groceries, woolen and cotton cloth, fish lines, 4 brands of rum and “cornmeal mash” served hot and cold. George farmed and had cows, sheep, oxen, hogs, poultry and driving horses. He also sold hard and soft wood, logs and firewood and supplied the Essex shipyard with wood as well as templates for the Cape Ann Granite Company. Provisioning vessels - see the two Ledgers - was also very active. When the stores ceased operation, Isaac’s grandson, David, bought the house and some of its additional land and erected a grist mill (1820s). David’s son, also named David, went to California during the Gold Rush, made sure he earned good wages, returned to Annisquam and started buying up the odd acquisitions that the first George had made 100 years earlier as the Homestead estate.

The Homestead was owned and occupied by various members of the Dennison family up until about 1906/08 when it was sold out of the family.

1727 George and Abigail, first occupants. George died 1743 or 1747 (buried in Annisquam Burial Ground, now Mount Adnah). Abigail stayed on (died 1753) and “perhaps” daughter Abigail remained in the Homestead.
1823 David (1797-1836) leased the Homestead for 1 year from Samuel Kimball. 
1824 Homestead repaired by James Dennison (1790-1855)
1832  David (1797-1836) bought the Homestead for $850 from Isaac’s estate, allowing Isaac’s widow to remain if she wished. David acquired additional land that comprised the entire Dennison Homestead which he now owned.
1852 David (1825-1910),who owned 1/7 of the Homestead, bought 3/7 of the Homestead from his father David’s (1797-1836) estate and 1/7 from “Legall et al.”
1860 David (1825-1910) bought 2/7 from his brothers Charles and Edward, making him the sole owner of the entire Homestead.
1908 Sold to Charles H. Hoyt - a lumberman.
1917 Hoyt sold to A.M. Emerson for $5,000
1923 Sold to William and Darly Sutherland
1932 Sold to Earl E. Sanborn - famous stained glass artist. He constructed a studio.
1941 Professor Frederick H. Norton bought the Homestead and modernized the house: heating, kitchen and downstairs bathroom. He established a tree farm and won an award for it in 1972. In 1975 he established it as a permanent forest under the New England Forestry Foundation. Currently Frederick Jr’s widow, Marcia F. Norton, lives in the Homestead. Frederick Jr. died in 1989.


Of interest:

Abigail Haraden, wife of the first George, was the sister of Andrew Haraden captain of the vessel Squirrel when it was taken by the Pirate John Phillips.

Elizabeth Ann Dennison, sister of David (1825-1910), married A.J. Wiggin, artist and portrait painter, and they lived near the Homestead for “several years,” at least 1851-1856.

David Dennison, pattern maker at the Cape Ann Granite Co., sailed round Cape Horn in 1850.


Other Dennison branches:

“Mellie” Dunham of Norway, ME, made snowshoes and supplied Admiral Perry’s North Pole expedition. In addition, he was the champion fiddler of Maine and caught the eye of Henry Ford who invited him to Detroit offering a “substantial” sum which Mellie refused and would only take the usual $3. He then had a vaudeville contract which netted $20,000.

Aaron L. Dennison (1812-1895) founder of the American Watch Co. made an inexpensive watch that had an English appearance. It came in standard sizes and had parts readily available. In 1849 Aaron joined Edward Howard who had a watch factory and they operated successfully until 1856 when the venture went into bankruptcy. In 1864 Aaron became involved with A.O. Bigelow of Bigelow, Kennard & Co. in the manufacture of watches. See photo of Waltham Watch Co., 1857. Aaron also constructed the first poured-concrete factory in America.

Eliphalet W. Dennison (1819-1886) founded Dennison Manufacturing Co. of Framingham, MA. He started in business by making tags and by 1870 had expended to include the manufacture of boxes, twine, sealing wax, gummed labels, etc. He had stores in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, St. Louis and Cincinnati.


The Dennison Family Papers – Richard Souza Research Collection contains original documents such as accounts, deeds and letters, photographs, and newspaper clipping about Dennison family members. The collection consists mainly of the financial records (bills and receipts) of Dennison family members between 1734 and 1890. There are also legal papers, including deeds from the 1820s to the 1900s, and family genealogy papers such as marriage certificates. A small collection of correspondence between various family members beginning with a letter written in 1775 during the Revolutionary War to letters sent home from Europe in WWII is also of interest.


