Creator: Alice Cox
Dates: 1919-2006
Quantity:  Disbursed
Acquisition:  Accession #: 2007.02; Donated by: the estate of Alice Cox by Mary Peterman, 22 Pleasant St., Rockport, MA 01966 
Identification: A49; Archive Collection #49
Citation:  [Document Title]. The Alice Cox Collection, [Box #, Folder #, Item #], Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Gloucester, MA.
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Language: English
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Alice Cox was born in Columbus, Ohio, November 12, 1919, the daughter of Peter and Alice (Jacobs) Cox. She was the granddaughter of the famous Mackerel King, Solomon Jacobs, of Gloucester.

She worked at the Carnegie library in Rockport for 29 years and was head of the Junior Department from 1965-1987. She was well known around town for her love of children and animals, especially her beloved dog. She always kept dog biscuits in her drawer at the library for her canine visitors.

Alice died September 12, 2006 at the age of 86. She was predeceased by her brother Peter.


The collection appears to be Ms. Cox’s personal collection of memorabilia related to Cape Ann and to her grandfather, Jacob Solomon.


This collection has been disbursed as noted within the museums collections and to related organizations such as the Gloucester City Archives.



Flat File (these are now in new locations)

Cape Ann Advertiser

1885, February 20, April 10

1888, February 10, June 22

1891, August 7

1892, May 6, May 20, December 30

1893, January 6, June 16, August 11, October 27

1894, May 11, July 13

1897, June 25, July 9

1899, June 2, June 30 1900, November 16

1901, May 10, June 14, June 21

Cape Ann Light

1848, July 29

Cape Ann Newspaper

1903, June 23 (Sol Jacobs)

Cape Ann Summer Sun

1976, July 22 (2 copies - Sol. Jacobs Park & Scuba Divers)

1978, June 29 (Sol Jacobs Park)

1988, August 12 (Fitz Hugh (Henry) Lane & Dogtown)

1996, August 30 (Sol Jacobs Park & Schooner Festival)

1997, August 29 (Schooners Set sail)

1999, September 2 (Schooner festival)

Boston Sunday Advertiser

1930, July 6 (excerpt)

Gloucester Daily Times

1922, February 8 (2 copies)

1937, October 23,

1938, March 25

1951, August 3

1957, March 25

1963, June 24, 1963

1968, April 26 (2 copies), May 18, 1968

1969, February 26, 1969 (Special Souvenir edition - Big snow storm)

1975, January 25, April 12 (folder -naming of Capt. Solomon Jacobs Park), June 14. June 18

1982, May 24

1983, September 28 (Jeff Thomas giving photo collection to CAHA)

1991, November 1, November 8, November 9

2005, August 1 (Seaport festival, Babson dam, Adventure), December 20 (Jacobs Park)

North Shore 75

1975, January 25 (7 copies)

Rockport Eagle

1971, April 29 (2 copies)

The Rockport Light

1980, August 15

Sunday Herald Traveler Magazine

1968, July 21


Post Cards

Disbursed to Post cards

Manchester by the Sea (12)

Gloucester (103)

Booklet of Cape Ann, Gloucester and Rockport (1)

Magnolia (7)

Rockport (20)

Boston (8)

Booklet Souvenir of Gloucester (1)

Misc. views of Gloucester. (22)



Disbursed to Stereos and Photographs

12 stereos: 2 misc, 9 Gloucester, 1 Rockport

6 Photos of the Prospect Street Fire Dept. (in system numbers 20991-20997)

1 Joan of Arc statue

1 Roger Babson

Movie from 1936 Cape Ann, Gloucester, Massachusetts

Five framed photos:

Solomon Jacobs, Schooner Ethel B. Jacobs, Schooner Helen Miller (1899), Seine Steamer Alice M. Jacobs (1901), portrait of Alice Cox.




