Creator: Barbara (Shute) Friberg
Dates: 1817-1999
Quantity: 1.5 linear feet (1 Brown carton, 1 Document box)
Acquisition:  Accession #2014.006; Donated by: Estate of Barbara (Shute) Friberg, 2014
Identification: A79; Archive Collection #79
Citation: [Document Title]. The Barbara (Shute) Friberg Collection, [Box #, Folder #, Item #], Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Gloucester, MA.
Copyright: Requests for permission to publish material from this collection should be addressed to the Librarian/Archivist.
Language: English
Finding Aid:  Jane W. Mead, 2016, supervised by Stephanie Buck, Librarian/Archivist


Barbara (Shute) Friberg was born in Gloucester on July 17, 1914 to Colonel Frank H. Shute and Annie (Burnham) Shute. As a young woman, she worked in the Sawyer Free Library and later as the executive assistant to the Dean of Endicott College. Before her retirement, she served as the administrator of the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church, of which she was a life-long member. Her marriage to Carl Friberg ended in divorce. She had a stepson, Carl Friberg, Jr. Barbara died on Christmas Day, 2011.


Barbara (Shute) Friberg had a strong interest in Shute genealogy and hoped to become a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) through her decent from James Story. Though her father was a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, her application to the DAR was not successful. None the less, she collected records of her Shute, Burnham, Babson, Hale, Story, Witham and Proctor ancestors. Documentation includes vital records, correspondence related to family history, and genealogies.

Ms. Friberg was also the keeper of Shute family records and her papers include documents from the estates of Shute, Burnham, Babson, and Hale relatives. Documentation includes wills, deeds, and correspondence related to settling of estates.

She donated documentation of church history including the Methodist Church on Cape Ann collected by Myrtle L. Cameron, Historian of the Wesley United Methodist Church, and the Independent Christian Church to this collection.

Numerous family photographs were included in the donation, many unidentified. Many that are identified appear to be the work of an unknown person as the handwriting is quite different than Ms. Friberg’s and many of the identifications are tentative.



Series I: Ancestry of Barbara (Shute) Friberg

Series II: Estates of Barbara (Shute) Friberg’s family

Series III: Church History on Cape Ann

Series IV: Photographs

Series V: Books


Box 1: Series I

Folders 1 - 4: Shute Family History

Folder 5: Shute genealogy

Folders 6 - 7: Burnham Family History

Folder 8: Burnham Genealogy

Folder 9: Hale Family History

Folder 10: Babson Family History

Folder 11: Proctor Family History

Folders 12 - 13: Memorabilia – uncategorized

Box 1: Series II

Folders 1 - 3: Shute Estates

Folders 4 - 5: Burnham Estates

Folders 6 - 7: Babson and Hale Estates

Folder 8: Misc. Estate Documents

Box 1: Series III

Folders 1 - 2: Methodism on Cape Ann

Folder 3: Independent Christian Church

Box 1: Series IV

Folder 1: List of Photographs

Box 1: Series V

Books & Magazines

Box 2: Series II

Ledgers re: Shute estates Scrapbook re: Methodism

Box 2: Series IV



Box 1: Series I

Folder 1: Shute Family History

1-1 Letter: Dec. 17, 1951. Jo to Bob Shute in an envelope addressed to Mrs. Carl Friberg. In Gloucester, MA. News of her move to Brookline and her pregnancy.

1-2 Letter: Jan 28, 1939. Henry A. Shute to Barbara Shute. News of his family.

1-3 Letter: August 22, 1979. Barbara Friberg to Alan Shute

1-4 Notes: The Time of the Fire. Poss. 1947. Unsigned – probably Barbara Shute Friberg -- reference to C. (Carl Friberg?) and A. (Alan Shute?). Experiences during a major fire in West Gloucester

1-5 Clipping: Boston Globe, July 25 ? Totem on Shute estate

1-6 Clipping: Gloucester Telegraph, Nov. 7, 1849, p. 2 re: Schooner Sea Serpent, reg. In Gloucester on Nov. 5, 1849. Re: Henry Shute

1-7. Constitution and Bylaws: Daughters of the American Revolution, April 1895

1-8. Birth Certificate: Carl Witham Friberg, March 7, 1944

1-9. Letter: Sawyer Free Library to Mr. Wagner c/o Barbara S. Friberg acknowledging gift to the library

1-10 Letter: Donald to Mary, 7/16/42 family news

Folder 2: Shute Family History

2-1 Sons of the American Revolution: application of Frank H. Shute, descendant of James Story w/ Life Membership

2-2 Letter: City of Dover NH, David E. Earle Dover City Clerk to Barbara (Shute) – requested records not on file

2-3 Letter: Edward Holden, NH State Library to Barbara (Shute) Friberg re: birth of Henry Shute w/photocopies of history of Newfields

2-4 Historic Building Inventory Newfields NH:

Richard Mattoon/Michael Shute house registration form plot plans

Architecture: The Michael Shute House and also the earlier house of Richard Mattoon – author?

The Mattoon Family – author?

The Shute Family – author?

The Shute Shipyards – author?

General James Hill – author?

2-5 Deed: transcription of deed to John B. Shute (pd. by Andrew B. Shute) from George Hilton 

Floor plan River Road, Newfields, NH

Letter: undated, unsigned to Barbara (Shute) – family history & house in Newfields

2-6 Talk? Given by William Sumner Appleton, Apr. 20, 1944 – Shute family history

2-7 Clippings:

Death: Miss Lizzie Shute died suddenly

Death: Miss Lizzie A. Shute

2-8 Letter: Rev. William Beddie, pastor Newfields Community Church to Barbara (Shute) Friberg

Family History: Shute from Fitt’s History of Newfields

2-9 Letter: Jan. 11, 1994 – Barbara (Shute) from Alan (Shute)

2nd page of a different letter, undated – to? From Alan (Shute)

2-10 Letter: undated, from Alan to Barbara (Shute)

Family history: Pedigreed chart: Andrew B. Shute b. March 21, 1794 and Catherine GROVER b. June 29, 1798

Family history: Pedigreed chart: Michael Shute b. Apr. 21, 1707 and Wel…? Walters, b ?