Series I: Deeds

Series II: Bills, receipts, account books

Series III: Correspondence

Series IV: Books & Diaries

Series V: Dennison Genealogy

Series VI: Financial & Legal Papers

Series VII: Photographs

Series VIII: Miscellaneous


Box 1

File 1: Series VIII Misc.

The newspaper Christian Pilot, 1833, belonging to BK Hough

Envelope of newspaper clippings re: renovating Annisquam Church, 1892

Blank military appointment form signed Isaac Dennison, Jr. Colonel

Chas. E. Dennison business flyer price list for address & visiting cards

Newspaper page The Persecution of Caroline M. Brown

Society of California Pioneers, list of members, 1900

Handwritten paper A Comparison of Five Religions

Photocopy of Patent, washing machine, 1866

Handwritten notes on 1790 Maine census & books on Dennisons Printed sketch The Norton Farm Death of Maj. John Rowe in Lisbon, 1820 (handwritten)

List of books Description of an “Improved Adjustable Level”

Shopping list Peg Wesson, newspaper article

Letter re: Annisquam Regatta Day, 1937

Letter from Jacob, Boston to Henry Smith, Gloucester re: death of brother William, 1829

Letter from Peabody Academy of Science re: gift of stone pot & gauge found in Dogtown, 1909

25 postcards to Golding & Co. from all over the world, 1879 - 1885

Letter to/from? Martin Falk in Spanish from Havana, 1865

Letter from William Ferson, Gloucester to Samuel Lane, Boston, 1841 (looking for Inspectors job)

Letter from First Universalist Soc., Chelsea to Samuel Lane, 1870 (vote of thanks for service)

Program for Excursion of the Chelsea Universalist Society to Standley’s Grove, Beverly, June 23, 1864

Typed manuscripts of a series of 7 lectures by Edward Howard Griggs & Flyer for the series titled The Four Arts and American Culture, 1927

Copper plate & imprint Chas. E. Dennison, Insurance Form letter from the Courier newspaper re: new non-political format, 1865

Portage bill (crew list & payments) for Sch. Abigail, Capt. Solomon Davis Jr., to the West Indies & back, 1753


File 2: Series II Bills & Receipts (to & from David Dennison)


Capt. Michael Goss, 1762 (cash)

Isaac Smith, 1754 (fish)

Abraham Carter, 1750 (cash to John Hale)

Capt. Enoch Boynton, 1763 (clams)

Jonathan Brown , 1765 (fish)

Caleb Hariden, 1762 (cash to Martha Robinson)

Ebenezer Cass, 1750 (cash to John Hale)

George Dennison, no date (fish)

Misc. accounts, 1769, 1770

William Warner (cash to John Hale)

George Dennison, 1769 (corn baskets, white oak planks, rum)

John Woodbury, 1769 (corn)

Misc. accounts, 1760

Solomon Sargent, 1757 (cash to Jonathan Trask)

Abraham Carter, 1750 (cash to Richard Goss)

William Lowell, 1767 (eating fish, shoes)

George Dennison, 1750 (cash to John Wharff)

Isaac Dennison, 1778 (income from Milk Island, Jemima Dennison)

George Dennison, no date (cloth, wool, handkerchief, shoes, sugar, coat lining etc.)

Andrew Woodbury, 1765 (fish for ‘Jonkel Deyon Griffen’)

Andrew Woodbury, 1765 (salt for sch. ‘Mosly’)

George Dennison, 1761 (fish, John Hail)

Joseph Lane, 1761 (cash to Andrew Haskell)

Mathew Robinson, 1760 (fish)

William Marsh, 1762 (cash to Job Gallaway)

Benjamin Dutch, 1734 (cash to Philimon Lane, Ipswich)

Andrew Woodbury, 1766 (fish, John Hale)

William Marsh, 1761 (cash to John Hail)

David Haraden, 1761 (fish)

William Allen, 1759 (cash to Jonathan Brown)

Caleb Hariden, 1760 (promise to pay Ebenezer Stanwood)

Deacon Samuel Griffen, 1757 (promise to pay Andrew Haraden)

Adoniram Griffin, 1766 (fish, John Hale)

Nehemiah Stanwood, 1761 (cash John Hale)

Ebenezer Kent, 1752 (fish)

Joseph Doughty, no date (boots)

Eliphalet Day, 1757 (oil)

Eliphalet Day, 1762 (fish)

James Dennison, 1799 (Indian corn)

William Whitemore, 1752-54 (on account)

Samuel Marchant, 1761 (cash to Timothy Haraden)

Samuel Marchant, 1762 (cash to brother)

Jonathan Butman, 1744 (sundries & flax)