917.445 C93  Around cape of Islands Cape Ann by Guy C. currier (signed by author) 1955 (Copy 3)
728.09744 B38  Beauport at Gloucester Samuel Chamberlain (signed by author) Hastings House NY 1951 (Copy 2)
811 K52 Cape Ann Like a Jewel Lies,- by Claflin Keyes The Hampshire Press, Cambridge Mass c1945 (Copy 2)
974.45 C17  Cape Ann Massachusetts The Story of Cape Ann Curtis News (2 copies)
917.445 B11 Cape Ann Tourist Guide by Roger W. Babson and Foster H. Saville, 1945 917.445 
B11 Cape Ann Tourist Guide by Roger W. Babson and Foster H. Saville, 1948/50
942 G51  City of Gloucester official guide (England)
811 P25 Dogtown Common by Kitty Parsons (signed by author) c.1936 (Copy 3)
639.2 M39 Fishermen of the Atlantic Fishing Masters Association 1913
942 G51 Gloucester Folk Museum a guide to the Buildings 1987 (Gloucester England)
639.2 M39 Gloucester Master Mariners’ Association Yearbook 1951(Copy 2)
808.1 P25 Gloucester Sea Ballads by Kitty Parsons (signed by author) Cape Ann Ticket and Label 1946 (Copy 6)
639.2 P61 Goin’ Fishing by Wesley George Pierce (signed by author) Marine research Society Salem, mass 1934 (Copy 2)
974.45 F81 Guide to the North Shore. The olde Mass bay Colony by Howard Foster 1950
974.45 P25  Hannah and the Hatchet Gang by Eleanor Parsons (signed by author) Phoenix Publishing c1975 (Copy 2)
368 In8  Insignia and decorations of the US armed forces National Geographic Society June 1943
917.44 M94  Jeremiah Murphy’s Boston, (signed by author) Marlborough House, Boston 1974
974.45 L47 Know your Community: A citizen’s guide to Rockport and Gloucester Cape Ann League of women Voters 1985
739.2 M36 Mary Chilton 1620 sterling silver of an old style
971.8 PHO-N Newfoundland Illustrated photos of the birthplace of Sol Jacobs
R974.45 PHO Picturesque Gloucester, Mass.
974.45 R59  Rockport Coloring Book published by the Rockport Board of Trade
974.45 C77  Rockport Hobby Horse “The Story of Kate” by John Cooley, illustrated by Siri Hagenes 1970 signed by John Cooley, Lawrence Swan, Siri Hagenes. 
730.924 R24 Sculpture National Sculpture Review Summer 1978 article on Richard Recchia
920 C76  Seaborne-Thirty Years Avoyaging by James B. Connolly 1944 (signed by author) (Copy 3)
370.05 Taps, 1902 (Gloucester High Yearbook) (Copy 2)
929.2 T32 Thacher: publication of the Thacher family
133.4 Sw2 The Bedevilment of Cape Ann (1692) by Marshall W.S. Swan off print from the Essex Inst. July 1981
Periodical The Cape Ann Shore August 25, 1934 article on the Schooner Esperanto
639.2 P94 The Fishermen’s Own Book, Proctor Brothers 1882 (Copy 6)
J 900  The Gloucester Magazine Vol.1, No 1, Nov/Dec 1977 (Garland’s Gloucester, Fitz H. Lane, Hammond castle, Howard Blackburn)
J 900  The Gloucester Magazine Vol 1 No 4 Annisquam 3rd parish, Cape Ann Indians, Gloucester sea serpent, Garland’s North Shore, Peter Vincent)
622.35 C77 The Granite of Cape Ann by John Cooley, published by the Rockport National Bank 1974
259 B11 The Open Church Movement by Roger W. Babson (signed by author) Andover Newton Book Store Newton Center, Mass 1942
974.45 PHO The Port of Gloucester photographs by Josh Reynolds c2000 (Copy 2)
920 L95  The Sea Made Men by Roger Babson (signed by author and editor Elizabeth L. Alling) Fleming H. Revell Company London and Edinburgh 1937 (Copy 2)
R639.2 C76 The World’s Work October 1923 article by James B. Connolly on the Gloucester fishing fleet
974.45 R56 Tragabigzanda or Cape Ann written and illustrated by F.J.G. Robinson c1935 (Copy 2)
974.45 G18 We Care: Col. Foster and his house by Joe Garland Published by Cape and Bank and Trust 1974


Duplicate Books

Along the Old Roads of Cape Ann Printed by F.S. and A.H. McKenzie Gloucester, Mass 1923 (Copy 9)

Dogtown Common by Kitty Parsons c.1936 (Copy 4)

Fast and Able by Gordon W. Thomas (350th anniversary edition) 1973 (Copy 4)

Know Cape Ann: the garden spot of the Atlantic by Edward Vassar Ambler North shore Press 1931 (Copy 6)