2-11 Letter: to Alan [Shute] from Barbara (Shute) S. Friberg, Nov. 24, 1978. Questions about Shute ancestry

2-12 Letter: undated. Alan to Barbara (Shute) re: change in linage

2-13 Letter – Alan H. Shute to Barbara F. – no date re: Shute family lineage w/

Family Worksheets Shute (from Alan Shute)

Family worksheets: William Thomas Shute, b. July 11, 1861

James Lovell Shute, b. 1833

Andrew Breden Shute, b. March 21, 1794

William Shute, Jr., b. July 22, 1766 William Shute, b. Sept. 21, 1738

Michael Shute, b. Apr. 21, 1707, m. Weithen Walters

Michael Shute, b. Apr. 21, 1707, m. Mrs. Elizabeth (Boardman) Pearson (widow)

Richard Shute, b. Aug. 31, 1666, m. Lynda Greenland

Richard Shute, b. Aug. 31, 1666, m. Rachel Freeman

Richard Shute, b. 1631, m. Mrs. Elizabeth Shute

Richard Shute, b. 1631 m Catherine (Guttridge?)

2-14 Letter: transcript– Aunt Mell to Kilby Feb. 7th, 1912 w/ notes to Chewtr-Chute-Shute lineage

2-15 Letter: Barbara (Shute) to Alan [Shute] undated, w/ Notes: Forms – Henry Breden Shute and Adelia Witham - Andrew Breden Shute & children

2-16 Letter: to Kilby [Shute, Barbara’s uncle] from Aunt M.M. Sanger, undated Re: ChewteChute-Shute line

2-17 Letters: to Kilby from Aunt Mell, undated, plus notes and clippings related to Shute genealogy. 

Folder 3: Shute Family History

3-1 Letter: to Boston Public Library Vital Records from Barbara (Shute) Friberg, Aug. 20, 1987 re: Henry Breden Shute including copies of:

his birth certificate

a family worksheet

a note from a town clerk (probably Newfields, NH)

a history of Newfields, NH

application of Frank H. Shute to Sons of the American Revolution

3-2 Death Certificate: Frank Henry Shute, March 4, 1954

3-3 Birth Certificate: Baby Shute (male), Nov. 17, 1866

3-4 Marriage Certificate: Frank H. Shute to Annie A. Burnham

3-5 Death Certificate: Annie A. (Burnham) Shute, Feb 21, 1953

3-6 Death Certificate: Andrew B. Shute, 1842 (copy)

3-7 12th Census of US population 6th Congressional District of Gloucester, Henry Shute

3-8 DAR: Applicant’s working sheet of Barbara Shute Friberg

3-9 Birth Certificate: Barbara Shute July 17, 1914

3-10 Marriage Certificate: Henry B. Shute and Adelia Witham, Nov. 18, 1852

Birth Certificate: Baby Shute, Nov 17, 1866

3-11 Birth Certificate: Andrew B. Shute March 21, 1794

3-12 Marriage: John Story & Mrs. Hannah Perkins Apr. 13, 1760

Children: John and Hannah Story

3-13 Birth Certificate: Betsy Story, March 28, 1806

Marriage Certificate: Samuel Witham and Betsy Story intention filed in Gloucester on Oct. 10, 1806 Death Certificate: Samuel Witham Aug. 3, 1855

3-14 Birth Certificate: Sarah Woodberry Sept. 20, 1766

Birth Certificate: Sarah Woodberry (wife of James Story), Aug. 15, 1766

Death Certificate: James Story Dec. 16, 1851

Death Certificate: Sarah Story, June12, 1854

3-15 Birth Certificate: Birth Delia Witham b. Aug 13, 1831

Marriage Certificate: Henry B. Shute and Adelia Witham Nov 18, 1852

Folder 4: Shute Family History

4-1 Historical and Biographical Sketch of the Shute – CHUTE Family w/ Bible pages

4-2 Birth Certificate: Carl Berger FRIBERG, b. Jan 30, 1915

Marriage Certificate: Carl B FRIBERG and Barbara Shute Aug. 30, 1941

Divorce Certificate: Barbara (Shute) FRIBERG and Carl B. Friberg Dec. 14, 1978

4-3 Notes: handwritten of Births and Deaths of Burnham/Babson line, Witham/Story line, Shute/Witham line

Notes: Witham/Shute births and deaths from Donald K. Usher

4-4 Family History: Notes from Alan Shute: Pedigree – Andrew Breden Shute

4-5 Pedigree – Barbara Shute – Dudley Line

4-6 Family Group Sheets – Shute line:

Barbara Shute

Frank Henry Shute

Henry Breden Shute

Andrew Breden Shute

William Shute, Jr.

William Shute

Michael Shute

Michael Shute (2)

Richard Shute

Richard Shute

4-7 Notes: Barbara Shute and Carl Friberg lines

4-8 Notes: Barbara Shute Friberg biography from handwritten notes with her photo collection. Author and date unknown.

4-9. Marriage Certificate: Wm. T. Gooding to Frances M Shute, Dec. 27, 1890

4-10. Letter: Oliver Howard Story to “Mrs. Foster”, October 25, 1894. Story genealogy

4-11. Letter: “Aunt Susan” to “Hattie” re: Nathan Story Revolutionary War service. Undated.