David Dennison (cash to George Dennison)

Philemon Warner, 1757 (cash)

Jonathan Brown, 1761 (fish for Jacob Morrell)

Brother George Dennison, page from account book, 1761



Eliakim Prindall (making coat, silk buttons)

George Dennison (shoeing slay, buckles)

Henry W. (hire of wagon)

Hough & Saville (cloth, twist, padding, vest pattern, buttons, molds)

Isaac Dennison, Jr. (cloth, buttons, thread, sleigh harness & bells)

Nathaniel Parsons (nearly new sley without harness belonging to Benjamin Lane of New Gloucester)

Samuel Buckley (scales)

Simeon Dodge (woodwork on wagon)

Stephen Chard (raisins, tobacco, molasses, coffee, trip to Newbury)

William Warner (cloth)

Wintworth Riggs (rent of milch cow)

Zenas Cushing (cloth, making surtout, twist, thread, buttons, padding)



B.F. Lowe (cheese)

Benjamin Shaw, Northport (wool)

Bridge & Stevens, Boston (raisins, rice, tea, sugar, gin, figs, coffee, cheese, nails, allspice, vinegar, brooms, paper, brandy, chalk, nutmeg, sweet wine, glass)

Buckely & Redding (??)

Caleb Lane (days work on Sloop)

Chase Hoyt (wool, rum, tobacco)

Clark Brown (tobacco, tea, snuff)

D.W. Rogers (coffee)

Daniel Rugg & Co. (candles, soap)

David Day (teapot, plates, shoes, shovel, boots, baking pan, etc.) D

avid Lane (soap grease, cod, rye, salt, mackerel, oxen team for days work, rum)

Ezra Leonard, Rev. (parish dues, sermon, pills & rhubarb)

E. Upton (pork)

George D. Hale (repair shoes)

George Dennison (loan, knife, hooks)

George Rogers (at auction: table, glass)

Gideon Lane (loan)

Gustavus Griffin (boots, mending shoes)

Hough & Saville (cloth, handkerchief)

Isaac Dennison Jr. (cloth, twist, buttons)

James Dennison (nails)

John Cunningham, Jr. (corn)

John Low (pickling & smoking legs of pork)

John Jones (tobacco, cigars)

Jonathan Dennison (pepper, pork)

Joshua Adams (butter)

Michael Mellen & Co., Boston (chinaware - bowls, mugs, pitchers, tumblers, etc.)

Moses Clough (repairs to bedstead, sleigh, grist & cider mills, making a table)

Moses Everett, Boston (coffee, brandy, shot, rum, sugar, molasses, tea)

Nathaniel Kimball (replacing thatch)

Osher Page (wool)

Sam Hodgkins (fish, wood, loading, helping Capt. Tucker)

Samuel Gilbert (corn)

Samuel Proctor (rolls, blue rolls)

Samuel Stevens (cloth, ribbon, tape, thread, buttons, paper, ink)

Saul Balkly (repairing steelyards)

Saville & Phippen (blue coat, pantaloons, vest)

Stephen A. Dix, Boston (franklin glass, whiting, oil)

Stephen Brown (hire of horse & chaise, veal, straw, spare ribs, beef, raisins)

Thomas Ireland (crystal & repair watch)

Thomas Pulsifer (mending handirons & shovel, sharpening mill pecks, gridirons)

W. Greenaugh, Boston (knives, razors, pencils, thimbles, pins, tobacco boxes, shaving boxes, slates, needles, darner, shears)

West & Weld, Boston (shovel & tongs, knives & forks, candlesticks)

William Allen (bread)

William B. Bradford, Boston (brooms)

William Day (debt paid)

William Pearce & Sons (rum)

William Warner (cloth)

William Woodbury (butter)

Wintworth Riggs (loan)

Zachariah Stevens (corn)


1830s #1

Aaron Plumer (feather bed)

Asa Knowlton (corn)

Asa Tarr (corn, rye)

Charles Norwood (work on father’s wood house)

Daniel Rugg & Co. (candles)

Daniel W. Rogers (at auction: pork, meal bags, powder, hooks, shoes, cloth, lamps, bowls, books, buttons, wine, etc.)

David Saville (boards, shingles)

Dennison & Pool (Sch. Ariadne, corn & flour)

Eben H. Redding (coffee)

Ebenezer Pool (corn, rye, Sch. Balance Capt. Knowlton)

Edmund Palmer (corn)

Ferson & Rogers (duck, bags)

Francis Norwood (corn)

G & SS Co. (barouche)

George Brown, Capt.