Magnolia once Kettle Cove by Hildegarde T. Hartt 1962 second printing 1973 (Copy 6)

Peter Gott “The Cape Ann Fisherman” by J.Reynolds Published John P. Jewett and Co 1856 (Copy 4)

Photographic History of Gloucester Vol 2 (Copy 3)

Pigeon Cove it’s early settlers and their farms 1702-1840 by Allen chamberlain 1940 (Copy 3)

Reveille 1903 (Gloucester High School yearbook) (Copy 4)

Summer Magic By Mary Wallace Doubleday c1963 (Copy 3)

The 1904 (Gloucester High School yearbook) (Copy 3)

They that go down to the Sea in Ships more essays in remembrance by W. Raymond McClure 1968 (Copy 5)

Waterfront: around the wharves of Gloucester in the last days of Sail By William S. Webber Jr. (Doc Walker) 1973 (Copy 6)


Dispersed Books

To Gloucester City Archives:

Aerial of the Cape Ann Area by Todd and Kay Lyon 1989

Dogtown: Gloucester’s deserted Village address by Roger W. Babson to the Gloucester Rotary 1927 (3rd edition)

Gloucester and Cape Ann: A camera impression by Samuel Chamberlain Hastings House publishers NY 1938

Gloucester Master Mariners’ Association Yearbook 1938

Rockport Sketch Book by John L. Cooley Rockport Art Association 1965

Souvenir of Ye Gloucester 300th Anniversary 1623-1923: Gloucester and Cape Ann the Beautiful Alexander Tupper editor

The Granite of Cape Ann by John Cooley, published by the Rockport National bank 1974

To Sandy Bay Historical:

Builders of Gloucester’s Prosperity by Gordon W. Thomas, the Cape Ann Saving Bank 1952 (Copy 5)

Portrait of a Place: some American landscape painters in Gloucester publication of the 350th Anniversary Celebration (Copy 3)

Souvenir Photographic views of Gloucester and Vicinity 1905 (Copy 5)

The National Watercraft Collection by Howard Chappelle Smithsonian Inst. 1960 (Copy 3)


Pamphlets, etc.

  D28 FF11 A Dramatic Performance by the Sea for the Woman’s “Titanic” memorial August 23, 1912 Lookout Hill, Gloucester, Mass
  D19 FF1 Gloucester pageant official program in honor of William Howard Taft President of the United States Wednesday, August 4, 1909
  D19A FF2  Gloucester’s 350th Anniversary program published for the celebration 1973 (2 copies)
  D18 FF4  Pamphlet: Sightseeing Currier’s Cape Ann Tours around Cape of islands by bus
  D19 FF8  Program- Gloucester Tercentenary Pageant 1923
  D1 FF9B The Hammond Museum (pamphlet)
  D26 FF10 The Story of an interesting old house in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Murray Gilman house built c 1768 Murray Press
  D38 FF2 This is Rockport Massachusetts



Archival Boxes:


Cox, Alice:

Photographs - Modern desk, Mother Ann, Buhler painting, 6 photos of Toby Jugs

Deck of cards North Shore, Massachusetts 53 views

  D30 FF16  Map of England and Wales
  D30 FF3  Lucas Indexed map. 1937
  D30 FF11  Through Old Gloucester, Mary Brooks tourist map
  D30 FF11 Cape Ann Trail, Board of Trade
  D9 FF11  Gloucester & Rockport 1952 Directory of Streets & Information
  D37 FF11 The Rock in Rockport the story of the granite Industry 1975, Program
  D25 FF19 The Vermont Old Cemetery Association, Vermont Life, 1973


Vertical File:

Cemeteries - Bay View Cemetery Project

Cemeteries - Oak Grove

Houses - Freeman Article

Lanesville Pinky Fleet & Capt. Marchant’s fish shack

Libraries - Sawyer Free James B. Connolly donating Dorymates, Howard Blackburn

Monuments & Memorials Articles on Joan of Arc statue

Museums - Beauport Yankee Magazine, June 1957

People - Thomas, Gordon

Rockport - Misc. 2 articles by John Cooley on “The Story of Kate.”



197 Drawer 2 Mackay-Bennett cables in the vicinity of the principal fishing grounds, 1886.

196 Basement Roll Geological map of Essex County by John H Sears published by Essex Institute October 1893