Folder 5: Shute genealogy

5-1. Richard Shute of Boston, Mass 1631-1703 and Selected Progeny by Alan H. Shute and Clark H. Flint

Folder 6: Burnham Family History

6-1 Photo: studio portrait of unidentified man, marked “Mrs. Burnham” verso

6-2 Letter: July 10th, 1951. May (Mary Burnham) from Maude. News of family and friends

6-3 Letter: Oct. 20th, 1953. May (Mary Burnham) from Maude. News of family and friends.

6-4 Letter: undated. Amie from May (Mary Burnham). News of family and friends.

6-5 Clippings: Source?

25 years ago (date?) – Miss Barbara Shute appointed to Sawyer Free Library staff

Library Notes Feb. 6, 1935 – Miss “May” Burnham, retired children’s librarian

Died July 25, 1958 – Miss Mary B. Burnham

6-6 Death notice: Maude B. (Burnham) Wagner

6-7 Notes: Burnham line

6-8 Names appearing in the Burnham genealogy

Line to English, Scottish and Saxon Kings

Line to Charlemagne (and further back)

6-9 Letters and Family Record: Walter J. Burnham and Barbara Shute Friberg, 1972 re: Burnham line

6-10 Clipping: March 15, 1947 re: Donald C. Burnham 6-11 Magazine: Business Week Oct. 2, 1971. Cover article re: Donald C. Burnham

Folder 7: Burnham Family History

7-12 Birth Certificate: Elias Norton Burnham, b. Mar. 13, 1841

7-13 Death Certificate: Ella C. Burnham, d. Dec. 17, 1927

7-14 Death Certificate: Elias P. Burnham, Apr. 23, 1926

7-15 Birth Certificate: Elias Burnham, b. July 2, 1847

7-16 Birth Certificate: Annie Burnham, b. Oct. 20, 1872

7-17 Marriage Certificate: Frank H. Shute and Annie H. Burnham Oct. 10, 1910

7-18 Family history: notes on Burnham c. 1066

Family history: Descendants of Thomas of Ipswich, 5th & 6th generation, Burnham

7-19 Notes: descendants of Thomas (of Ipswich?)

7-20 Lieut. Thomas Burnham, the Emigrants first Generation

7-21. Letter: unsigned, undated. To Aunt Maude (Burnham) re: Aunt May’s funeral

Folder 8: Burnham Genealogy

8-1: 1973 Annual of Burnham Family Lineage Charts Since 1966 Vol. 8 c. Walter J. Burnham

Folder 9: Hale Family History

9-1 Letter: Ipswich, July 18, 1817 – Anstice Jacques (Hale) to Martha, original with transcript

9-2 Death: Newburyport Evening Herald, February 17, 1890. The Last of the Earth: Death of Frank W. Hale,

9-3 American Clipper Ships 1833-1858 Argonaut, Asa Eldridge, Sancho Panza

9-4 Family history:

Hale connection

Hale Family newsletter

9-5 Hale genealogy

9-6 Envelop: labeled Benham’s Radio Service, 61 Wash. St., Gloucester, containing

A woman’s silhouette – unidentified but with Barbara’s file on the Hales

9-7 Newsletters:

Beverly Historical Society & Museum, Summer 1993-includes story of Hale family weekend

Beverly Historical Society & Museum, Fall 1993-includes Hale Family Association news

Folder 10: Babson Family History

10-1 Birth Certificate: Ann E. Babson, b. July 15 1853

10-2 Babson Line

Folder 11: Proctor Family History

11-1 Edward I and III lines

11-2 Procter genealogy

Preston genealogy

Higginson genealogy

Procter branch

Apes branch

Prescott branch

Higginson branch

11-3 Procter – Harlaken – Edward III Wm. The Conqueror

11-4 Procter - Harlakenden-Isoble from Charlemagne

11-5 Procter-Prescott

11-6 Procter-Harakenden – Edward I

11-7 -Booklet: The Procter Gathering in Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Wedding of Their Progenitors, Mr. Joseph Proctor and Miss Elizabeth Epes, pub.

Folder 12: Memorabilia – uncategorized

12-1 Notes: childhood memories of family dynamic, incomplete, individuals not identified by name. Unsigned – author? Undated. “From the very first day Mother said she understood him because he was exactly like her…”

12-2 Notes: memories of school days, memories of Gloucester, notes for a family history in the context of world events. Unsigned – author? Undated. Marked “J-2”. “Those school years of fond conventional memory…”

12-3 Notes: childhood memories. Unsigned – author? Undated. “Seven is a wonderful age…”

12-4 Notes: 2/18/90 Warren Salinger, Executive Director, Dana Greeley Foundation for Peace and Justice: Changes in Eastern Europe

12-5 Notes: re: first days of war. Unsigned – Author? Undated. “Now, in this winter of our deepening concern, our church, like all other churches on Cape Ann, opened its doors for those in need & prayers.”

12-6 Notes: William Allen Whiter America. Out line.

12-7 Birthday card: from Daddy with an enclosed note “For a lovely girl”

12-8 Letter: Aug. 2, 1976. From Mrs. Barbara (Shute) S. Friburg to Editor, Wall Street Journal. Re: the renaissance of the City of Beverly.