George Dennison (sharpening tools & horse shoeing)

George Friend (corn)

George Lane (corn, rye)

Isaac Dennison (saddle)

James Don(torn) (hardwood)

James Hodgkins (Sch. Mariner, cod, halibut)

John E. Trask (corn)

John Lowe (corn)

John R. Hubbard (days work)

John Somes (shingles & clapboards for wood house built by Theodore Kimball & Charles Norwood)

Jonathan Dennison (beans, nuts, cider, potatoes)

Lymon Mason (pasture a cow, molasses, beef, peas, hay)

Moses Nowell (collars)

Nathan Roberts (stone wall)

Nathaniel Webster (horse shoeing)

O.G. Lane (clapboards, flour, corn)

Samuel Lane (estate Mary Baker)

Samuel Parker (horse shoeing & sharpening tools)

Stephen Chard (corn)

Theodore Winsleau(Winslow) (glass, sash, hinges, days work on Isaac’s house, gate)

Thomas Davis (Sloop Independence, corn)

Walter Butler (mowing labor)

William Pearce, Jr. (corn)

William Pearce & Sons (rum, flour)

Zachariah Stevens (corn)


1830s #2

Alvin Adams, Boston (cheese)

Ambrose Allen (twine, days work, molasses)

Amos Osborne (chamber pots)

Caleb Norwood (corn)

Daniel Rugg & Co. (candles)

Dorcas Curtis (milk)

E. Fiske, Beverly (red calico)

Edward Currier (molasses)

Edward H. Pearce (planks, pork, apples, cider, hay, oats, team rent)

Epes Merchant & Sons (cheese)

Ezra Lummas (wagon)

Frederick Norwood (corn)

G.W. Norwood (rye, corn)

George Dennison (sharpening tools & horse shoeing)

George Friend (corn)

George Gott (lens)

George Lane (loan)

George H. Rogers (coffee)

Gideon O. Lane (flour, salt)

J. Bead, Boston (brooms)

James Story (carding & oiling wool, cloth)

John Lowe (corn)

Jonathan Brown (cow pasture)

Joseph Shatswell, Salem (tobacco)

Joseph Shepherd (meat)

Joseph Waite (shoes)

Joshua Boynton (onions)

Joshua Sears, Boston (pipes)

Lymon Mason (beans, laborers, wagon use, corn, cow pasture, squash)

M. Newell (jacks, pins, pencils, gimlets, files, razor, knives & forks, gun flints)

Marshall & Foster (corn)

Moses Everett (gin, brandy, rum, brooms, tobacco, coffee, lard)

Nathaniel Babson (nails, boards)

Oscar G. Lane (beans)

Richard Hall, Boston (tacks, flints, chisel)

Richard Tufts (corn, rye, oats)

Rogers & Ferson (at auction: glass, sashes, lights, knives & forks, bottles, dining chair)

Samuel Blake, Boston (salt)

Samuel Riggs, Capt. (meal, wood, corn)

Samuel Stevens (cloth, thread, buttons)

Silas Bray (meat, sheep)

William Curtis (labor)

William Fellow(?) (ink. ink stands, paper)

William Ferson (at auction: harness & bells, box & brushes, wedge & sledge)

William Parsons, Jr. (corn)

William Pearce, Jr. (corn) William Pearce & Sons (rum)

Zachariah Stevens (loan, Indian meal, corn)


1830s #3

Alfred Willard, Boston (printed list of wares, combs)

Asa Knowlton (corn, Sch. Ocean, rye)

Asa Tarr (corn)

Charles Tarr, Jr. (corn)

Clark Brewer (tea, snuff)

Ebenezer Pool, Jr. (Sch. Balance, corn; Sch. Ocean, corn, oats, flour)

Edward H. Babson (horse chaise hire, apples, cider)

Elijah Clark, Jr. (glass, tobacco, pipes)

George Friend (corn)

George Lane Jr. (rye)

Israel Trask, Jr. (hauling)

Jabez Ellis & Sons, Boston (corn)

John J. Babson (Surinam coffee, molasses)

John W. Lowe (corn)

Joseph Waite (shoes)

Joshua Boynton (meal, candles, soap)

Leonard Ware, Boston (tea, starch, rice, allspice, pepper)

Mansfield & Sons (ginger, starch, sugar, coffee, sopa)

Michael Mellen & Co., Boston (tea sets, cups, jugs, creamers)