12-9 Form letter: The Boston Post, Short Story Department - rejection

12-10 Letters: Transcript CB/EH/Webster

12-11 Program: Gloucester High School Class of 1931 45th anniversary

12-12 Clipping: Source? Photo of 20th Reunion of G.H.S. Class of 1932

12-13 Program: Gloucester High School Class of 1962 Graduation Exercises, June 17, 1962

12-14 Form: acknowledgement of contribution to the Sawyer Free Library - blank

12-15 Clippings:

Gloucester Daily Times, July 12, 1960 Honored by University

New York Times, Dec. 7, 1947 damage to church spires

12-16 Report: Gov. Paul A. Dever 1950

12-17 Menus:

July 20, 1912 – Hawthorne Inn Gloucester Mass. breakfast

July 23, 1912 – Hawthorn Inn Gloucester Mass. luncheon

Aug. 14, 1907 – Colonial Arms Gloucester Mass. menu

Folder 13: Memorabilia – uncategorized

13-18 Family Record: Carl B. FRIBERG

13-19 Notes on Duncan Piper & Martha Johnson

13-20 Clipping: Time Warner’s New Leadership…. Wall Street Journal, Feb. 25, 1993

13-21 Death Notice: Gloucester Daily Times re: David A Thurston, undated

13-22 Newspaper: Gloucester Daily Times – July 23, 1965.

13-23 Program, handouts & lecture transcripts: New England Historical Genealogical Society – “Searching for Your Ancestors in England” May 2, 1981

Box 1: Series II

Folder 1: Shute Estates

1-1. Frank H Shute mortgage discharge from Gloucester National Bank, February 25, 1929

1-2. Annie D. Wyman mortgage discharge from Isaac Patch, November 9, 1925

1-3. Frank H. Shute mortgage discharge from Isaac Patch, November 9, 1925

1-4. Frank H Shute mortgage to Gloucester National Bank for the Grand View, Annisquam, November 9, 1925

1-5. Frank W. Hastings assignment of mortgage to Frank H Shute, November 10, 1917

1-6. Frank H. Shute mortgage discharge to James B. Ellery, March 10, 1917

1-7. George B. Davis et al surrender of rights to parcels in Annisquam to James B. Ellery, September 22, 1917

1-8. Sarah H. Cressy et al warranty deed to Frank H/ Shute and Irving H. Pomeroy, August 15, 1902

1-9. Howard Haskell warranty deed to Frank H. Shute, March 8, 1901

1-10. Annie D. Wyman mortgage to Frank W. Hastings, March 25, 1904

1-11. James A. Nelson et al warranty deed to Frank H. Shute et al, November 4, 1902

1-12. Frank H Shute partial release of mortgage from Isaac Patch, November 3, 1916

1-13. Miner Dennison transfer of lease to Frank H. Shute, December 6, 1915

1-14. Annie D. Wyman promissory note to Frank Hastings, Mar. 25 1904

1-15. Plot plan? Unidentified location

1-16. Warranty Deed: Frank H Shute to Frederick W. Cobb, July 24, 1920

1-17. Plot Plan: Wonasquam Lodge, undated

1-18. Plot Plan: undated

1-19. Warranty Deed: Annie A. Shute to Permillia Daley

1-20. Warranty Deed: Permillia Daley to Frank H. and Annie A. Shute

Folder 2: Shute Estates

2-1. Warranty Deed: Frank H. Shute to Permillia Daley

2-2. Mortgage Discharge: Annie A. Shute

2-3. Legal Notice: Estate of Annie A. Shute (w/ envelop)

2-4. Will: Annie A. Shute

2-5. Quitclaim Deed: Cape Ann National Bank of Gloucester, Trustee U/W of Frank H. Shute to Barbara Shute Friberg

2-6. First and Final Account: Cape Ann National Bank, Trustee u/w Annie A. Shute f/b/o Barbara Friberg

2-7. First and Final Account: Cape Ann National Bank, Executor of the will of Frank H. Shute

2-8. Second and Final Account: Cape Ann National Bank, Executor of the will of Frank H. Shute

2-9. Third and Final Account: Cape Ann National Bank, Executor of the will of Frank H. Shute

2-10. Will: Frank H. Shute

2-11. Probate: Frank H. Shute

2-12. Will (draft): Barbara Shute Friberg

2-13. Will: Barbara Shute Friberg, conformed copy (w/ disclosure statement)

2-14. Inventory: to Barbara Friberg re: jewelry left for sale, July 19, 1955

2-15. Settlement: Barbara Friberg to Carl Friberg, May 30, 1978

2-16. Household Inventory (2): Frank H. Shute, July 2, 1914 & undated

2-17. Clippings: 9/15/40 Ships models made by Frank H. Shute at Cape Ann Savings Bank

2-18. Clipping: Fire at Wonasquam Hotel, January 8, 1929

2-19. Stamps: 4¢ Winslow Homer w/ envelop

2-20. First Account: Cape Ann National Bank, Trustee u/w Frank H. Shute

Folder 3: Shute Estates

3-1. Letter: “Carlton” (Russia Cement Company) to Frank Shute

3-2. Clipping: undated. Approval of will of Frank H. Shute (w/ envelope)

3-3. Probate: Annie A. Shute

3-4. Securities: marked Barbara Friberg, April 12, 1954

3-5. Will (unsigned copy): Barbara S. Shute w/ hand written lists of assets, 1955

3-6. Letter: W.E. Conners to Barbara S. Friberg, Feb 10, 1954 listing bonds held by Frank H. Shute

3-7. Letters: to and from Dr. James S. Gilbert and Barbara S. Friberg re: settlement of an account

3-8. Clipping: Legal Notice Probate for Annie A. Shute (w/ envelop)

3-9. Letter: Cape Ann National Bank to Barbara S. Friberg acknowledging loan of ships models made by Frank Shute.

3-10. Invoice: Funeral expenses of Annie A. Shute

3-11. Probate: Estate of Frank H. Shute to Master Carl W. Friberg, July 29, 1955

3-12. Probate: Estate of Frank H. Shute to Master Carl W. Friberg, Sept. 14, 1955

3-13. Probate: Estate of Frank H. Shute to Barbara S. Friberg, Sept. 14, 1955

3-14. Letter: Cape Ann National Bank to Barbara S. (Mrs. Carl B.) Friberg re: estate of Frank H. Shute, May 6, 1954.

3-15. Letter: William McGinnis to Barbara S. (Shute) Friberg, Jan. 19, 1955 re: adjustments to her will (no attachments)

3-16. Stationary: Wonasquam Lodge

3-17. Annie B. Shute (estate of) – check book

Folder 4: Burnham Estates

4-1. Mortgage: Jos. B. Burnham to Cape Ann Savings Bank, April 11, 1868. Promissory note enclosed. Elias Burnham assignment of mortgage from Cape Ann Savings Bank, October 3, 1878

4-2. Real Estate Tax Bill: Elias P. Burnham et al 1916

4-3. Mortgage: Joseph B. Burnham to Gloucester Cape Ann Savings Bank, October 17, 1859. Promissory note enclosed

4-4. Mortgage: Joseph B. Burnham to Gloucester Cape Ann Savings Bank, Jan. 2, 1871. Promissory note enclosed.

4-5. Mortgage: Joseph B. Burnham to Elias P. Burnham, Jan. 24, 1878

4-6. Discharge of claims: Hattie N. Burnham to Elias Burnham, January 19, 1884

4-7. Discharge of claims: Elizabeth Burnham to heirs of Elias Burnham, Sept. 19, 1883

4-8. Warranty Deed: Alphonso Mason et al to Elias Burnham, Feb. 2, 1892

4-9. Warranty Deed: Harold N. Burnham, et al. to Annie A. Shute

4-10. Appraisal: Estate of Mary Burnham, Barbara S. Friberg, Executrix

4-11. Receipt: Estate of Mary Burnham

4-12. Will: Elias Burnham

4-13. Probate: Elias Burnham

4-14. Will: Elias Burnham with inventory and receipts from heirs

4-15. Will (2 copies): Mary Burnham

4-16. Probate: appointment of Barbara S. Friberg executrix for Mary Burnham

4-17. Probate: Elias P. Burnham w/ Will

4-18. Notes: re: estate of Elias P. Burnham

4-19. Probate: Second Account, estate of E.P.B.

4-20. Probate: Third Account, estate of E.P.B.

4-21. Probate: Fourth and Final Account, estate of Elias P. Burnham

4-22. Letter re: grave of Elias P. Burnham

Folder 5: Burnham Estates

5-1. Check Book: Est. of Elias P. Burnham

Folder 6: Babson and Hale Estates

6-1. Warranty Deed: Joseph Proctor to Sarah E. Babson. April 10, 1976

6-2. Inventory: Estate of F. J. Babson. Undated.

6-3. Letter Testamentary: Estate of Fitz J. Babson. September 5, 1893

6-4. Will: Kate S. Hale

6-5. Probate Court: Kate S. Hale

6-6. Inventory: Est. of Kate S. Hale - handwritten

Folder 7: Babson and Hale Estates

7-1. Ledger book – no markings on the cover) Estate of Kate S. Hale

Folder 8: Misc. Estate Documents

8-1. Plot plan: Unidentified location

8-2. Will: Oliver Church copy, undated.

8-3. License: William T. Gooding, Master of Inland Steam Vessels

8-4. Military Orders: William T. Gooding Acting Master’s Mate report to Navy Commander Meade, New York, January 11, 1862

8-5. Surveyor’s plan: Commonwealth Ave, Centennial Ave, Bridge St. no name or date

8-6. Lease: Miner Dennison to J. L. Publicover, October 1, 1913

8-7. Letter: Walter L. Stevens to Ellis Title and Conveyancing Company, Springfield MA re: COE property, Middlefield. Undated

8-8. Deed: Oak Hill Cemetery to Samuel Currier, Oct. 5 1842

8-9. Warranty Deed: Frederick H. Sawyer to William H. Jordan et al

8-10. Letter: Oliver K. Church to “Aunt Ella and Uncle Ellis” re: disposition of Coe property. November 6, 1923.

Box 1: Series III

Folder 1: Methodism on Cape Ann

Methodist: these records appear to be the work of Myrtle L. Cameron, Historian of the Wesley United Methodist Church. The connection with Barbara Shute Friberg appears to be through a Witham founding member of the church.


1-1: More Methodist History: Temperance

1-2: Some Highlights of Cape Ann Methodism

1-3: Letters from Pastors: Gloucester Daily Times, Dec. 18, 1906

1-4: Our Faithful Organists

1-5: Methodist History

1-6: History of the Woman’s Society In Service, United Methodist Women of Wesley United Methodist Church

1-7: 200th Anniversary Methodism on Cape Ann

1-8: Riverdale United Methodist Church, 150th Anniversary Reception, October 22, 1978, 3 o’clock

1-9: Rededication of the Prospect Street Methodist Church

1-10: Rev. C. Oscar Ford 1941-1948, died Oct. 18, 1948

1-11: Chronology of late Wesley History (as outlined by Allan Curtis Treas. Of Trustees – October, 1965)

1-12: Methodists of Cape Ann

1-13: 100 Anniversary [handwritten on the left side of the page]

1-14: Many Saw New Mural Unveiled at M.E. Church – 1934

1-15: One Hundredth Anniversary of the Dedication of the First Methodist Church in Gloucester – 10/30/1928

1-16: The 150th Anniversary of the First Methodist Church on Cape Ann, October 21 and 22, 1978