Moffat & Rhummer, Boston (camphor, castor oil, alum, brimstone, copperas)

Moses Everett, Boston (tea, pepper, pipes, cloves, sugar)

Procter & Norwood (corn)

Richard (?) (corn)

Richard Tufts (corn)

Samuel Riggs (hauling wood)

Samuel Stevens (sheeting, pins, cloth, buttons)

Silas Bray (meat)

Simeon Burnham (corn)

Solomon Pool (rye)

Stephen A. Dix (oil)

Stephen Brown (pasturing cow, cutting salt hay)

Stephen Chard (corn)

Timothy Elwell (cheese)

Todd & Saville (coffee)

William Pearce & Sons (rum, molasses)

William Pearce Jr. (corn, beans, salt)

William Stevens (molasses)

Zachariah Stevens (loan, guardian for Wm. Pearson)


1830s #4

Abner Hobbs (butter)

Asa Pool (corn)

Asa Tarr (corn, rye)

Clark Bruer (tea)

Cole & Boyden, Boston (senna, brimstone, Epsom salts, rhubarb)

D. Dickman, Boston (shovel & pails)

Daniel Rugg & Co. (candles)

David Brooks (corn)

David Saville (hemlock, shingles)

Dennison & Pool (corn)

E.H. Redding (coffee)

Eben N. Hunting, Boston (brooms)

Eben Pool & Son (Sch. Ocean, corn, rye)

Fessender & Thompson, Boston (baggen)

Frederick G. Low (wood)

George Friend (corn)

George H. Rogers (corn, flour)

George Lane (oats, corn, flour)

George Norwood (corn)

Ignatius Butler (digging grave, attending funeral with hearse, tolling bell)

James Hodgkins, Jr. (cod, halibut)

James Loring, Boston (paper, toys)

James Story Ebenezer Pool (Sch. Ocean, rye, corn, flour)

Jeremiah F(?), Boston (Franklin stove)

John Atkin (labor)

John L. Babson (salt, pitcher, boots)

John S. Johnston (misc, flour)

John W. Lowe (corn)

Joseph Waite (shoes?)

Mansfield & Sons (butter, tea, beans, seeds, shoes)

Moses Nowell (traces & harness)

R. Brooks (corn)

R.M. Todd (at auction: blank book, kettle)

Richard Tufts (loan, corn)

Samuel Gilbert (corn, molasses)

Samuel Parker (horse shoeing, mending rocker iron, wippletree, sharpening)

Samuel Riggs (labor)

Samuel Stevens (cloth, buttons, silk, needles, batting)

Silas Bray (meat)

Solomon Davis (sundry goods from Boston - stove, fire set, keys, night stand, tea)

Stephen A. Dix, Boston (Waterford glass)

Stephen Brown (blacksmith - fixing spindle, planks, corn, rye, parsnips)

Uriah Baker (corn)

William Babson (nails)

William Babson & Sons (nails)

William Pearce, Jr. (flour)

William Pearce & Sons (rum, molasses)

Zenas Cushing (making coat, pantaloons, kapper)



Sprague & Soule


Blanchard & Co.

Joseph, Schoff & Co., Boston (frock coat & pants)

Ambrose Jones (paid for Boarding)

Samuel Stevens & Co. (sewing materials)

Wm. N. Parsons (building stone wall)

Martha Dennison to Mary Lane (dower income from salt marsh & wood)



Isaac Dennison

John W. Legallee

David Dennison

Kilby (Sargent?)

William Fears & Co.

Ambrose Jones

Moses H. Clough

Samuel Stevens & Co.

Martha Legallee (1/7 of one share of Grandmother Sarah Dennison’s dower)

Chas. Dennison (1/7 of one share of Grandmother Sarah Dennison’s dower)



Edward Elwell (house rent)

Haley, Morse & Boyden

David Dennison (Robert Hooper for labor)



Isaac Day (estate of)


Undated & Misc.