1-17: History of the First Methodist Church on Cape Ann Dedicated October 2, 1828

Folder 2: Methodism on Cape Ann

2-1: East Gloucester Methodist

2-2: Memories of The East Gloucester Methodist Episcopal Church August 9, 1935

2-3: Historical Sketch 300 Anniversary of Settlement of Gloucester August 26, 1923, East Gloucester Methodist Episcopal Church

2-4: The History of The East Gloucester Methodist Church

2-5: Asbury Grove, 121st Season, Camp Meeting Week August 10-17 (year not printed on the form)

2-6: Notes on sources for Methodist history

2-7: Clipping: “Methodist minister found guilty in church trial” Source unknown. 1978 handwritten

2-8: Gloucester United Methodist Charge, Sunday Services, April 16, 1978

2-9: Wesley Hymn Festival, May 21, 1978. The Asbury Trail in New England: Tourist Guide clipped to Order of Service

2-10: Riverdale Methodist Church, 125th Anniversary Program, November 17th, 1963

2-11: Riverdale Methodist Church, Building Committee

2-12: Essex County Newspapers, August 11, 1979, “Asbury Grove: 120 Years of Faith”

2-13: Letters: to Myrtle L. Cameron from Southern New England Conference United Methodist Church, Boston University, Francis J. Mazzeo, and S.H. re: contributions of historical material

2-14: Letter: to Myrtle from E. Annabelle Firth re: memories of a Methodist girlhood in Gloucester. Note to Myrtle from Annabelle re: the dear departed.

2-15: Methodist Episcopal Society Tax for 1830 in Name of Charles WITHAM. Notes on family history.

2-16: Resolution: Methodist Churches of Cape Ann, congratulations for Gloucester City Council on 150th anniversary.

2-17: Prospect Street Methodist Church, East Gloucester Methodist Church: Study Committee on Merger report, undated, w/ Articles of Merger

2-18: Cape Ann Methodist Parish CAMP Loyalty Dinner and Program, November 16, 1968

2-19: Building for Tomorrow, Wesley Methodist Church General Campaign 1959

2-20: Gloucester United Methodist Charge Annual Meeting and Charge February 2, 1975, Report of the Pastors

2-21: Wesley United Methodist Church Nominating Committee – 1980

Folder 3: Independent Christian Church

Unitarian Society of Gloucester: Barbara’s father, Frank H. Shute, was Treasurer of the First Parish Unitarian Society of Gloucester aka the Independent Christian Church.


3-1: First Parish Unitarian Society of Gloucester assignment of $32,485.91 to American Unitarian Association for the creation of The First Unitarian Society of Gloucester Fund, July 9, 1945 w/ associated correspondence.

3-2: Mortgage: The First Parish Unitarian Society of Gloucester to American Unitarian Association, March 14, 1927 w/ discharge April 27, 1934

3-3: Mortgage: William Presson et al to Cape Ann National Bank, June 2, 1941 w/ discharge, May 29, 1945.

3-4: Letter: from American Unitarian Association to Alfred M. Brooks re: papers on file w/ American Unitarian Association

3-5: Letter re: bequest to First Parish Church (Unitarian) to the Ministerial Fund. Vote: re: administration of Girls Industrial School Fund

3-6: Receipt: Frank H. Shute, $2,000 applied to Ralph E. Parsons mortgage.

3-7: Clipping: Deaths Alice H. KNOWLES, undated

3-8: List: Gloucester Organizations. Undated.

3-9: Independent Christian Church: Community Calendar, Saturday, Aug. 11

3-10: Independent Christian Church: Community Calendar, Sunday, Feb. 10


Box 1: Series IV

Folder 1: List of Photographs


Box 1: Series V

Book: The Actor’s Choice by Thomas W. Babson 

Book: Portrait of a Place: Some American landscape painters in Gloucester

Book: Interpreting Sargent by Elizabeth Prellijohn

Bulletin: New England Historical Genealogical Society Register Vo. 153 April 1999 – bookmark at “The John Wallis Family of Cape Ann (part 4)” (Rebecca TARR)

Magazine: Smithsonian, Feb 1999. P. 57/8 was clipped & a bookmark placed at p. 102 “To Save a Falcon”

Book: The Port of Gloucester by James B. Connally


Box 2: Series II

Shute estates:

Ledger: Est. E.P. Burnham also F.H. Shute & A.B. Shute

Scrapbook: Methodist History Cash

Ledger: First Parish Unitarian – 1948-1950

Ledger: First Parish Church Unitarian – January 1928

Ledger: Friends of the First Parish Society Gloucester, Ma also funds held in Trust


Box 2: Series V


Notes: 20559 20669 Scanned & numbered in scanned images not in extensis 20560-20624

3:3x4 in. nitrate negatives of Frank H. Shute’s models of the Mayflower and the Santa Maria (both models are at the Cape Ann Historical Assn.). (20615, 20616, 20617)

3:3x4 in. prints of the models Mayflower and Santa Maria. 5x7 in. prints of an unidentified vessel under construction at Arthur D. Story’s yard in Essex, perhaps the MV Gov. Saltanstall. Photographs were taken during the 1930’s by FHS for use in building his models; some of the prints have Shute’s notes in ink on them. (20604, 20605, 20606, 20607, 20608)

3:5x7 in. & 3x4 in. print of one of the Story men stepping down from a vessel under construction at the yard. Taken by FHS, c. 1930’s. (20609)

3:5x7 in. & 8x10 in. prints of FHS’s model of the USS Constitution. (20595)

2:4x5 in. & 1lxI4 in. prints of FHS’s model (20618) of the MV Gov. Saltanstall. (1 sm 4x5 missing) (?)