E.W & W.W. Chard (jacket, boots, frocks, postage)

Sold from Mill, 1831 (list of names)

Buyers, 1835 (list of names)

List of names, 1832-1833

Rockport Granite, 1894 (granite caps)

City of Gloucester, 1912 (hammer handles)

O.A. Shepherd, 1908 (wood)

Mrs. Ellis (debt payment)

George Dennison (sword & belt, hat case, ‘my trouble,’ oil)


Tax receipts

David Dennison, 1818-1851

George Dennison, 1759


Receipts for subscriptions

American Art-Union

The Boston Cultivator

The American Eagle

Weekly American Signal

Torchlight of American Labor

The Mercantile Journal

The Sartain Union Magazine (of Art & Literature)

The Gloucester Telegraph

Note re: getting newspaper from Mr. Hough

Postage for newspapers


Receipts - Medical


Account books

13” x 8.5” 1836 - 1846 (Schooling, clothing, board for Martha, David, Isaac, Eliza Ann, George & Charles Dennison)

3.5” x 5.5” notebook D. Dennison, 1835 (Andrew Parker, Epes Sayward & Co., Samuel W. Brown, Gaffney & Ellery, Capt. Epes Marchant, Joh W. Lowe, Wm. Parkhurst & Co., Estate of David Dennison debts & credits due)

8.5” x 7” soft cover Day Book, 1831-1833 (corn, rye, meal & mill rent)

Ledger of David Dennison, 1865-1890 (wood sales, work done, mother’s house account)

Cash Book of Samuel Lane, Chelsea, 1873

2 pages from account book, 1758-59 (cable, fish, bread, pork, rum, mackerel, cloth, carting, freight, barrels, nails, salt, shingles, molasses, candles, sugar, wheat, etc.)


Note on repairs to Dennison House

Account of J. Marchant, 1863-64


File 3: Series V Dennison Genealogy

In memoriam card for E.W. Dennison, 1886

2 envelopes of newspaper clippings - genealogy, obits

Newspaper clippings re: David Dennison & Dennison Homestead

Dennison Family Gatherings

Welcome Poem, Dennison brook (Spring) Poem, 1881 Picnic poem, newspaper clippings

Dennison Acrostic, 1883

Dennison Family Genealogy (?), 1879

Family shield (2 copies)

Genealogy of Dennison family, 1880 (4 copies)

Photocopy of Genealogy of George Dennison descendants

Handwritten ‘Family Registry’

Handwritten genealogy notes

Handwritten Pedigree of Denyson of Bishop Startford, Herts., England

Envelope of newspaper clippings re: genealogy

Envelope of misc. handwritten genealogy notes

Newspaper clipping New England Family Coats-of-Arms: Dennison

Handwritten Somerset Pedigree Form

Marriage Certificate for David Dennison & Thelma Randall, 1969 (copy)

Wedding announcement of Charles E. Dennison & Dora W. Rohlsen, 1912

Birth Certificate for Thelma Shaftoe, 1917

Photocopy of newspaper obit for Charles E. Dennison, 1936

Typewritten account The Den(n)isons and Their Name

Typewritten manuscript The Dennison Family: Annisquam Shopkeeper to Boston Industrialists

Bound report The Gloucester Dennisons and Their Homestead by F.H. Norton, 1977

Misc. Newspaper clippings (copied)

By the Name of Dennison

2 Letters re: genealogy from James B. Ellery, Erie, PA, 1929

Letter re: genealogy from A.L. Dennison, Exeter, NH, 1905

Printed letter re: publishing Dennison Genealogy, 1867

Wedding invitation for Emily Gilman & Henry Cushman, no date

Copy of will of Samuel Lane of Chelsea, 1872

Inventory of estate of Samuel Lane of Chelsea [died 1873 b. Glos s/o David & Hannah]

Wiggin/Dennison family record

Telegram to Mrs. Samuel Lane, Chelsea from W. Woodbury, Rockport “Mary is dead” 1879


File 4: Financial & Legal Papers

David Dennison gives Jonathan Dennison Power of Attorney

Insurance papers - Baker, Young & Co.; Henry L. Doherty & Co.

Inventory of estate of unknown, unknown date

Copy of George Dennison’s will, 1748

Inventory of “articles delivered to Martha Dennison,” 1835

Probate - list of heirs of David Dennison & their portions

Copy of Administration of estate of David Dennison, miller, undated

Inventory of estate of Martha Dennison, minor child of David Dennison, deceased, 1839

Social Security Benefit letter for Thelma Dennison, 1979

Financial documents & notes

Letter re: house valuation, 1971

Note from Mary Lane re: her dower share of income from salt marsh, 1840

Mary Lane of Chelsea giving David Dennison of Annisquam Power of Attorney, 1876

Mortgagee’s Sale of Real Estate (newspaper clipping)