3x5 in. print of FHS’s models of the schooners Columbia and the Edith M. Pew. (The model of the Pew is at the Cape Ann Historical Assn.)

5:5x7 in. prints of FHS and his model of the schooner Columbia, made for Howard I Chapelle James B. Connolly (20619, 20620, 20621) (1 missing. Dau. may have taken one)

8x10 in. print of FHS’s models of the pinky July, Sch. Edith M. Pew, Sch. Columbia and the MV Gov. Saltanstall on display at the Cape Ann Bank. (20591)


Model of the Mayflower (at Pilgrim Hall, Plymouth). (20597)

Tents at Addison Gilbert Hospital during the Epidemic of 1918. (20598)

4 views of a seaplane, probably at Cressy Beach, Gloucester. (4 on 1 photo) (20601)

Hot air balloon taking off. (20599)

2 views of FHS’s Wonasquam Lodge, Annisquam. (20602, 20603)

Large lawn with many tents set up on it. (20600)

3:5x7 in. prints of FHS’s model of the pinky July. (20592, 20593)

5x7 in. print (mounted) of FHS on his bicycle. (20562)

5x7 in. print (mounted) of FHS; taken by Walter Gardner. (20594)

5x7 in. print (mounted) of FHS and “highwheel” bicycle. (20571)

3x4 in. print (mounted) of a bicycle race; perhaps in West Gloucester. (20596)

2:5x7 in. prints (mounted) of an unidentified fishing schooner iced-up at a wharf in Gloucester harbor, c. 1890’s. Perhaps taken by FHS? (20565, 20573)

2:4x5 in. prints (mounted) taken onboard an unidentified fishing schooner at sea. Perhaps taken by FHS? (20566, 20575)

3x5 in. print of a seaplane upside down on Wingaersheek Beach, c. early 1920’s. Barbara Shute Friberg is in the foreground (blonde). (20611)

5x7 in. print of the exterior of FHS’s Wonasquam Lodge in Annisquam. FHS and his daughter Barbara are standing in the foreground. (20587)

2:5x7 in. prints of the dining room of the Wonasquam Lodge. (20586)

2:3x4 in. prints of the totem pole made by FHS which stood outside his cottage at Wolf Hill. (Also a newspaper article concerning the same.) (20614)

3:3x4 in. prints of the interior of the Wonasquam Lodge - one of the stuffed moose hanging over the fireplace and two of the models Mayflower and Santa Maria on display in the Lodge. (20583, 20589, 20590)

2:3x4 in. prints of an unidentified lumber schooner aground. (20610) 5x5 in. print of three leather mats made by FHS. ((20612)

4x6 in. print (mounted) of FHS lighting his pipe; taken by Herman W. Spooner in 1901. (20574)

3:8x10 in. prints (mounted) of the Roundabout Club’s Gypsy Dance at William H. Jordan’s Hall, Feb.20, 1902. (Two of the prints are signed by Spooner.) (20560, 20561, 20564)

4x19 in. print (mounted) of the “View from Atlantic Highlands, Gloucester, Mass.” Taken by JHerman W. Spooner, 1903. (The view from FHS’s cottage ‘Eyere”) (not in comp. To big)

3:5x6 in. prints (mounted) of the interior of one of FHS’s cottage at Wolf Hill (probab1y the cottage that was later sold to Canton Phillips) (20583, 20584, 20585)

5x7 in. print of FHS and two other men sitting around a table in FHS’s cottage at Wolf Hill. (Man on the right might be Dr. Pomeroy?) (20576)

5x7 in. print of the exterior of FHS’s cottage “Eyere” in Gloucester. (20624)

5x6 in. print of the rocks around “Eyere’. (20623) 5x7in. print (mounted) of one of FHS’s cottages at Wolf Hill (later sold to Carlton Phillips). (20567)

4x5 in print (mounted) of the exterior of FHS’s cottage at Wolf Hill, also a second view of the same cottage with many people sitting on the porch.

4:5x5 in. prints of the exterior of FHS’s cottage at Wolf Hill and a newspaper ad listing the cottage for rent for the summer season. (20568, 20569, 20570)

4:5x6 in. prints of the Annisquam River as seen from Wolf Hill. (20622) 8:3x4 in. prints of FHS and his wooden penguins; taken at Wolf Hill. (20613)

6x8 in. print (mounted) of the Witham Homestead in Annisquam; the house where FHS was born. House was built in 1881; photo taken in 1887. (20572)

4x6 in. print (mounted) of FHS while on a hunting trip, probably in Canada. (20581)

5x7 in. print of FHS crossing a river, probably in Canada while on a hunting trip. (20582)

5x7 in. print (mounted) of FHS (right) in a horse-drawn carriage; perhaps in New Hampshire. (20563)

3-1. Tracing of group photos identifying a few individuals. Photos and name of group are missing. From a file folder marked Frank Shute.

3-2 Studio portraits – not identified. Young girl – appears to be the same person at 3 different ages.

3-3 Studio portraits (2 copies) – unidentified man.

3-4 Snapshots and enlargements of Annisquam. Once include unidentified older man and a boy.

3-5 Mixed group of snapshots and studio portraits. All but one unidentified. A group studio portrait of five people identified as Ella, May, Maude, Alice and Harold – names associated with the Burnham family.

3-6 Postcards of Wonasquam Lodge owned by Barbara Shute Friberg’s father Frank Shute w/ snapshots of guests from Montreal. The lodge burned in 1929. The family lived there in summers.

3-7 Photo. Harold Korton Burnham. 28 Aug 1897. Middlefield house.

3-8 Photo. Unidentified man in a hammock.