List of Dennison acerage

Burial Plot in Mount Adnah Cemetery for Isaac Dennison, 1861

List of buyers at auction of “father’s” land, 1832

Estate Isaac Day, salt marsh, 1870

Division of estate of Francis Norwood

Appointment of Samuel Lane as Justice of the Peace for Essex County, 1868

2 letters re: release of John Batten from prison, 1733


Box 2

File 1: Correspondence


from Joseph Edes, Chelsea, to father Isaac Dennison, 1775, copy (description of fight at Charlestown Point - Capt. Rowe, Capt. Collins, Capt. Warner)

from M.D.L. to Edward, 1889

from ? in Kennebunk Beach, ME to Mamma, 1902

from A Yewens, 1937 & 4 envelopes

from Ambrose Griffin re: Dennison reunion, 1879

from Jack to Aunt Marie, AAF Base, Fort Benning, GA, 1945

from David to Dora Dennison (2 small facsimile copies), 1944

from Helen L. Wase(?), San Francisco, to uncle, 1866 (death of sister Mary, called at Edward Babson’s house)

from Henry Phelps to David Dennison, 1828 (Congregational license)

from D.W. Rogers to Lt. D. Dennison, 1824, Regimental Order from Edward, Chelsea, to mother, 1879 (Helen’s death)

from Bill, Fort Knox, KY, to Aunt Marie, 1942 (life in camp)

from Marie to her parents, no date

2 letters of acknowledgement from The Essex Institute for gifts given by David Dennison, 1909


Postcards - 21 (inc. 4 Christmas themed) & 1 card calendar, 1919:

Announcing death of ‘father’ from Martha Legaller, 1902

From Fitz J. Babson re: a job for Mr. Hildreth, 1898

Announcing death of aunt Eliza Story, from Margie Knowlton, 1888

To David Dennison, San Francisco E.H.

Dennison, Boston, 1854 (working on Courier, rabid dogs, Capt. Oliver G. Lane)

Geo. G. Dennison, Port Norfolk, 1855

C. Leonard (?), 1856

Charles Dennison, Boston, 1863 (deafness)

Frederick F. Lane, Portland, OR, 1857 (James Wheeler & Aaron Lane building houses on Woodbury land in Squam)

Edward Dennison, Chelsea, 1853 (Mary Lane, Ed Lane’s business, Chelsea Light Infantry, Ann Sanbourne to marry Norman Roberts, Martha Augusta Bray lost a little brother, Isaac was to be married but did not, Mr. Leonard & wife to dinner, Lydia J. Griffins marriage to Oliver Ingersloll announced in newspaper false - put in by Oliver Lane Jr.)


To David Dennison, Pigeon Cove/Annisquam

Austin W. Story, 1876 (debt payment)

Cape Ann Scientific & Literary Assoc., 1876 (meeting held in Bay View)

Edward Dennison, Boston, 1897 (Golding & Co. proposed visit, German Opera & a Jersey cow)

C. Dennison, Boston, 1893 (Union Wharf, Isaac has cancer?)

C. Dennison, Chelsea, 1866 (erysipelas, father weighing a Calcutta cargo)

E. Dennison, Boston, 1864 (Courier, sewing machine)

Geo. Nimblet, 1893 (Western Union Telegram - Isaac’s death)

E. Dennison, Boston, 1859 (Courier, parents traveling to Missouri)

Samuel Lane, Boston, 1863

Edward Dennison, Boston, 1874 (Golding & Co.)

Edward Dennison, Boston, 1872 (Golding & Co.)

Society of California Pioneers of New England, 1911 (list of members)

Office of the American Agriculturist, 1862 (solicitation)

E.A. Berdge(?), 187? (Cape Ann Granite Co., gang of stone cutters, Mr. Webber)

A.W. Story, postcard, 1876

Edward Dennison, Boston, 1876 (Golding & Co., mother unwell)

Golding & Co., Boston, n/d (advertising sheet & brochure)


Bay View Post Office Return Receipt, David Dennison to Murgon(?) & Co. New York, 1884

Western Union Telegram 1884


File 2: Books:

Small 1895 diary kept by D. Dennison (few entries, when worked for Rockport Granite Co,, wood hauled, amount paid help)

Constitution and By-Laws, Sons of Temperance, 1851

Scientific American Handbook, 1877

Blank notebook (work done 1881-82; Dennison names & cities where live)

List of Members of the Society of California Pioneers, 1900

The Pleasant Journey and Scenes in Town and Country, 1844 (presented to Edward Dennison by his brother David Jan 1, 1846)

Art in the Nursery, 1879 (belonged to Marie H. Dennison)

Neuestes Illustrirtes Postmarken Album - international stamp album

Pierce’s Memorandum Account Book (used as a stamp album)