3-9 Snapshots (5). Unidentified young children playing

3-10 Clipping. Newly Married – John E. Maloney and Mary Louise Rogers

3-11 Mixed images – a postcard, 3 photos of unidentified people one marked verso “if you want any more please let us know and we’ll be glad to get them”

3-12 Snapshots (50) in envelop marked “Barbara Shute childhood photos”

3-13 Plan of Properties at Wolf Hill, Gloucester, Mass.

3-14 Sawyer Free Library Staff w/ Mr. James B. Connolly, Book Week, November 1940. Miss Barbara Shute, Librarian.

3-15 Mixed images – 43 unidentified snapshots of various people and 4 more formal mounted photographs of unidentified people in no discernable order. All were interleaved with a blank spiral bound notebook. The notebook has been removed from the collection.

3-16 Mixed images – 1 slide, 2 postcards, 1 studio portrait, 4 photographs – none of the people are identified but several have notes from or about Maude (Burnham).

3-17 Studio image of a young boy. Unidentified.

3-18 Mixed images 29 Elm Street – 19 photos from an envelope marked 29 Elm Street. Some are people are identified. Images include Barbara, her parents Annie and Frank Shute, and May, Betty, Donald Burnham (Barbara’s cousins)

3-19 Mixed images The Eyrie – 32 mixed photos from an envelope marked The Eyrie, 12 Old Salem Road. Built by Frank Shute, Barbara’s father, as one of several summer rental properties. Frank Shute gave this house to Barbara and her husband Carl Friberg.

3-20 Mixed images Wolf Hill – 122 mixed photos and 2 postcards in an envelope marked Wolf Hill, where Barbara’s family stayed (perhaps just during the summer). Images include the Shute family, neighbors and friends, and family pets. Most are unidentified.

3-21 Mixed images Old Family Photos – 40 mixed photos of Shute family members. Identified images are of Frank Shute, several Burnham relatives, Barbara’s grandfather Witham, and Kate Hale. It does not appear that Barbara was the person who wrote the identifying information. Several IDs have question marks. About half are unidentified. Includes a letter from Maude Burnham to her sister May (Nov. 10th, 1953) identifying the people in a newspaper clip of women voting.

3-22 Mixed images The Transition – 25 photos in a Sawyer Free Library envelope marked The Transition Mostly library staff (Sawyer Free Library) around 1940. Identified photos include library staff (Barbara was a librarian) and snapshots of staff events including Barbara’s engagement party.

3-23 Mixed images Miscellaneous – 51 photos of family activities on the beach and in New Hampshire in an envelope marked Miscellaneous. One is identified as Karl Wagner (Barbara’s cousin) and Barbara, two are identified as being in New Hampshire, the rest are unidentified.

3-24 Snapshots – 2 snapshots in an unmarked envelop. The photos are marked Barbara’s mother on the lawn of the Universalist Church.

3-25 Mixed images Carl Friberg – 10 photos and a snapshot album in a photo service envelop marked Carl Friberg, Barbara’s adopted son. High school graduation.

3-26 Mixed images Karl B. Wagner – 51 mixed photos in a photo service folder marked Karl B. Wagner, Barbara’s cousin, son of Barbara’s mother’s sister Maude. They lived in Harrisburg, PA. Karl and Barbara were almost identical as young children. One photo identified as Karl with his and Barbara’s grandfather Burnham, the rest are unidentified though many are similar to the identified photo.

3-27 Snapshots – 5 snapshots, one identified as Barbara w/ Henry Cabot Lodge at Endicott College.

3-28 Snapshots – 7 snapshots, unidentified but apparently of sites in Europe with a note transmitting the phots from Esther.

3-29 Mixed images Jamaica – 15 unidentified photos in a photo service envelope marked Jamaica.

3-30 Snapshots Bermuda – 41 unidentified photos in a green envelope marked Bermuda

3-31 Mixed images Middlefield, MA – 18 photos in a photo service envelope marked Middlefield, MA home of Barbara’s maternal grandfather’s third wife. One photo identified as Elias Burnham and one as Barbara Friberg’s mother. The rest are unidentified.

3-32 Snapshots Delta Queen – 28 snapshots in a photo service envelope marked Delta Queen. Most photos are of sites along the route and are identified.

3-33 Snapshots Europe – 21 snapshots in photo service envelope marked Marshall Swan’s European Tours. None are identified.

3-34 Photo – 1 photo in a photo service envelope. Neither the location nor the group of people in the photo are identified.

3-35 Mixed images Niagara Falls – 14 photos in a small white bag marked Niagara Falls. None are labeled.

3-36 Snapshots Radcliffe – 60 snapshots in photo service envelope marked Radcliffe 1 and 2. Apparently England but none are labeled.


Additional artifacts at the Cape Ann Historical Association made by, or originally owned by Frank H. Shute. 

Bound book of watercolors and photographs done by FHS while on a cruise from Gloucester to Bar Harbor, ME on the yacht Kulinda during the summer of 1894. (in envelope) relocated to BR-Artist’s Sketchbooks


Materials loaned to the Cape Ann Historical Association by Barbara Shute Friberg, March 1981

1 model of the ship Mayflower (date of arrival at Cape Ann Historical Association, unknown).

1 model of the ship Santa Maria (date of arrival at Cape Ann Historical Association, unknown).

1 model of the Gloucester fishing schooner Edith M. Pew (date of arrival at Cape Ann Historical Association, unknown).

1 model of a stone sloop (date of arrival at Cape Ann Historical Association, unknown). Model is broken.

1 large wood carving made by F.H. Shute bearing the following inscription: 

Some hae meat and canna eat

Some wad eat that want it

But we hae meat and we can eat

and sae the Lord be thankit.