Dogtown Gloucester’s Deserted Village, Roger W. Babson, 1927


Astronomical Diary - Almanac, 1789

The Old Franklin Almanac, 1868

Brown’s (David Dennison) 1851 (record of eggs gathered and work done & for whom)

File 3: Deeds:

Hannah R., Samuel, & Mary Kimball, Betsy Rogers, guardians of the minor children of Jonathan Kimball agreement with David Dennison to lease him land in Squam, 1823

Nathaniel & Jeremy Young to David Dennison, 1831

Jonathan Dennison to David Dennison, 1831

Estate of Charles Babson to David Dennison, 1832

Estate of John Babson to David Dennison, 1832

William Babson for Nancy Griffin (non compos mentis) to David Dennison, 1832

William, Nathaniel, James, & Abigail Babson, Joseph Harraden, Martha Stacy to David Dennison, miller, 1832

Oliver Younger to David Dennison, 1832

Samuel Kimball to David Dennison, 1833(with hand drawn map by Wm. Saville)

David Dennison to Thomas W. Jordon & Charles Trumball, 1869

Thomas Jordan & Charles Trumbull to David Dennison, 1870

Martha D. Lane to David Dennison, 1890

Estate of Ambrose Allen to David Dennison, 1906

David Dennison to Charles N. Hoyt, 1908

Jesse Saville to David Lane Jr., 1820

Epes Lane, Samuel Lane & George N. Davis, trustees for David Lane to Oliver Younger, 1831

Overseers of the Poor to Samuel Lane, land on Squam Point, 1835

Oliver G. Low to Samuel Lane, land on Squam Point, 1833

Aaron Fitz to Samuel Lane, pasture on Jaques Hill, 1835

Samuel Lane to Gideon Lane, Jr., guardian for John T., Elizabeth C., Arianna S., & William O. Saville, minors, of Boston, land & barn Squam Point, 1835 (mortgage)

Henry A. Johnson of Newton, MA, to Mitchell L. Pratt of Bath, ME, land in Newton, 1861

Martha Lane of Chelsea, MA to Edward H. Dennison, land in Chelsea, 1809

Mortgage between Martha D. Lane & North End Savings Bank, property in Chelsea, 1875

List of purchasers of Dennison estate, 1832

Note from Fitz J. Babson re: a deed

Misc. notes on properties/deeds

Scrap of copy of deed , Book 11

Third Parish Universalist Meeting House (half) Pew $13, 1831

File 4: Clippings & Miscellany

Misc. newspaper clippings & notes removed from the Dennison Family books.

Photocopies of the same

Article on checking accounts; can opener; medicine; song

Obits (list enclosed in file)

GDT articles: Swamp Porridge Hill; Bay View Cemetery

Boston Herald, GDT articles on 1934 Yacht races & Dorchester Open Regatta

Boston Post Office stone cutter rules

Box 3

File 1: Photos:

Dennison House, Revere St.


Charles Dennison

Men with a sleigh in winter (2)

Group photos, unidentified people

2 photos of Martha Story Dennison Lane, c.1896

Edward H. Dennison

Group photo Isaac, Edward, Charles, David, George Dennison



5 photos of flowering shrub

7 photos of sailboats (yachts) off Annisquam - regatta

6 photos storm damage (downed trees) July 17, 1924

3 photos of a car (automobile), one marked Marblehead, 1930

Photo postcard ‘Merry Christmas, 1727-1908

View of Annisquam from Wingaersheek with gazebo

2 mounted photos of Dennison homestead

7 photos of cows in pasture

4 photos of house interior

2 views of Annisquam Lighthouse

3 photos of other Dennison houses

2 photos Dennison gravestones

Printed copy of photo of Annisquam Men (identified)


File 2: Series VIII Wiggin

Note from Alice Wheeler re: grandfather Alfred Wiggin, 1976

Note from Alice Wheeler re: Wiggin painting of wife & daughter, 1971

Letter from CAM to David Dennison re: Wiggin painting, 1976

Newspaper clipping on Wiggin exhibit at CAM

Wiggin Exhibition Catalogue, 1980


Series IV

The Dennison Family of North Yarmouth and Freeport, Maine, 1906 (2 copies, 1 signed by the author) (929.2 D42)

One contains margin & loose notes. One has the career of A. Dennison, apparently a teacher, with dates written on the last page.



In Library:

E.W. Dennison, A Memorial, 1909 (929.2 D42)


Account Books:

In backroom

George Dennison, 1749-1771

John Haraden, 1732-1766